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Michelle Keegan Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Michelle Keegan fitness

Former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has become the new fitness epitome all over the world. Having beaten Rihanna and Kelly Brook, Michelle inevitably has set new benchmark for hot women. Credited with eye-catching bikini figure, the smokin’ hot star looks all set to kill us with her assassin look. Here are some of the diet and exercise secrets of the six-time winner of “Sexiest Female” tag at the British Soap Awards, Michelle Keegan.

Overcome Your Insecurities

Due to one of the most enviable and sculpted figures, the Brit beauty is not totally contented with her body. She shares, like every other girl; she too doesn’t feel very comfortable in flaunting her body in bikini. However, she doesn’t let her insecurities rule over her body and mind. The busty lady shares of being bullied for her teeth in her childhood.

Receiving shameful comments from people indeed shatters you, but the reality is you cannot remain hooked up with something unflattering. Michelle doesn’t value the media buzzes or bullying comments which makes her feel uneasy. She rather spends her life in relishing the joyful moments of life.

No Obsession for Workouts

The youthful beauty not being a fitness freak devotes only quality time on workouts. Not being in love with gym exercises, Michelle performs forty minutes of workouts three times in a week. She mostly allocates her days of workouts to upper body and lower body workouts. Michelle is not very particular about her exercises. If she has to appear in bikini or tiny clothes, she might hit gym regularly for a month, contrarily, if she has no such target, she might abide by alien like attitude towards workouts. Among cardio workouts, swimming is her beloved recreational activity.

Michelle Keegan gym workout

To acquire flat abs, you can adhere to one simple technique and that is keep your tummy stretched all the while. Doing so will not only tighten your muscles; it will also perk up your posture. Besides that, it will make you look taller and active.

No Booze

The young girl admits that she hails from a family of big foodies. However, she at the same time believes that pleasing body cannot be acquired unless you abide by alcoholic drinks. Moreover, she not being caught up with drinks finds it easy to eliminate the evil drinks from her diet. The ravishing beauty restrains the consumption of alcoholic drinks when she has to look slim or has to be on red carpet.

Moderation in Diet

Michelle Keegan diet

Michelle doesn’t favor the idea of depriving her body. She eats all her favorite foods without keeping an eye on them. While being in gala mood, she certainly prefers super noodle sandwich and turkey over green and leafy salad. Pasta, omelet, mushroom etc. are some of her adored foods, which she relishes without guilt. She shares; she cannot restrict the consumption of salt and uses it in high quantity. In breakfast, she in particular eats very healthy crumpets. Apart from being low in calories, they are nutrient dense food items. Although Michelle self-proclaims to eat healthy foods but from the way she is often seen relishing junk foods in public, it’s evident that she is not very prudent about her diet.

If you are endeavoring to slim down, you are recommended not to follow the footprints of Michelle. Her amicable genes and revved up metabolism might be supporting her because she is very young. With aging, your metabolism too becomes sluggish. So, you shall nourish you with green, leafy, and dark colored veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. That being said, seldom keep eating same foods over and over again. Keep varying your food items to save you from fitness plateau. Moreover, more than half of your weight loss battle is won when you adhere to healthy and portion controlled diet.

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