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Margot Robbie Workout Routine for Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie in a still from Suicide Squad
Margot Robbie in a still from Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie is a skilled Australian actress whose charisma, acting skills and sex appeal has gotten her to be compared with beauties like Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. The stunner is not only great at fitting a film role perfectly but she also puts in a lot of effort in it. She recently proved that by working out hard for her new film Suicide Squad (2016) and shaping up her body to look like a gorgeous villain. Here, we are having a look at what efforts the diva put in and how successful was she.

Choosing the Trainer

When the Queensland-born actress came to the sets of the film and had a look at what she will be wearing, she asked the producers to fly out her trainer Andie Hecker to Canada. They worked out for two to three hours almost every day during production and the trainer was just given two weeks to show her magic and get Margot in the required body shape.

Margot Robbie Tom Ford dress 2016 Academy Awards
Margot Robbie wearing Tom Ford dress at 2016 Academy Awards

The Changes

Her trainer recently told People that she was happy to see Robbie’s body change into exactly what she wanted to look like for the film in such a short time.

She also revealed that usually they train for an hour, four to five times a week but they increased the time and intensity of the workouts especially for the film.

Workout Routine

The workout routine of Margot was very challenging. Here are all the details of it.

The workout regime included doing a lot of challenging cardio exercises such as rebounder and ballet jumps and jump rope. These are usually known as non-bulking cardio exercises.

They also did a lot of core work as the focus was on full body toning. The workout included spending a lot of time on Pilates Reformer so more tension and higher reps were the goals there.

Margot Robbie working out
Margot Robbie working out

Some of the exercises they did regularly were planks on the machine that’s not only limited to crunching. It also involves keeping the waist and arms long along with doing numerous leg lifts by using the handles.

The Lower Body Exercises

As the talented actress had to show off her butt in many parts of the film due to her tiny shorts, they did heavy resistance and lower reps for glutes in order to build that muscle a bit more.

They used heavy ankle weights – 5 pounds which is higher than what the trainer usually offers her clients. They did 20 repetitions with the ankle weights on one leg, took a break and then did the same on the other leg along with making sure that the glutes were involved, not the hamstrings.

If you wish to try lifting the glutes, you need to do these leg lifts too. It’s a better option than using the Pilates reformer by hooking your ankles in the robes attached to the pulleys.

In order to pull the legs tight, the workout included working on inner and outer thighs. One exercise they often did was to hold the side plank with a 2.5-pound ankle weight and lifting the outer leg towards the ceiling. This exercise challenges the top outer thigh, bottom hips, outer glutes, core, and obliques. Doing 30 to 40 repetitions of this exercise is good enough. You need to keep yourself in the plank position and then sweep the top leg back and forward.

Margot Robbie still Suicide Squad (2016)
Margot Robbie in another still from Suicide Squad (2016)

The Reason

Apart from making the backside of the blue-eyed beauty look great in the shorts which the actress sported in the film, they worked out so hard because of a scene in the film when she changes clothes in front of dudes. In this scene, her abs needed to be flawless.

Ballet-Inspired Moves

As Hecker is a former ballet dancer, she included some ballet-inspired moves to help train the versatile actress for the film. They did a lot of side series outer thigh work with high reps and low weights so that they could create a beautiful line from the waist to the upper thigh.

They also did arabesque pulls that were hooked up with resistance pulleys and arabesque lifts with heavy ankle weights. Heavy weights and low reps were the keys here too and the aim was to build and lift the butt.

Margot Robbie heading to a gym
Margot Robbie heading to a gym

Workout Filled Day

The typical workout filled day of The Legend of Tarzan (2016) actress was somewhat like this:


The morning workout of the sexy blonde kicked off with spending 45 minutes in swimming which gave her a double hit of strength training and cardio. She did every lap differently by doing backstrokes, freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, etc. The fitness expert mixed up the routine, mapped her timings and motivated her to go faster. After the session was over, the actress headed straight for the shoot.


In the afternoons, the fiancée of British assistant director Tom Ackerley spent an hour on Pilates Reformer and did a full body workout that involved heavy resistance, high reps, and ballet exercises. She also did some stability work on a Bosu ball or mat Pilates in the afternoon sessions to keep things interesting.


When the shoot was done for the day, they came back together again and Robbie did ballet jumps, jump rope or hopped on a trampoline. In case she was too tired, they did only a stretching session. But the latter rarely happened as they were focused on getting her into shape in just 2 weeks, reports Well and Good.

Margot Robbie after a workout on the Gold Coast
Margot Robbie after a workout on the Gold Coast

How to get ready for an Event via Workouts?

For those of you who wish to look great for an event, the fitness professional, Andie suggests that you do cardio for about an hour for 4 to 6 days a week. It will help you tone up. You must also remember the rest days as they are good for you. Don’t be so eager to get toned up that you don’t take any rest days.

If you liked the workout regime of the lovely lady for the film, you might want to keep up with her life by following her on Twitter, and Instagram.

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