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Miranda Kerr Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Miranda Kerr is an Australian beauty, who is also a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Her workout consists of pilates and ballet mainly. She is amazing and never ever lets her busy schedule to throw a bad impact on her healthy lifestyle. Her trainer and founder of Ballet Bodies, Andie Hecker told about Miranda’s ballet moves, which you may perform at home too as you don’t need any experience to try these moves. All you need is a little weight (2 pounds is enough) and a barre (a horizontal rod of waist height) for balancing the body weight.

Miranda Kerr Workout Routine

Her ballet-inspired workout is nice for giving shape to the shoulders. Ballet is great as you have to balance your body weight and try different moves like extending the legs, arms, butts. This gives shape to the muscles and as a result, your body. Here are some of her moves –

  1. Fondue to Arabesque [Fond-u to a-ra-BESK] – This is one of the basic ballet moves which is great for giving shape to your gluteal (at the buttock) and arms muscles. Here ‘Fondue’ means to melt. A person has to stand on one leg and the other leg extended behind at right angle to each other. The hands are moved in various harmonious positions giving creating the longest possible line from fingertips to toes. The shoulders must be held square to the line of direction. Do 32 reps of these.
  2. Arabesque Pulses [a-ra-BESK Pulses] – These are another form of arabesque exercise. Here, the basic position of the body remains same, i.e., stand on one leg and other leg to the right angle to the other. This is called arabesque move in terms of ballet. Now, move your hands up (lifting up) up above the head and simultaneously extend your leg little higher and then drop them (leg+hand) down. This will help you in getting toned legs. Do 32 reps.
  3. Inner Thigh Splits to Sous-Sous – This one is great for athletes as it works your inner thighs as you move your legs in V shape. Firstly, lie on your back on the floor. Then, split the legs apart like a V shape, followed by taking them back and pointing them. See the video for more clear picture. Do 32 reps. Sous-sous means under over.
  4. Side Lying Développé Series – Now, this one will going to work on your outer thighs (hamstring muscles) and outer butt. You need to lie on your side and then perform the passe move by stretching and extending the leg out and then return the leg back in a passe position. Finally, rotate your leg. Passe is another move performed in ballet, in which the working leg passes the supporting leg, sliding close to the knees. Do 24 reps. After that, just perform a leg rotation starting from the passe position, 32 times.
  5. Supine Grand Battements Series – In this ballet move, you will be working on your abs and arms. This one is powerful battement action which is little challenging as you require total body balance, strength, and control. Hold the weight in both the hands. Legs are crossed in a fifth position. They are switched over and over again, holding the arms at that position. So, basically cross your ankles 32 times. This one is followed by another move in which you have to keep a hold of your body arms and legs in that position itself and then lift your one leg upwards and then lower it, back to the crossed legs position. Do this 16 times on each leg.

Here’s a video description of the above 5 moves. You can have a look at each of the above-described moves to have a more vivid idea of each.

Other than ballet, she has also been practicing yoga, which she finds it very spiritual. It is great for attaining an overall balance and coordination in the body. Meditation and chanting make her reach to high energy state.

Miranda Kerr Diet Plan

Miranda Kerr Diet Plan

Miranda Kerr takes the blood type diet (also called Eat Right 4 You). This diet concept is created by Dr. Peter D’Adamo who believes that eating according to the type of blood group can help an individual digest better. Miranda says that this kind of diet is doing wonders for her and it may not have the same effect on other persons. She is strictly following this diet. She is a blood type A who eats vegetables, ocean caught fish, and a small quantity of organic range chicken. In her own words

“I also eat low-GI, high-alkaline foods, drink filtered water and eat mostly fresh produce and very little meat”

She is often found short of iron causing anemia. This is because she takes little to no meat as she is of blood type A. In order to cope this problem, she tries to feed herself with those foods which are rich in iron levels. Actually, heme iron is the one which is found in animal’s flesh and is available in great amount for absorption. Whereas the iron from vegetables and other plant related sources are in less quantity for absorption. Thus, leading to lower iron levels in a person.

Miranda says she also keeps care of her splurges and eats on the principle of 80/20. According to which, she is allowed to eat 80% good healthy food and 20% on other favorite foods, which may not be much healthy in nature.

Her face is so clear and full of life that it is almost impossible to judge her age. It does not show any signs of aging. But if your face is showing the effects of aging, then general tendency is to go for Botox or laser treatment. But such treatment can only be given by a specialist doctor, also painful, costly and temporary. Try some good anti-aging serum regularly, which removes dead cells, tightens and rejuvenates your skin.

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