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Low Carbon Diet Plan – Save Planet Along-with Losing Weight

Low Carbon Diet

We are living in the age when the whole world is trying to find solutions to reduce greenhouse emission. Global warming, which is happening due to greenhouse emission has been an international agenda from more than a decade.

There is close connection between food and climate change. Research shows that one third of greenhouse gases emanate from agriculture and foods. When the percentage is so high then why this issue has been sided. And one of the reasons is only 3% of US citizens are vegan.

You might not know but you are responsible for the emission of CO2 into the environment at individual level. A study reveals, Americans on an average are responsible for releasing 2.8 tons of carbon in a year. Apart from that, 2.2 tons of carbon is released while driving and for one third of the emission, food-supply chain is responsible.

Why Consume Low Carbon Diet?

You all know that consuming vegan diet is good for your health but you might get amazed to know that vegan and organic food is good for the health of this planet also. By making a judicious choice of foods, not only will you reduce your weight but will also perform the duty of a responsible citizen.

You cannot just sit and complain about global warming and accuse industries and government for not taking appropriate steps to reduce it. Since you too are one among the millions responsible for increasing CO2 emission on this planet, you need to understand your accountability to save the environment.

So take the first step and cut high carbon food items, which are spoiling the environment, and vow to make your contribution to making the earth green and clean. Should you change your lifestyle and say strict no to processed, packaged, shipped, and animal foods, you can deter carbon from spoiling your body and the planet.

How to Follow Low Carbon Diet?

Cutting carbon from diet doesn’t mean that you are to compromise on your taste and consume insipid and flavorless foods. While keeping the taste same, you just have to get you into the habit of inculcating more vegan food items into your diet plan.

Since the problem of greenhouse emission is getting fierce day by day, your individual step shall contribute a lot. And until you take that first step, don’t expect others to change and save the planet. Since for bringing down CO2 emission, massive reduction in release of CO2 is required, every single step counts.

Easy Ways to Reduce Carbon Release

You don’t have to abruptly jump to Low Carbon Diet Plan, you rather have to move gradually and make it your lifetime diet plan. If you have decided to go along with low carbon diet plan, following tips can make the process smooth and easy for you. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Finish Entire Meal

Get into the habit of finishing your entire meal, there should be no leftovers in your plate. This act of yours will not just save your pocket but will also save the environment because these leftovers are being thrown in the landfills.

Landfills covered with all the leftovers begin decomposing the foods and releasing enormous methane gas into the air. Try to save food and eat leftovers after sometime rather than dumping it. And should you seek to dump fruits and vegetables, prefer having a compost pile at your backyard. If that doesn’t sound feasible to you, use compost bins.

Shop With List

Whenever you go to purchase grocery items, make a list of the food items you require to buy. Making a list will keep check on your instant buying behavior because when you visit superstores and food stores, you feel tempted to buy so many foods, you don’t actually require. These food items finally end up going in trash fostering the release of CO2.

Practice Portion Control

Instead of having a large meal, prefer having small meals. Along-with cutting the chances of wastage of food, it will keep check on your food intake. Since overeating is one of the main reasons responsible for obesity, portion control will make both you and the planet beautiful.

Eat Seasonal Foods

Eating packaged food is one of the factors influencing carbon emission. Packaged foods being rich in carbon deposit more toxins and fats in your body. Go to farmer market and prefer buying fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables. These eco-friendly foods will nourish your body and will catalyze the process of weight loss in your body.

Reduce Consumption of Animal Foods

Slowly and gradually, move forward to prune the consumption of animal foods such as beef, meat, cheese etc. Study shows that these livestock products contribute 18% to greenhouse gases. Start adding more fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you are in the habit of having beef three times in day, bring down the consumption to one. Slowly proceed towards spending entire day on vegan foods.

Avoid Transported Fish

Fish transported through air contains ten times more carbon than fish transported through water ship, and five times more than fish transported via roads on trucks. If you are residing near coastal area, prefer buying fish from the coast.

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed and packaged foods being rich in carbon are unhealthy both for your body and the planet. Eating organic and natural food is the best way to save your body and environment. Due to chemicals, additives, and preservatives used in processed foods, carbon content is very high in these foods. Should you love chocolates, you can eat dark chocolates because they are made using organic cocoa, which has plenty of health benefits.

Avoid Packaging

Prefer buying fresh foods in bulk and avoid the use of packaging. More the packaging, more is the accumulation of carbon dioxide. Usually plastic bags are used as packaging material, which are non-biodegradable and cannot be decomposed.

Through vicious cycle, the toxins of waste plastic enter into your food cycle and develop hazardous diseases in your body. You should start buying unpacked foods. And you can take the first step by buying open nuts from grocery stores.

Sample Menu Plan

One of the sample menu plans of low carbon diet plan is as follows.

Breakfast – Whole meat butter pancakes without maple

Lunch – Green salad with multi-bean chili

Dinner – Oven fried chicken, steamed vegetables, and mashed potatoes

Snacks – Roasted garlic hummus, seasonal and raw vegetables

Dessert – Chocolate chip cookies

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