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Model Alexa Chung Workout Schedule & Diet Plan

Alexa Chung is a well known English model and a television artist and presenter. She is also a contributing editor for the English magazine Vogue. The model was born in English County Hampshire. She is of Chinese descent as her father is Chinese. She received her education in England and started her modeling career with the modeling agency Storm Model Management. She has starred in different music videos of groups like Holly Valence, West life, Reuben etc. She also starred in a reality show by the name Shoot Me. Alexa has got a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and has a weight of 56 kilograms. She has green eyes.

Alexa Chung has got a lean and healthy figure. She has got a healthy attitude towards food. As of now she does not exercise as much as she did when she was new to modeling.

Alexa Chung lean & healthy figure

There were rumors regarding Alexa Chung’s health. Some people said that the model has an eating disorder. Some said that she has anorexia. These rumors were denied by Alexa’s spokesperson Liz Matthews. He says that the model has a sleek and slender body and that her weight has not changed since past 4 years.

Alexa Chung’s Diet Plan

Alexa says that she loses weight when she gets stressed. Her mother is very caring and always questions her about her eating patterns. Alexa likes to have almond croissants or egg Florentine in breakfast. She has lost a lot of weight which she contributes to her very busy schedule and hard work. Alexa drinks a lot of coffee. She is a strict vegetarian and does not eat any kind of meat including red meat. She does not like the food that is served at the television studios. In the break time she likes to have cupcake and muesli. Alexa also likes green tea. The drink improves her immune system and also aids her metabolism process.

Alexa has got an ectomorph type of body physique. She has a lean and thin figure with long and skinny legs. She has surprised many with her recent weight loss. She was a bit fuller till the year 2008. She has got a hectic schedule which gives her little time to eat the food she likes. She did lots of workout when she was at the start of her modeling career, Later she reduced the workouts because of shortage of time.

It is important for all the models and actresses to follow a strict diet regimen in terms of the calorie content. This is so because more calories lead to more fat deposition in the body. The sugar that the food items contain gets directly converted to fat (around 40% of it). Therefore most of models eat little or no sugar. Since the models conduct daily workouts and exercises, there body requires lots of proteins for the muscle building process. Because Alexa Chung is vegetarian, she might be depending on milk and other vegetarian sources of proteins. Green leafy vegetables are an ideal source of vitamins and minerals. They also have high fiber content. They can provide all the essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B etc. to Chung. Fruits and vegetables are another source of nutrients for vegetarians. They also have omega 3 fatty acids which delay the cell ageing process. Vegetarians are known to have lean bodies. Therefore Alexa’s skinny and lean figure can be attributed to her eating habits.


Because of the hectic schedule Alexa is not able to do many exercises and workouts these days. In earlier times she had undergone lots of workouts. The workouts of models like Alexa Chung include cardiovascular exercises, running, sprinting, stair running, Pilates, and other exercises. These exercises are aimed at reducing the fat content of body and working of the joints like shoulders, knee, wrists etc. They also improve the stamina and cardio vascular strength. The workout differs on each day of the week so that exercises do not get monotonous and all the body parts get worked and exercised.

Alexa Chung has lost a lot of weight since 2008 and has also maintained her lean figure by doing hard work and by following the right diet plan. Her being vegetarian has also helped her in this regard.

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