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Mediterranean Diet Plan – Traditional Way to Losing Weight

Mediterranean Diet Plan

Mediterranean diet is not a diet plan meant to be followed for some days. In fact, it is a traditional form of diet plan, educating you about the healthy way of life and emphasizing the value of plant food. Vegan foods being assumed to be the way of life have been pointed up by the diet plan.

What is Mediterranean Diet Plan?

The diet solution insists on the consumption of natural and organic food items such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains etc. Instead of using man-made oils such as refined oil and others, put virgin olive oil into use for cooking and for sprinkling on salad. Under the diet plan, consumption of red meat needs to be pruned.

You can consume red meat once in a month, and low to moderate amounts of fish once in a week. Apart from that, since red wine increases blood circulation and revs up the functioning of various body organs, it can be consumed in moderation. The diet plan contains numerous recipes of preparing delicious food, which you can use in your day to day life.

Benefits of Mediterranean Diet Plan

Benefits of Mediterranean diet plan are enormous. Some of the benefits are as follows.

  • The diet plan mops up the ill effects of heart problems.
  • Without heavy medications, the diet plan is effective in bringing down the increased cholesterol level.
  • Consumption of low sodium diet rids people from the problem of high blood pressure.
  • Apart from shedding unsolicited pounds from your body, the diet program will also maintain your lost weight for long time.
  • The diet plan works on your mood, boosts your energy, and brings you out of depression.
  • Without depriving your body from tasty and yummy foods, the diet plan provides you taste with wide variety of food items.
  • The diet helps in bringing down your blood sugar level and saves you from type 2 diabetes.
  • People consuming Mediterranean diet are less likely to get hip fractures.
  • Various food items in the diet plan being great antioxidants will save your body from Alzheimer disease, which makes your brain dysfunctional and makes you unable to remember things.

Sample of Mediterranean Diet Plan

The duration of Mediterranean diet plan is 28 days. Let’s have a quick look at the sample plan, nourishing your body through natural strategies. One of the sample plans of Mediterranean diet plan is as follows –


Start your day with ½ cup of juice or one cup of green tea. Have your breakfast with fat-free yogurt and mix it with strawberries or blueberries. You have an option of mixing one spoon of honey into it. Else, you can have one wheat muffin and spread almond butter or strawberries and blueberries on the top of it.

Midmorning Snack

You can have any of the fruits such as apple, pear, orange etc. in the midmorning snacks.


You can have spinach, salad, and wide array of colored vegetables in lunch. You can adorn the foods with walnuts, chicken breast, and festa cheese to gain more nourishment. Whole grain bread and pita also can be a part of your lunch. You can also drizzle lemon over the salad to add flavor into it.

Afternoon snacks

In afternoon snacks, you can include almonds and green tea.


You can have quinoa with pine nuts and rosemary, grilled wild salmon, broccoli, carrots, and grilled cauliflower in dinner, and sprinkle olive oil over it. Vegetable salad, balsamic vinaigrette, and spinach can be part of your dinner.

Weight Loss with Mediterranean Diet Plan

For weight loss, eat five meals in a day. Eat food items rich in vitamins, phytonutrients, and fiber. Some of the key points, which will help you in shedding weight faster, are as follows.

  • Poultry, eggs, and fish being rich sources of protein and great source of calories should be consumed twice in a week.
  • Instead of having pastries, cakes, and artificial sweeteners etc. in your desserts, have fruits in desserts.
  • Swap your high fat dairy food items with low fat dairy items.
  • Legumes being rich in fiber, proteins, and low in fats should be consumed eight times in a week for melting weight.
  • Consume yogurt and cheese on daily basis.
  • Replace steamed veggies with roasted veggies.
  • Go for brown rice and wholegrain pasta without adding salt into that.
  • Never consume more than two eggs in a day.
  • Replace sugar with honey to sweeten your food items.
  • Spare at least thirty minutes from your busy schedule for physical workouts.

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