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Migraine Diet – Purge Migraine With Healthy Foods

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Who on the planet is alien to headache? Whether it is due to hunger, stress, or exhaustion, it has affected each one of us at some point of time in our lives. Occasional headaches are alright. However, it becomes contemplative issue when headache begin bugging you every now and then, and start disrupting your routine life.

Migraine which is the most extreme kind of headache approaches you without any prior notice. Medical science so far has not been able to find any sure shot cure of migraine. That being said, you don’t have to get upset because you can cure migraine on your own. You can weed this disease out from your body forever, by consuming nutritious diet.

How Migraine Originates?

Migraine generally happens in one part of brain either right or left. When the level of serotonin hormone, which is a virtuous hormone, diminishes in your body, blood vessels in your brain begin contracting and extending. Due to their continued activity, you suffer from multiple troubles such as severe headache, aura, and loads more.

Since your brain is the control center of your body, any flaw in its functioning can turn out to be detrimental and can give rise to several other health issues in your body, so it’s vital for you to render timely treatment to it. There are innumerable factors responsible for migraine. Stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, depression are some of the major ones. Besides that, women are more likely to suffer from migraine especially at the time of menstruation, when there is less release of estrogen hormone in their bodies.

Eliminate Migraine Causing Foods

There is a weird connection between your diet and migraine. Apart from affecting all other organs of your body, foods also affect your brain. There are some foods which trigger migraine in you. Should you sweep away these foods from your diet regime, you can control headaches to a great extent.

Some of the sinister foods are – caffeine such as coffee and tea, vinegar, citrus fruits such as tomatoes, lemon, grapefruits, chocolates, cheese, alcohol, avocados, eggs, pasta, corns, bananas, meat, apples, bread, food additive tyramine, dairy products etc.

Since we all are equipped with different physiology, our body reaction to varied foods too is different. To beat migraine, notice what kinds of foods aggravate your problem. Once cause is detected, solution is easy to figure out. Your body might be showing reaction towards specific foods in disguise of migraine.

Recommended Food Items

There are some food items which can be of great help in bringing down your problem of migraine. Let’s have a look at some healthy foods, and food swaps you can make.

  • Eat foods such as pears, cranberries, prunes, cherries etc.
  • Consume plenty of green and leafy vegetables either in cooked or raw form. You can have Swiss chard, spinach, carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, collards etc. in veggies.
  • Swap white rice with brown rice which is far more nutrient dense and healthy food item.

How to Proceed With Migraine Diet?

It’s not very difficult to proceed with the diet solution. You just need to eradicate all the skeptical food items from your diet regime for at least two weeks. Make sure that you don’t consume any of the forbidden items even once. After two weeks, start inculcating abandoned food items one by one in your diet regime.

After reintroducing abandoned food item, watch out the impact of food on your body. In this way, keep adding more food items in your diet one by one, while staying vigilant of their effects. Should you notice specific food item causing re-occurrence of symptoms of migraine, forbid that food item forever. In addition to that, dairy products, meats, and eggs are migraine stimulating foods. These food items cause hormonal imbalance and thus instigate migraine.

Workouts in Migraine Diet

Migraine diet coupled with workouts can fetch dramatic changes in your physiology. Daily workouts become even more relevant in context of today’s time, when people are living so much tech-oriented life that their bodies get least movement.

You can practice cardio workouts, strength training, circuit training, or any other kind of workout to provide physical movement to your body. Yoga which is a blend of body and mind can do wonders on your body. You can learn various postures of yoga and can secure healthy life for you.

Stress which is the main culprit responsible for headaches can be purged by practicing meditation. Meditate for at least fifteen minutes in a day. Meditation will provide great relaxation to your brain cells and will help you in attaining migraine free body.

Some Healthy Diet Tips for Avoiding Migraine

Should you bear some important points in your mind, you can effectively stay immune from the terrifying symptoms of migraine. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Swear by healthy lifestyle and always have your breakfast on time. Have minimum five to six meals in a day and don’t keep much gap between your meals. Hunger leads to spike in your blood sugar level, so don’t stay hungry for long.
  • Don’t torture your body and eat something after strenuous exercises because your body needs calories to spark off recovery process.
  • Include vitamins such as vitamin C, B5 and E in your diet regime. Since dearth of minerals and vitamins also cause stress, inclusion of these nutrients will effectively combat against stress. Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish oil, walnuts etc. should also be parts of your diet.
  • Women suffering from migraine shall incorporate magnesium, calcium, and minerals in their diet especially at the time of menstruation. Beans, wheat germ, nuts etc. are opulent sources of magnesium.
  • Garlic is a natural herb, capable of imparting relief from headaches. You can either consume garlic juice or can eat raw garlic bulbs along-with your meals.
  • Have balanced diet and drink ample water in a day. Since migraine victims are more prone to suffer from dehydration, it’s vital for them to keep themselves hydrated properly.
  • Adhere to disciplined and organized lifestyle. Going early to bed and waking up early in the morning pep up the release of good hormones in your body, which further help you in feeling fresh and energized.

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