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Miss Universe Title’s First Runner Up, Miss Colombia Laura González Workout and Diet Secrets for the Event

It is a fact that a well deserving and stunning woman Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters from South Africa was crowned the new Miss Universe 2017, but it is also a fact that the pageant’s first runner-up, Miss Colombia Laura González succeeded in stealing the limelight throughout the event, thanks to her poise and eloquence.

Here, you can know her workout and diet secrets that helped her look so amazing and have an enviable body for the world-renowned event!

Facing Bullying

The former star of Colombian soap opera La Cacica (2015-2016) said that she had been a victim of bullying at school for her looks as she was not the prettiest girl in her class. Sometimes, people used to make fun of her because of her weight, and at other times, due to her height.

They even made fun of her clothes and hair at times. She has now let go of that past and is currently the best version of herself.

Workout Secrets

The diva says that her workout routine focused on functional training and cardiovascular exercise. She had combined toning with cardio to get such great results. She admits that she is very muscular and thanks to the fact that she is a Latina, she has big curves. So, she has never been a fan of lifting heavy weights.

In fact, she lifted only 5-pound weights and repeated the routine. Her preferred exercises are Zumba and dance classes. She also likes jogging outside to enjoy the beauty of nature while having her headphones on.

Diet Secrets

The diet secrets of the beauty for the event are mentioned right here:


She liked having a breakfast of grilled chicken or scrambled eggs with a wheat toast.

She also liked fruit or almond milk cocktails. Her fruit cocktails usually consisted of watermelon, papaya, pineapple, cranberries, and strawberries.

Morning Snack

She liked snacking on fresh fruits like a cup of strawberries or cranberries or green apple.


Some fish or chicken with loads of cooked or raw vegetables and grains like chickpeas, lentils or beans.

Evening Snack

Almonds are a snack she enjoyed particularly.


Her dinner that was at 7 p.m. included some form of lean white meat with salad.

Worthy Diet Secret

Laura followed a low salt diet to reduce liquid retention.

Beauty Tip

The young woman says that resting and sleeping at least 8 hours every night is essential if you want to look beautiful. You must also take your makeup off before you go to bed.

Preparing for the Pageant the Right Way

Talking about preparing for the pageant, the model said that she did her homework as she did the necessary training and followed a set diet. She worked out for 2 hours every day for 6 days a week. She ensured that she ate something after every three hours and had 6 meals in a day as it helped her to stay healthy and energized.

Following a strict workout and diet routine was sacred for the hottie, and she never had any exceptions to the rules that were laid out. Her goal was not to be skinny but to have a healthy body that is fit as well.

She also says that when following the Miss Universe training, she didn’t suffer at all. Healthy lifestyle habits are a part of her life, and she will stick to them no matter what. She feels amazing when she realizes how much her health has improved since participating in the prestigious event.

Passion Matters

The talented actress believes that passion matters a lot when you are chasing a goal. She is very passionate about everything she does, and gives her best at every stage she steps on. Well, that’s not a surprise given the love she has received!

Featured Image by National Police of Colombia / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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