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The Miracle Carb Diet Plan – Melt Fats with High Fiber Diet

The Miracle Carb Diet Plan

Devised by Tanya Zuckerbrot, registered dietitian, nutrition expert, and creator of F Factor program, The Miracle Carb Diet Plan is a high fibrous diet plan, which aims to incorporate forgotten high fiber foods in the mainstream of your diet.

Apart from cutting myriad pounds from your body, the plan will revitalize your body and mind. You shall see imaginary transformation in your body and life. Without prompting you to abolish your beloved foods such as cocktail, pizza, burger etc., the plan will bring spectacular change in your life and will get you the much sought after body.

What is The Miracle Carb Diet Plan?

Miracle carb diet plan is a fabulous diet plan rich in fiber and proteins. Both the food items being credited with amazing capacity to keep you full and satisfied for several hours will effectively manage your hunger pangs.

Miracle carb diet plan insists on consumption of plenty of fiber rich foods because fibers have zero calories and they don’t get absorbed in your body. In fact, fiber soaks all the fats and calories from your body, slows down your digestion, and speeds up your metabolism. Miraculous effect of fiber is, before your body gets influenced by the harmful effects of fats and calories, fibers will soak them. No other nutrient has such phenomenal powers as fiber has.

Why The Miracle Carb Diet Plan came into Being?

According to a report presented by FDA, average consumption of fiber by men should be 38 grams, and by women, it should be 25-30 grams in a day. However, on an average, an American’s daily consumption of fiber is less than 13-15 grams in a day. While bearing this statistics in mind, Zuckerbrot came up with Miracle carb diet plan, which not only will help you in meeting the fiber goal of the day but will also assist your body in obtaining the incredible benefits of fiber.

The diet solution being classic contains 100 delicious and easy to make recipes such as carrot ginger soup, pork Pizzaiola, mixed Berry Daiquiri, Oven-“Fried” Artichoke Hearts etc. To raise your fiber intake, high fiber foods have deliberately been used as ingredients. Zuckerbrot advises her dieters to prepare meals at home rather than having them in restaurants. Besides being delicious, her low calorie recipes are healthy and nutritious also.

Types of Fibers

There are mainly two types of fibers in the foods named soluble and insoluble. While soluble fibers imbibe fats and mop their sinister effects, insoluble fats assist other foods in passing through the digestive tract. Both the fibers being credited with specific properties are vital for you.

Forbidden Foods in The Miracle Carb Diet Plan

The plan banishes high carb foods such as refined sugar, white rice, white bread, pasta etc. from your diet plan for two week. After two weeks, you can gradually include these forbidden foods in your diet plan.

Four Stages of The Miracle Carb Diet Plan

The miracle carb diet plan has been divided into four stages. While initial two stages will last for two weeks each, third stage will continue unless you attain your fitness objective. And fourth stage, which is maintenance stage will educate you how to maintain your lost weight and live a blissful life.

Stage One

In stage one; you are supposed to cut all the refined carbs from your diet plan. You still can keep three high carb foods of your choice. The main objective of this stage is to get you 35 net carbs and 35 grams of fiber in day.

Stage Two

In stage two, you can add one serving of high carb foods with each passing day. You need to take your net carb to 45 and fiber consumption to 35 grams in a day.

Stage Three

Stage three being more liberal allows you can add two servings in your diet plan with each passing day. While maintaining your fiber consumption at 35 grams in a day, you need to take your net carb consumption to 65.

Stage Four

In stage four, you need to maintain same fiber and carb consumption as you did in stage three. You will learn how to keep up with healthy eating habits and low calorie foods throughout your lifetime.

Workouts in The Miracle Carb Diet Plan

Being a fitness expert, Zuckerbrot insists on the value of workouts and recommends her dieters to practice resistance or strength training for at least one hour in a day. Resistance training will build lean muscles in your body and will burn calories. The plan supported with workouts will get you results swifter.

That being said, she advocates not doing resistance training for more than one hour. Doing so will inevitably, scorch more calories from your body but that will also make you feel hungrier. You might feel tempted to consume more foods in the wake of fueling your body, so moderation is the key here.

Benefits of The Miracle Carb Diet Plan

Miracle carb diet plan has been crafted with the sole objective of losing weight, without making your body suffer from hunger and uncontrollable cravings. Just as the name depicts, the plan will do wonders on your body and will bless you with healthier and happier body in very less duration of time. The diet program has many benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • The diet schedule will rid you from cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and increased cholesterol level.
  • The plan will cut the formation of cancer cells in your body and will stregthen your body strong to combat against cancer cells.
  • You will experience vibrant flow of energy coming from inside, boosting up your energy and confidence.

Sample Diet Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample menu plans of Miracle Carb Diet Plan.

Breakfast – Capers, one cup of green tea, low fat cream cheese, smoked salmon, onion, tomato, four high fiber crackers, one cup of spinach and mushroom

Lunch – Turkey burger stuffed with slices of potato, tomato and onions, lemon water, vegetable soup

Snacks – Crudité, French onion with vegetables, diet soda, half bowl of tuna salad, one cup raspberries

Dinner – Grilled lamb chops, tuna tartar, Sautéed mushrooms and onions, baked chicken, one cup of steamed broccoli

Desserts – Miracle carb cheesecake

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