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Lucy Liu Workout, Diet & Beauty Secrets

Lucy Liu displaying her toned legs
Lucy Liu displaying her toned legs

Looking like you did a decade ago is not an easy feat. It becomes extremely difficult when you work for more than 14 hours every day and have a toddler at your home. Yet, Elementary (2012-Present) star Lucy Liu has managed to look great since years and we are still awed by her beauty and fitness. How does she manage it? Let’s have a look at her workout routine and her diet & beauty secrets to get some inspiration and motivation.

Beginning the Day

The diva begins her day at 6 in the morning. She walks her dog and gets in a workout in the morning too. She hits the gym at least 1.5 hours after she wakes up and spends minimum an hour there. After that, she goes off to work. She works for about 14 hours daily, so when she gets back to home, she has no energy left.

Lucy Liu walks her dog out in New York in July 2016
Lucy Liu walks her dog out in New York in July 2016

Workout Routine

The stunner told EOnline that she is spending hours with SoulCycle at the moment. She thinks it helps her to wake up in the morning and prepares her mind to remember the lines for her show.

Workout Motivation

One of the things that help the actress to get up daily and hit the gym is that she works out with a group of people. She jokingly calls it suffering together. But it’s clear that working out with others is a fun and motivational element for her. (And we think it’s a good idea!!)

Special Workout for Films

The UNICEF ambassador told Elle that while working for films like Kill Bill (2003) and Charlie’s Angels (2000), she learned a new skill. She learned to run in heels by using the front of the feet. She also learned to run on the treadmill while wearing pumps. It was a new experience for her.

Lucy Liu leaves her hotel in New York in June 2016
Lucy Liu leaves her hotel in New York in June 2016

Workout a Year Ago

The Queens-born keeps changing her workout routine with time. About a year back, she confessed that she was doing cycling and running to keep in shape. She also did stretching because cycling didn’t give her a lot of time to stretch. She added that cycling was fun and being trapped in a room was fine with her. Cycling also helped her to get through all the bad feelings and be a little more happier daily. She called it a really good workout too.

Apart from cycling, the voice actress also liked to do running and Pilates. Running helped her to have a meditation experience while Pilates helped her to get more flexibility and strength.

Lucy Liu having coffee
Lucy Liu having coffee

Diet Secrets

The Kung Fu Panda series (2008–Present) member also spilled her diet secrets recently. She said that she is depending largely on organic foods. If she thinks a certain food is not organic, she’ll pass it. Her perspective on what she eats or has at her home has changed because she now has a 1-year-old son who needs food that is fresh so that he can grow and develop better. She is so addicted to organic foods that when she doesn’t have it, she feels tired. (That’s a good thing, we think.)

Beauty Secrets

The producer has minimized her beauty routine with time. She now sticks to basics like coconut oil. Lucy adds that drinking a lot of water is another of her beauty secrets.

Being a Mom

Lucy Liu son
Lucy Liu son

The singer thinks that her son Rockwell Lloyd who was born via a gestational surrogate in August 2015 is the greatest gift she has ever had. Though being a single mother is challenging, but her ability to open up and ask for help has assisted her. She feels amazing when she gets to enjoy little moments of her baby boy. For example, she loved seeing him learn how to pull himself up or sit down on his own. She also adds that her boy has been helpful in letting her manage a personal life and a successful career.

Keep up with Lucy Liu’s fitness and beauty secrets by checking out her official website. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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