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LighterLife Diet – Melt Away Three Stones in 100 Days

Lighterlife diet

Being overweight is one of the most common problems which keep numerous people awake at night. If you too are one of them, LighterLife diet might offer you the best remedy to overcome weight related problems. The influential plan falls in the category of low-calorie plans and it promises to shed three stones in hundred days.

What is LighterLife Diet?

LighterLife diet plan has specifically been designed for people having least awareness about the nutrient density of foods. The plan being comprised of four meals offers three square meals and one small meal in a day. Without having you do the most pesky work that is counting the number of calories, the plan will shed away unsolicited pounds by providing you pre-packaged meals. Apart from helping you free from weight problem, the plan will also have you get expert counseling. Since mostly obese people are victims of one common food related behavior, the counselor will assist you change your attitude towards them. For example, using foods as weapon to combat against negative emotions is one of the prevalent traits among people.

The program will impart you psychological therapies which will save you from becoming the slave of your cravings. Not only that, by being a part of counseling classes, you shall be able to clear all your doubts about foods. Most peculiar and applauding thing about the plan is, while most diet plans point up the elimination of myriad food items, LighterLife diet program focuses on the foods you consume and educates you how the foods you eat affect your body system.

Celebrity Fan Following of LighterLife Diet

Being overweight to svelte indeed turns numerous heads towards you. Not only does being slender draws the notice of people towards you, but if you are already a famed person, it also makes you become a source of inspiration for myriad others. There are countless people out there who have been benefitted from the diet plan. And among celebrities, Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson are the most famed celebs who transformed their lives with the plan.

Three Plans in LighterLife Diet

The diet program has three plans to offer you. Based on your body mass index (BMI), you can pick the plan and successfully lose weight. Three plans of LighterLife diet are as follows –

LighterLife Total (BMI 30 or above) – In this plan, dieters will get four pre-packaged meals in a day and there is no incorporation of conventional food items. The plan is apt for people who wish to lose around three stones. However, dieters are recommended to go along with the plan only after consulting it with their doctor.

LighterLife Lite – (BMI 25-29.9) – In this plan, dieters will receive their pre-packaged meals and for the fourth meal, dieters will be provided with list of food items. They are free to pick any food item from that list.

LighterLife for Men – As the name suggests, this plan is totally meant for the well being and weight loss of men.

Three Phases of LighterLife Diet

Depending upon your weight loss requirement, the program will work on you in three phases.

Phase One – Foundation Phase

Foundation phase, which is the first phase of plan has duration of hundred days. In this phase, you will receive pre-packaged meals plus weekly counseling.

Phase Two – Development Phase

After completing foundation phase, if you are still far off from your weight loss objective, you shall go through development phase too. In this phase, there would be both pre-packaged meals and counseling.

Phase Three – Management Phase

As soon as you reach your desired weight, this phase will prepare foundation for you to return from pre-packaged meals to conventional foods or old eating habits.

Food Items of LighterLife Diet

LighterLife diet plan being customer friendly has made it easy for dieters to abide by it. The wide range of food items in the plan will not let you feel bored and will help you stay aligned to it for long. Shakes, meal bars, porridge, mousses etc. are some of the healthy and nutrient dense snacks which will keep your hunger at bay. To lure the dieters, the plan makes the food items come in different flavors. For example, mousses and shakes are available in chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, and caramel flavors. And for bars, flavors like lemon, nut crunch, toffee, and fruit flavors are there.

Pros of LighterLife Diet

LighterLife Diet has been carefully designed to meet the weight loss needs of people in a proficient way. Here are some of the benefits of plan which captivate people towards it.

  • In today’s life of rush, where people don’t have a lot of free time available to them, the diet program seems to have taken the burden to decide and cook the meals off of the heads of dieters. Since the program is packed with nutrient-laden foods, dieters don’t have to stress over the ratio of proteins, fats, minerals etc. in their diet.
  • Variety of foods in the program will not let you feel bored. Boredom generally takes root when you have to consume same kind of foods over and over again and people generally renounce the plan due to the same reason.
  • With the plan, you are likely to sustain the lost weight for really long time. Aside from that, valuable tips and recommendations given by trained counselors in the plan will render you plentiful health benefits.

Cons of LighterLife Diet

Along with bountiful benefits, LighterLife diet has some drawbacks too. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Rapid weight loss occurring in the plan promotes production of ketones in your body, which further instigate constipation, dizziness, tiredness, weakness, nausea, insomnia etc. Aside from them, hair loss, menstrual issues, intolerance to cold too are common phenomenon.
  • If you are very bulky, you might end up having saggy skin. Since your skin is unlikely to shrink with the pace equal to quick weight loss, you might suffer from loose skin which can be purged only with surgery.

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