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Martini Diet – Incredible Weight Loss Program

Martini Diet

Developed by Jennifer Sander, Martini Diet is not about consumption of martinis. It rather is a diet plan which recommends its dieters to consume everything while taking measurement of one glass of martini. Whatever you consume in your meals, all the constituents of meals shall be able to adjust in one glass of martini.

And martini glass used for taking measurements shall have capacity to hold three ounces of liquid. Martini diet program doesn’t come under highly strict and calorie controlled diet programs, it in-fact is very flexible as it permits its dieters to consume high calorie foods, while staying vigilant about their consumption.

Principles of Martini Diet Plan

Martini diet plan has been designed with the sole objective of perking up your eating habits and therefore bring dramatic changes in your body. Let’s have a look at some of the principles of martini diet.

Whole Foods

Martini diet plan insists on the inclusion of fresh and whole foods in diet. You won’t find any restriction put by the program regarding consumption of some particular kinds of foods. You can eat whatever you feel like eating, provided that they have fresh and healthy ingredients. You are recommended to desist from processed and high carb foods. In addition to that, forbid fat-free foods because they are processed several times to be made so.

Portion Control

Keep check on your portion size. No matter how healthy and nutritious foods you consume, you shall have control over your eating traits. You can relish varied kinds of foods while maintaining adequate portion sizes of foods.

When you go to restaurant to have your meals, instead of eating entire foods served in the plate, consume just one third of the foods served in the plate. Prefer sharing remaining food with your friends. Doing so will save you both from eating excess food and from getting the guilt of wasting food.

Build Inner Strength

Jennifer contends should you successfully want to conquer a weight loss program; you shall try to build your inner strength first. Once your inner strength is built, you will not be moved by the gimmicks shown in TV commercials, which insist you to buy unhealthy and high calorie products.

No Snacking

Snacking is an unhealthy habit which piles up fats inside your body. If you want to refrain from adverse effects of snacking, prefer staying away from junk and unhealthy snacks. Jennifer asserts, generally snacking is not an outcome of appetite, it rather happens in the wake of emotions such as anger, frustration, distress etc. Snacking represents more of an emotional eating rather than healthy and appetite suppressing eating.

Control Cravings

Since your cravings are the main culprits responsible for making you grow fat, bring your unjustified cravings for sweet and salty foods in control. There are several means to beat cravings. For example, spray mint flavor in your mouth or chew mint tablet. Amazing flavor and aroma of mint will certainly curb your cravings. And if you wear white strips at the time of cravings, you can effectively beat your cravings because white strips will make it unable for you to eat foods.

Workouts in Martini Diet

Workouts are integral parts of Martini diet. That being said, dieters are not prompted to practice intense workouts, they rather can do the workouts they are compatible with. No matter whether you hit gym or practice workouts on your own at home, your body shall get proper exercise and movements.

Martini diet program accentuates making exercises fun activity. For example, when you wear a particular uniform to play a game, you feel more excited to play the game than you normally do. More exhilarated you will be about the game, more calories you will burn while playing the game.

So instead of engaging you in some dull or repetitive exercises, diet solution seeks you to get engaged in something you really enjoy. For example, you can do horse riding, ballet, ballroom dancing, fencing, swimming etc. These activities will rejuvenate you and will shed myriad pounds from your body.

Sample Diet Plan

Let’s have a look at one the sample meal plans of Martini diet program.


You can have fresh strawberries, café latte, sour cream waffles etc. in your breakfast.


You can have fresh and baked bread, creamy vegetable soup etc. in your lunch.


You can have grilled vegetables, garlic mashed potato, chocolate ball, red wine etc. in your dinner.

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  1. Controlling your food carving and portions are the basic for a successful weight loss program. You should adopt healthy food habits.


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