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Mark Langowski Workout and Diet Advice

Mark Langowski working out
Mark Langowski working out

Mark Langowski is a well-known name in the fitness industry. He is a trainer who not only works with celebrities, CEOs, athletes but common people as well. He recently grabbed the news because he helped the new mom and Good Morning America host Ginger Zee to shed off four inches for a new gig. He thinks that celebs look great in their day to day life as it’s their job.

He has some really cool ideas about building those abs you always wanted and it doesn’t involve hitting the gym daily. What other fitness ideas he has? Let’s find out.

Places for Workout

The renowned trainer likes to workout in his living room. He knows that it’s a fact that all people don’t have money to invest in a gym so he tells them that they can easily get started with the exercises at their home. He tries to relate to them by doing the exercises in a living room and motivates them to workout without thinking that a gym is necessary for a workout.

Mark Langowski doing push-ups
Mark Langowski doing push-ups

Preferred Exercises

The hot trainer likes to train his clients by using bodyweight exercises as these exercises focus on several muscles at once. These exercises also use a person’s body as the main source of resistance which makes the body stronger from the inside and out.

A Useful Exercise

The holder of NASM and ACSM certification thinks that planks are the most underrated exercise. Most people focus on doing exercises like sit-ups to shape their abs but planks are also beneficial for getting great abs. The front plank and the side plank, both are essential for a person as these exercises use all the vital parts of your body, legs, core, shoulders, back and obliques.

Mark Langowski ab workout
Mark Langowski ab workout

Ab Workout Myth

Langowski also busted the biggest ab workout myth. He explained that people often assume, mistakenly, that abs are built by constant workouts. Many people suppose that if a person has to build abs, he or she needs to hit the gym multiple times in a day. This is so not true. The fact is that when someone needs to build abs, they should make sure that they get enough rest between workouts. Muscles only get stronger when the muscles have got ample rest.

Diet is Vital

The trainer who is among the Top Celebrity Trainers to Follow on Instagram as of 2015 also does planks, crunches and sit-ups only twice a week rather than training them every day. He also thinks that a proper diet is vital if you wish to build great abs. 85% of the results can be attained by proper diet and if a person doesn’t have a good diet, the amount of time he or she spends in the gym would not do any good.

Mark Langowski preparing his food in the kitchen
Mark Langowski preparing his food in the kitchen

On Celebrity Fitness

When asked about what helps the celebs to look so amazing all the times, Mark thinks that the celebs got to look good because if they don’t, they will be replaced by another celebrity, reported The Star. So, they constantly need to put in efforts to stay fit and look their best.

How Celebs transform their Bodies?

Eat This Not That For Abs book cover
Eat This Not That For Abs book cover

The author of Eat This Not That! For Abs believes that celebs easily transform their bodies because it’s their job. They don’t have a 9 to 5 job to think of and thus, they have the liberty to work on their fitness 24 by 7. They can hire trainers to live with them or visit them thrice in a day. They can also hire best-in-class chefs to keep an eye on their diet. They also have health professionals monitoring their each and every step towards fitness and as a result, they rarely fail.

Celebrity Fitness Goals

The fitness guru also spilled the answer of what celebs want from their bodies. He thinks that male celebrities focus more on boosting their abdominals and getting broad shoulders, big chest, and big arms. On the other hand, female celebs want to achieve a toned tummy, shapely legs, and a lifted butt.

Mark Langowski shirtless body
Mark Langowski shirtless body

Why Celeb Moms Lose Weight so Quickly?

The wellness expert also thinks that celeb moms end up losing all the baby weight so quickly because their careers depend on it. If they don’t lose the excessive weight, they might be replaced by someone who is hotter, slimmer and smarter. So they don’t have a choice but to spend hours in losing the weight quickly.

Want more great fitness tips from Mark Langowski? Don’t forget to check out his official website or you can follow him on Instagram.

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