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Liquid Amino Diet – Get Stunning Figure in Thirty Days

Liquid Amino Diet

Liquid Amino Diet is a magnificent weight loss program which promises to shed several pounds from your body in a very short period of time. All the dieters, who followed liquid amino diet as last resort ended up feeling happy and contented with their lost weight. Having rapid results, the plan will drop twenty pounds from your body in mere thirty days.

What is Liquid Amino Diet?

Liquid amino diet is one of the most popular and healthy weight loss programs. You are supposed to take drops of special amino acids having homeopathic remedies mixed in them. These special drops will trigger weight loss in you and will rid you from stubborn fats accumulated around various parts of your body.

Wonderful ingredients of amino diet will speed up your metabolism, stimulate fat burning process in you, and will bump up the functioning of various body organs of yours such as liver, digestive system, and thyroid.

How Liquid Amino Diet Works?

Along-with amalgamated drops, you are also supposed to consume fruits and vegetables having low glycemic index. The program is in favor of five small meals in a day which means three normal meals and two snacks. Among all the meals, breakfast has been given supreme importance in the program. It should be the largest meal of the day.

All other meals have to be smaller than your breakfast. Dieters are not permitted to consume anything after dinner because foods consumed post dinner put extreme pressure on your metabolism and make it grow weak. You can eat plenty of eggs, avocados, omega-3 fatty acids, dairy products etc. in these two days.

Before starting the program, dieters are recommended to give themselves two free days. These two days are also known as preparation days which will prepare the dieters to dedicatedly stick to the plan. In addition to that, eat all your loved foods in these two days because once you will enter into the program, you won’t be supposed to eat many of your favorite foods.

Three Phases of Liquid Amino Diet

Liquid amino diet will work on your body in three phases. You need to consume vitamin supplements and fish oil supplements in all the three phases of the program. Let’s have a look at these three phases.

Phase One

Having total duration of thirty to ninety days, phase one is the most restrictive and strict phase of the program. You are supposed to consume 1000 calories in a day in this phase. You can consume numerous low glycemic index foods such as beans, lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables etc. in this phase.

According to weight loss objective set by you, you can abide by the diet schedule unless you shed your desired weight. If you are targeting to lose massive weight with the plan, you can get back to phase one after finishing phase two and start the program once again. Special amino drops need to be consumed throughout phase one.

Phase Two

Having total duration of three weeks, this phase extends your calorie consumption to 1500 calories in a day. In addition to foods allowed in phase one, more foods such as oatmeal, whole grain bread etc. have also been added in this phase. This phase will make sure that your metabolism does not slow down permanently. You don’t need to take drops of amino acids in this phase.

Phase Three

Phase three which is the last phase of the program is also known as maintenance phase. You will learn how to maintain your weight while feeding healthy and nutritious foods to your body. By the time you will reach this stage, you will know how many calories in a day you shall consume to sustain successfully. You can gradually add your favorite foods in this phase.

Workouts in Liquid Amino Diet

Instead of insisting its dieters to practice traditional workouts, the plan seeks its dieters to follow physically active schedule. Give at least thirty minutes in a day to workouts. Go out and take stroll along-with your family after dinner.

Engage you in physically active lifestyles. Preferably use stairs instead of elevators. Physical activities will speed up your metabolism and will rev up your digestion power. In addition to that, joints of your body will also get strengthened with exercises.

Benefits of Liquid Amino Diet

Liquid amino diet has several benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • The program will burn fat accumulated around your belly and back and will get you flat stomach and stunning body.
  • Proteins are made up of amino acids; amino drops will make sure that you get sufficient proteins during the program which will pep up the formation of lean muscles in your body.
  • Amazingly beneficial properties of amino drops will regulate the release of hormones, which further will fire up the functioning of your body.
  • Nutrient rich diet will keep check on your cravings and you won’t feel tempted to consume unhealthy and junk foods.
  • The program will bring vibrant glow on your face by detoxifying your body.
  • There are several women who were about to reach menopause and got benefitted from the program. They saw reduction in their belly and upper thigh fats.
  • You will notice your metabolism working perfectly well while abiding by the plan. Proper functioning of your metabolism is vital because it guides you in several ways such as it gives you signals telling you when you should eat and how much should you eat, so as to stay in enviable shape.

Drawbacks of Liquid Amino Diet

Liquid amino diet also has some drawbacks. Let’s find out what they are.

  • Calorie restriction is the main drawback of the program. You are likely to suffer from nausea, headache, dizziness etc. while going along with the plan.
  • Special amino drops included in the mainstream of program are not scientifically tested and proven.
  • Exercises have been given importance but no proper guidelines have been given about the kinds of exercises dieters shall do to make the weight loss process work faster.
  • Meals and recipes recommended in the program require dieters to spend fair amount of time on cooking meals.
  • Rather than providing long term weight loss solution, liquid amino diet provides short term weight loss solution. Dieters abiding by the plan reverted to their old weight as they started reintroducing their favorite foods in their diet regime.

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