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Master of Muscle Jump Rope Review

Master of Muscle Jump Rope Review

When you are going to do boxing or other sport that requires strength, you need to stay fit. Otherwise, you won’t get the stamina to keep going. If you want to be good at boxing, for example, you need to have the right speed and stamina. You will need to have the energy to carry on even when your body feels tired. Jumping using a jump rope is an important part of a boxer’s regular exercise routine. This will improve your speed, balance, and endurance; thus making you a better fighter.

All jump ropes are not the same and you must choose the right one for yourself. You need to know the material with which it is made of, the quality of the handles, and the size before buying a jump rope. Some jump ropes even come with long term warranties and excellent refund option. Among the various kinds of jump ropes available, the Master of Muscle Jump Rope is considered to be one of the best affordable jump ropes. Here we are going to review it.


It has a unique design which is very appealing. It is black with red at the ends of the handles and wire which looks stylish. It is a long wire cable that shows how strong the rope is. It is made of tough and tightly woven materials that provide high speed. The rope is lightweight and compact, so you can use it anywhere and carry it with you. It will fit any bag and you can take it when you go traveling. The handles of this rope can be turned 90 degrees very fast. There is also a wire cable that ensures that you can jump fast. You won’t experience any tangling with this rope that usually happens in the PVC and leather ropes. The size of the rope is such that it is appropriate for any user no matter whether the person is short or tall.

Build Quality

The rope is made of nylon which makes it durable. It is also heavy and made of tightly woven materials which make it perfect for everyday use. The handles are covered with soft foam, making them comfortable to hold. So, your hands won’t get exhausted even after long hours of workout. This rope is risk-free and you will be able to jump in speed comfortably using this rope.

The rope has a thermoplastic polyurethane coating that protects the rope from wear and tear. It also protects the rope from any damage caused due to a build-up of moisture. You get a lifetime warranty for this rope. If you are unsatisfied with the rope or you find any fault in it, you will get a replacement or a full refund without any question being asked. The rope is so strong that it is appropriate for professional use as well.


The length of the skipping rope is 9’4’’ and so is ideal for people who are as high as 6’10’’. You can easily adjust the length of the rope according to your height and need. The rope is also lightweight and so easy to carry around.


The skipping rope is very easy to use. You can adjust the size of the rope according to your height and use it. The handles are covered with foam and so you will feel very comfortable using it. Your wrists won’t get tired or hurt even after jumping for a long time. You will be able to jump comfortably for long hours and burn lots of calories.


This rope is often used by people who are into boxing or MMA training. It’s ball bearing turn with the wire improves the workout. The rope is lightweight and so you can easily carry it around. As the rope is lightweight, you will be able to enjoy fast spinning. The rope has a length of 10 feet and it is appropriate for any user. The user can easily adjust the rope according to the user’s height.

If you exercise with this rope regularly, you will be able to build up your biceps, triceps, and other muscles. This rope is specifically designed for Crossfit exercise routines. As the rope provides great speed, you will be able to master the double-under with it in quick succession.

You get a free eBook when you purchase this rope. The ebook contains 20 jump rope exercises that will help you to lose weight. Considering the design, features, and quality, this is one of the best jumping ropes you will find in the market today at a very cheap price.

Master of Muscle Jump Rope pack


This jump rope comes at an affordable price. It has some outstanding features which make it a great purchase. You can buy this rope at Amazon for about $5.93 to $9.99 depending on the various special discounts you may get. You will get a free ebook, spare cable, screws, and a carry case with this rope.


  • This skipping rope has a stylish design and as it is black, anyone will find the rope appealing.
  • It has a unique handle design that produces great speed.
  • It has a strong plastic coating which prevents wear and tear.
  • It is lightweight and compact, so easy to carry around.
  • You can adjust the rope to any length.
  • It is tangle-free and so you will be able to jump comfortably without any interference.
  • It can also resist abrasion and so will last for a long time.
  • You get free eBook, carry case, a spare cable, and screws when you buy the rope.
  • It is affordable and provides outstanding features.
  • The rope is appropriate for professional boxers and athletes.
  • You get a lifetime warranty for it.
  • If there is any problem, you will get the rope replaced or get a full refund.


  • You need to adjust the rope using wire cutters which can be difficult.
  • If you don’t adjust the rope properly, then you won’t be able to use the rope.
  • You don’t get any color option as it is only available in one color.

Final Verdict

If you can do the regular exercise using jumping rope then it is good for your heart health and will help you to lose weight as well. It is a very good exercise for people of all ages. Exercising with skipping or jump rope can be fun.

You need to practice regularly to improve your skills in jump rope. Slowly, you will able to increase your speed. You must remember that as you get faster, you should adjust the length of the jump rope and make it shorter. This jump rope that we have just reviewed is adjustable and lightweight. So, you can carry it around easily as well. It is made of tough materials that makes it durable. It also comes with a protective coating that prevents abrasion and other damage.

You will be able to do various exercises with this skipping rope without any trouble. You won’t get such a high-quality exercise rope in the market at less than $10. So, this jumping rope is worth buying.

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This skipping rope is designed to last. You will be able to burn calories and build up muscles by exercising regularly with this jump rope. Master of Muscle Jump Rope Review