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Michelle Keegan 2017 Workout and Diet Secrets

Michelle Keegan is blessed with amazing genes, and she knows how to make the most of it. Have a look at her workout and diet secrets here, to learn how she has trained herself to hit the gym despite hating it, how she never hesitates to indulge a little and how she tackles body hang-ups among other fitness secrets.

Not a Gym Bunny

The stunner admits that she is not a gym bunny and hates going to the gym. She even hates getting ready to go to the gym, walking into it and being in it.

The exercise she hates the most is lunges because she is not too good at it. She even admits to screaming while she needs to do lunges with weights.

Workout Secrets

Despite hating the gym so much, the diva has got an irresistible torso by doing 8-minute abs. She has been doing it for weeks when she can be bothered to take care of her body. This exercise method works for her because she can do it anywhere, be it her living room, bedroom, bathroom or even her kitchen while waiting for her breakfast to cook.

Want to try? Check out this video:

Diet Secrets

The beauty’s biggest diet secret is to believe in moderation. She doesn’t diet every day and has no faith in fad diets. Starving herself is not an option for her, and when she needs to have a treat, she has it without regret because she thinks it’s a healthier mindset one should live by.

Breakfast Preference

The English actress likes to have eggs in the morning. The perfect breakfast option is having a slice of rye bread with scrambled egg whites and some avocado. If she is in a mood to indulge, she adds some melted cheese to it.

Diet Indulgence

Apart from cheese, she also likes to indulge in whatever she wants, even a dessert. You must be wondering how she stays so fit despite having a dessert when she wants it? Well, she does it by having only a bit of what she likes to indulge in.

She has the power to control her urges and not eat a whole plate of dessert. She can walk away after having just a spoonful of it.

The Red-Carpet Nervousness

The Coronation Street (1960-Present) actress had earlier confessed to finding red carpets stressful. Even now, she feels a bit nervous and thinks that it would happen no matter what. She feels uncomfortable because a lot of people shout her name, take pictures and form opinions on how she looks. She finds it hard to put herself out there to allow people form opinions about her.

Being Confident

Despite the red-carpet jitters, the star believes that she is much confident in her own skin than ever before. The negative comments don’t hit her as they did before, and she now understands that every person is entitled to his or her opinions.

She might not agree with how some people put their opinions across, but she doesn’t hold on to negativity as well.

Relaxation Technique

When she has an off day, she forces herself to hit the gym in the early morning for about half an hour because it wakes her up, gets the endorphins going and makes her feel so much better. She also likes to wear a shirt and jeans when she is chilling out.

No Pressure to Look Great

The wife of TV presenter Mark Wright was voted as having the body that most women want, but she thinks that it adds no pressure to look good.

Weight Fluctuation

The Ordinary Lies (2015-Present) actress also opened up about her fluctuating weight recently. She gained a stone while filming Our Girl in South Africa (2014-Present) for the last few months but she says that the weight gain wasn’t unwelcomed because she needed to put on a bit of weight as she was too bony.

She also added that the reasons for the weight gain were her inability to work out due to time constraints and not eating healthy when she was away from home.

Training for a Role

To play the role of a British soldier in the TV show, she has increased her weight and thinks it to be a wise decision as it allows her to hide behind her character when she is acting and lets her not be herself while filming.

How to Deal with Body Hang Ups?

Like most people out there, Keegan also has body hang-ups. She deals with it by keeping fit, eating healthily and going for weight or HIIT sessions.

Having a Supporting Partner Helps

Michelle is also lucky because she has a spouse who is always with her despite their busy schedules. Mark compliments her often which boosts her self-confidence. He even stays connected with her all day every day with FaceTime which helps her to stay sane.

Featured Image by Sarah Winterman / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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