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Louise Roe Diet Plan and Workout, Exercise Routine

Model, designer, fashion journalist and TV presenter, Louise Roe owns perfectly fit and healthy body. The style icon attributes clean diet and Pilates for her sylphlike honed figure. Here are some diet and workout secrets of the brunette bombshell which maintains her in superb shape.

Louise Roe during Grammys 2014
Louise Roe during Grammys 2014

Balanced Diet

Without depriving her body from foods, Louise consumes a balanced diet which consists of about 2000 calories. Now, you must be wondering, despite consuming that many calories, how come she has been able to maintain her in lean and sculpted shape. Well, the possible reasons might be – her revved up metabolism and her judicious selection of foods. Here is a sample of her typical diet regime.

Breakfast – Mashed avocados spread over toast, mocha latte etc.

Snacks – Fruit smoothie prepared with bananas, apple, and numerous other fruits.

Lunch – Grilled tuna with loads of veggies, coconut water, and a piece of chocolate cake for dessert.

Dinner – Guacamole, chicken fajitas etc.

Clean and Wholesome Foods

Louise eats clean and wholesome foods. And she keeps her skin hydrated by drinking plenty of plain water and one glass of coconut water in a day. Since coconut water is credited with tremendous electrolytes, one glass of coconut water shall hydrate your body more than water can ever do. When it comes to snacks, she prefers carrying nutrient-packed snacks such as avocados which are also her favorite.

She believes since it’s difficult to find healthy foods everywhere you go, you are likely to adhere to healthy eating habits if you have nutrient dense foods available with you. However, at times when she doesn’t feel like eating clean foods and her craving for sin foods such as burger, wine etc. instigate her, she allows herself to relish these foods. If you too wish to incorporate healthy eating habits in your routine, mull over the influence of foods over your body. Doing so shall certainly keep a check on your consumption of junk foods.

Detox Plan – Cleanse Her Body and Mind

Louise de-stress her body and mind after a bunch of months with detox plans. While following such plans, she renounces the consumption of sweets, alcohol, sugar, processed foods etc. from her diet, and heavily relies on the consumption of soups, juices, liquid diet etc. Besides that, she does minimal use of salt, animal protein in her diet.

Pilates – Strengthen Her Core

Toned and streamlined legs and thighs of Louise testify her affection for Pilates and yoga. She executes myriad movements of Pilates which strengthen her core and render her honed shape. Aside from that, she also practices yoga which enhances her flexibility and appeases her mind.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Shedding weight after devoting a great deal of time on workouts and watchful diet is not that of a big deal. However, problem stems up when it comes to retaining the weight. Research shows that most people resume their old weight within three months. Here are some tips which shall help you uphold the lost weight.

Change Your Perspective About Foods

Major problem which hinders our progress with weight loss program is our wrong perspective about foods and the feeling of guilt attached with them. While turning to healthy eating habits, if we begin looking at foods as fuel providers, we shall be able to develop a cordial relationship with wholesome foods and master the art of eating foods in moderation.

Look for New Friends

Since our habits and ways to act immensely get influenced with our friend circle, we shall endeavor to make health-conscious friends. Making new friends doesn’t mean end your friendship with old friends. You just have to make sure that you avoid going out for late night parties and other places where you are likely to eat enormous unhealthy foods in the company of your foodie old friends.

Rather than wasting your time in boozing and eating unwholesome foods, devote your time in doing fruitful activities such as learning new recipes, or new dance steps with friends. In the company of fitness conscious friends, neither will you feel obligated to eat junk or fatty foods nor will you feel guilty in any way.

Perk up Your Weekly Activities

Aside from doing regular exercises, perk up your weekly physical activities. You can elevate your activities in following ways.

  • Prefer commuting at least once in a week. You can opt to go for biking, walking etc.
  • Instead of driving to the train or bus station, briskly walk down to the place.
  • Rather than sitting idle while talking over phone, get on your feet and prefer strolling.

Abide by 80/20 Principle

Abide by 80/20 principle which implies eat healthy and nutrient dense foods eighty percent of the time, while relishing your beloved sin foods twenty percent of the time. The principle shall render you space and broaden your avenue to consume your beloved foods such as wine, chocolates, fresh chocolate chip pumpkin bread etc. If you will embrace the principle, the wishful thoughts to consume your adored foods shall not bug you.

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