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Madonna Fitness And Workout Secrets Are Finally Out

Madonna attends the Hard Candy Fitness Grand Opening in Berlin in 2013
Madonna attends the Hard Candy Fitness Grand Opening in Berlin

Madonna is getting younger by the day. Even at 57, she has a body that will put people who are thrice as younger to shame. An hourglass figure and an untiring stamina is what the Queen of Pop is all about. One look at the star and most of her fans must be assuming that this beauty must be spending a lot of time in the gym for that perfectly toned body. Shape Magazine finds out the exact reason behind all the labor that the singer must be putting for her figure from her personal trainer Craig Smith, who lets the cat out of the bag.

Smith is also the director of Madonna’s own business venture titled the Hard Candy Fitness. Talking about the workout that is responsible for the fab figure of Madonna, Smith said –

“Total-body exercises and high intensity cardio are the main ingredients of this workout that result in toning of the body and excess burning of calories.”

Smith lists down these eight exercises that can help you get the Madonna effect. Read below to know the exercises that keeps Madonna going and you can follow most as they are quite simple and easy to do anywhere. All you need is a pair of 3-5 lb dumbbells and you are ready to go. This circuit training consists of a series of exercises. 60 seconds should be given to each (do it continuously for the required number of reps and sets). A rest of 60 seconds should be taken after finishing a circuit. The whole circuit should be repeated 2-3 times.

Madonna revealing her figure
Madonna revealing her figure
  1. Squat to Dumbbell Swing with Chest Fly

Hold the dumbbells and stand with feet and hip, shoulder-width apart. Lift the palms and keep them facing each other. Lift the chest and move hips back into a sitting position to do a squat. After coming back to the standing position, swing your arms up and then, extend them straight in the front position. Open the arms to both sides to form a chest fly and then drive the shoulders down and bend through the elbows while opening the arms on the sides. Then, pull the arms back and that is one step. Do the whole thing 15 times in 1 minute.

  1. Tricep Pushdown with V-Lift

Stand with dumbbells and then, bend the elbow at 90 degrees to the outer part of waist. As you move your arms downwards, dumbbells should reach the thighs. Lift the right knee up to the waist length and kick it. Then pull leg back, bring arms to 90 degree angle again and repeat with left knee. Then, pull leg back and bring arms to the front position. This is one rep. Do it 15 times in 60 seconds.

Madonna rescheduled Rebel Heart Tour
Madonna rescheduled Rebel Heart Tour
  1. Dumbbell Plank with Alternating Knee Drive

Hold the weights and form a plank position keeping hands, shoulders-width apart, keep abs tight and hold the position. Then, drive one knee towards chest and bring it back. Do the same with the other knee. Keep on doing this with alternate knee. Continue till you finish 10-20 reps on each knee.

  1. Jumping Jacks with Flying Jack

Do jumping jack three times. After these, form a squat position and open your arms and legs into an X shape and jump. Land back with knees slightly bent and then, get back to the standing position. Repeat the whole thing at least 10-15 times and finish them in 60 seconds.

Pop star Madonna giving live performance.
Pop star Madonna giving live performance.
  1. Side Lunge to Upright Row

Stand still. Hang the arms with palms facing each other. Do a side lunge with right leg and the weights should be positioned on the sides of the knee. Come back to the previous upright position. Lift the chest and drive through heel in the same upright position, bring the dumbbells in front of the chest while keeping the arms straight (see the image for clear details). Pull the dumbbells towards the chest and point elbows away from the body. Pause for a second or two and then, again start over. Try to do this at least 10 times on both legs in 1 minute.

  1. Hip Hinge into Standing Rotation

Stand still and the hands should be placed in front of thighs. Hinge forward and form a deadlift. When you rise, the arms should be extended in front of the body. Lift the arms up and rotate to the right side. Return back, do a deadlift and then lift arms towards left. Repeat this on both sides for 60 seconds.

  1. Diagonal Crunch

Form a plank position and crunch the left knee towards the right elbow. Hold for a second and then come back to the original position. Do the same with the left knee and then hold it for a second and bring body back to plank position. Do this whole thing for 60 seconds.

  1. Lateral Shuffle to Touchdown

Stand and keep feet wide apart and then form a squat position. Turn to the right three times and touch the ground and then repeat the same for the left side. Do this for 1 minute.

So, what are you waiting for? Just try these exercises and there you go.

Please note, for each of the above exercises, click on the name of exercise (the heading) to see the image.

Madonna performs 'Living For Love' at Grammys 2015
Madonna performs ‘Living For Love’ at Grammys 2015

A Word Of Caution

Even though these exercises are simple, it is advised to seek professional guidance so that you do not do it wrong and harm your body. Also, for those having any bone-related or other ailments, it is best to seek expert opinion before starting out as Madonna also does not do these exercises alone.

Madonna is one of the best-selling singers of her times and even now, she is going strong. She is currently busy rehearsing for one of the most-anticipated shows titled Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour, starting from September 9, 2015 at the Bell Centre in Montreal. The dates and ticket details are available at her official website.

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