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Marilyn Monroe Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Marilyn Monroe doing Jathara Parivartanasana Supine Twist
Marilyn Monroe doing Jathara Parivartanasana Supine Twist

Marilyn Monroe is one of the few actresses who made a mark as a sex symbol decades ago and is still talked about. People loved her smile, enjoyed her screen presence and envied her body. But did you know that her figure was not maintained easily? Are you aware of the fact that she used to work very hard to maintain her figure and those desirable curves? What more did she do to maintain that delectable body? Here’s the answer.

Her Thoughts on Her Body

Monroe gave an interview to the Pageant Magazine in September 1952 which was dug up by Yahoo. In the interview, Monroe has stated that she never thought that she has an amazing body until she got loads of compliments for it. As far as her pre-fame life was concerned, she used to worry about getting enough food to eat. But after she rose to fame, she started worrying about eating too much food and ruining her figure.

Workout Routine

Marilyn Monroe doing military press with a bar
Marilyn Monroe doing military press with a bar

The actress never used to bother about exercising until she realized she’s got to maintain her looks. When she realized that exercising was necessary, she crafted her own workout routine. The workout schedule she devised was aimed at keeping her muscles firm and she acknowledged that it worked for her quite nicely. The workout began in the mornings. She used to wake up, brush her teeth, wash her face to shed off last dregs of sleep and start with some basic exercises.

The first exercise was aimed at firming the breasts. It included the use of five pound weights. In this exercise, a person has to lie down on a floor and lift 5-pound weights from a spread-eagled arm position to a point directly above their heads. Doing this exercise 15 times is more than enough. She used to repeat this exercise another 15 times by changing her position and keeping her arms above her head. The last part of the workout session included keeping her arms at 45-degree angle from the floor and moving the weights in circles until she got tired.

Marilyn Monroe doing dumbbell chest press
Marilyn Monroe doing dumbbell chest press

The star actress didn’t like to count the number of times she moved a hand and she detested doing exercise like a robot. She just liked exercising as per the demands and capabilities of her body.

Daily Mail also reported that the stunner was skilled at doing exercises like military presses with a bar, handstands, bench pressing small weights and performing squats which she demonstrated while doing a photo shoot for Life Magazine in April 1952.

Marilyn Monroe doing handstand
Marilyn Monroe doing handstand

Being Lazy

The diva had no inclination to participate in any sport activities or particularly, swimming. She left that for men. She also believed in getting 5 to 10 hours of sleep every night depending on her schedule. Sundays were luxurious days for her as she probably didn’t workout on those days and sometimes slept very late in the mornings.

Diet Plan

The smoking hot model had a unique diet plan. She used to start off her day by having warm milk, properly mixed with two eggs (without boiling them). Marilyn used to have it while dressing. She complemented this with a multivitamin pill. The dinner usually consisted of broiling some fresh lamb chops, liver or steak in an electric oven which she did herself. She also used to add raw carrots to her dinner menu and ate at least 4 or 5 of them every day without getting bored of them ever.

Diet Indulgence

Marilyn Monroe eating her beloved ice-cream
Marilyn Monroe eating her beloved ice-cream

The Golden Globe Award winner for Some Like It Hot (1959) also shared her diet indulgence. She used to eat a hot fudge sundae at Wil Wright’s ice cream parlor in the evenings while returning from her drama classes. The lady of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) was aware of the fact that if she didn’t eat protein all day, she wouldn’t have the luxury of eating ice cream every day. But as she did have a whole lot of protein in every meal she ate, the balance was maintained.

Well, after witnessing the workout routine and diet plan of Marilyn Monroe, we can just say that her laid back attitude is a far better way of maintaining the curves as compared to the strenuous exercises adopted by the Hollywood divas of the modern times. What’s your thought on this? Do let us know, won’t you?

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