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Metabolic Typing Diet Plan – Transform Your Body by Recognizing Your Nutritional Needs

Metabolic Typing Diet Plan

Introduced by William Donald Kelley, Metabolic Typing diet plan was discovered in 1960. There are diet plans on the basis of blood group type, genotype, and other biological features but Metabolic Typing Diet Plan proves to be more precise and practical.

The diet plan defines why two people happen to react differently ever after consuming same kinds of diet. And the reason is change in metabolic rate. Results tend to vary among people due to hereditary reasons, which include their metabolism system as well.

Why Most Diet Plans Fail?

Most weight loss plans fail and more than 90% of people using them revert to their normal weight because these diet plans remain same for everyone. There is no customization in them. For example, diet program focusing mainly on carb foods might be astonishingly good for your friend because his metabolism requirements go hand in hand with the diet plan. However, the same diet plan might turn out to be pathetic for you because your metabolism being averse to that particular diet plan might react by increasing insulin resistance.

Common Indications Showing Flaw in Your Diet

There are some indications and warning signals given by your body to indicate that your diet is not in alignment with your body and metabolism. The plan has directly correlated good eating habits with good temperament, which implies, if you eat foods congenial to your body, you will naturally feel energized and great.

Contrarily, should you feel sluggish after consuming food; it’s a clear sign that something is wrong in your diet. Here come few signs, which signal to flaw in your food items.

  • You feel stressed out and worried.
  • You experience mood swings such as anger, irritation, frustration, sadness etc.
  • You feel like dragging through the day and feel very lethargic.
  • You get yearning for sweets.

Inadequate combination of carbs, proteins, and fats in your last meal causes such symptoms. The diet solution will guide you about the right proportion of them according to your metabolism and body type.

Why Should You Follow Metabolic Typing Diet Plan?

Metabolic typing diet plan contends, no single diet plan can suit all because people differ from each other not only in their external appearance but also in internal appearance of organs. There are wide variations in shape and size of internal organs in different people. Besides that, secretion of digestive juice is also not same in all people.

Metabolic typing diet plan is an exclusive diet plan, which will tailor your diet considering your body particulars. The diet plan will cause an improvement in your metabolism, digestion, immunity, energy, blood circulation, and even mood.

For designing the food map specifically for you, 69 questions have been drafted by the diet plan. No matter how big or small the detail is, these questions would uncover each and every aspect of your body such as what you feel after consuming tomatoes, or whether your lips are moist or dry and so on.

Wrong Assumption

In western countries, degenerative diseases are being prevalent among people only due to their wrong beliefs. For example, they generally consider high fat foods bad and high protein diet good for their body.

However, this is not correct way to measure the impacts of these nutrients. The fact being contrary to your assumption might make your suffer. For example, high fat diet might be the requirement of your body and high protein diet might have hostile impacts on your body.

Why Recognize Your Nutritional Requirements?

Metabolic typing diet plan provides very convincing answer to the question why you need to recognize your nutritional requirements. Food is just like fuel to your body and it cannot run perfectly until it gets right fuel.

For instance, car requires diesel or petrol as fuel to run. Should you use very high quality petrol for a diesel car, it simply won’t run and if you prompt it to run on petrol, the machinery of car will develop many faults in it. In the same way, your body is designed to run on particular kinds of diet.

When the cells in your body don’t get adequate fuel, they grow dysfunctional and their malfunctioning flows into your body giving rise to several harmful diseases such as depression, illness, fatigue, allergies, and many more.

No matter, how meticulously designed your diet plan is, until you fulfill nutrient requirements of your body according to the demand of your body, you cannot expect to have a healthy body.

Three Categories of Metabolism Typing Diet Plan

Your body mainly gets nourishment from foods rich in three ingredients namely proteins, carbs, and fats. On the basis of specific nutrient requirement of your body, the diet plan has been categorized into three parts. Let’s have a look at them.

Protein Type – People having protein type requirement are parasympathetic dominant and fast oxidizers. They feel hungry very frequently and crave for fatty, salty, low calorie foods. They easily become victim of anxiety, nervousness, and exhaustion.

Protein type diet is comprised of 40% proteins, 30% carbs and 30% fats. People falling short of proteins will feel better after consuming diet high in proteins, low in carbs, and relatively high in fats.

Carbo Type – Apart from being sympathetic dominant and slow oxidizers, they have weak appetite, and their tolerance towards sugary foods is really high. They often find it hard to manage weight and are mostly addicted to caffeine.

Carbo type diet consists of 60% carbs, 25% protein, and 12% fats. Carbo type people shall feel good, should they include majority of carb containing foods such as whole grains and fruits etc. in their diet. Your physiology will determine how much carbs you should consume to feel euphoric.

Mixed Type – People falling in this category being average oxidizers come mid-way between parasympathetic and sympathetic. Their appetite is also average and they crave for starchy foods and sweets. They might or might not face trouble regarding weight control.

Mixed type diet consists of 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fats. Mixed type is actually combination of both carbo type and protein type. It’s very complicated to tailor diet plan for mixed type. Rather than mopping carbs, fats, and proteins from your diet, the focus of the diet plan is to keep you provided with them in proportionate ratio depending upon your body type.

The diet schedule considers wrong choice of foods as the main reason responsible for all your health problems and obesity. Mostly you refrain from the foods having rewarding impacts on your body and consume unhealthy and unsuitable foods keeping you unsatisfied, hungry, and sick. Should you feed your body the foods it seeks from you; you will not only get slender and ripped body but will also get relief from myriad harmful diseases.

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