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Made in Chelsea’s Mimi Bouchard Diet Plan

Made in Chelsea (2011-Present) star Mimi Bouchard looks hot anytime you see her, and her body seems to be flawless. The diva recently admitted that she is following a new diet plan to stay fit and look gorgeous. Have a look at her new diet plan here and decide whether you should try it or not. You can also learn the art of dealing with haters from her because she always shuts her critics in a classy way.

Diet Plan

The stunner has been following intermittent fasting lately. In this diet method, a person is allowed to eat within eight hours of the day. She says that this diet is smart as it gives your digestive system a break. She has also reduced her sugar intake while upping the intake of vegetables and lean protein. Her aim of following a strict diet is not just to look good or lose weight, it’s to boost her health.

Positive Diet Change

The TV star admits that there have been some diet changes that have proved to be beneficial for her. One such change is eliminating coffee from her diet. After making this change, she is feeling more energized than ever.

Diet Indulgence

The TV Personality also likes to indulge a little with her diet. When she is in a mood to indulge, she chows down on pizza and carbs. It also helps her to fight a hangover.

Dealing with Critics

The beauty has been caught up in two sl*t shaming scandals till date. During the first time, Olivia Bentley called her “easy” because of her boyfriend, Fredrik Ferrier who showed interest in Mimi. Explaining her side of the story, she said that Olivia was very mean to her and there were a lot of problems. If Olivia had asked Mimi to stay away from Fredirk via a girl to girl talk, she would have stayed away from her boyfriend.

In another similar scandal, Tiffany Watson, the former girlfriend of Sam Thompson criticized Bouchard by shaming her body. She said that the young celebrity was a dumpling, but later Tiffany admitted that the comment was made in the heat of the moment and doesn’t condone body shaming.

Mimi’s Fiery Response

Soon after being called a ‘Dumpling’ by Watson, the Canadian posted a video of herself in which she stated that she is happy with her body. In the video, she is wearing a bright red t-shirt and saying that she had to make the video on the topic because it hit home to her. She had to talk about body shaming and clarify on why anyone should never do it. In her opinion, harsh words about someone’s body can have a lasting effect on people’s mind.

In the video, she also said that when people try to say mean things about her and try to bring her down by criticizing the way she looks or how they think she is, it shows other people that it’s ok while it’s not. People should think before they speak and focus on being themselves.

She advises people to be happy with who they are and cherish their uniqueness. You should not worry too much about what others say about you as when someone criticizes you a lot, it says more about them than it says about you.

Featured Image by Mimi Bouchard / Instagram

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