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Morning Banana Diet Plan – Rapid Weight Loss Plan

Morning Banana Diet Plan

Discovered by Sumiko Watanabe, pharmacist and her husband Hitoshi WatanabeMorning Banana Diet plan is one of the most popular fad diet plans prevalent in Japan. Mr. Watanabe himself lost massive thirty pounds by using the weight loss plan.

Sale of bananas in Japan dramatically soared up for short period of time, after renowned opera singer Kumiko Mori shed fifteen pounds with the help of diet plan. The Morning Banana diet plan is very flexible and you can modify it according to your requirements and preferences.

How Does Morning Banana Diet Plan Works?

Morning Banana Diet Plan is very simple and convenient to follow. You neither have to limit your loved foods nor do you have to count the number of calories. All you have to do is, start your day with bananas and warm water.

The diet plan allows you to consume as many bananas as you want. After making a healthy beginning of the day with bananas, you can have anything you want in your lunch and dinner. That being said, should you want to melt weight, instead of having high calorie foods such as pizza, burger etc., eat low calorie and highly nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables.

If you are longing to consume something sweet, you can have that in afternoon snacks only, not after that. The only thing you have to be very careful is, you have to have your dinner before 8 PM. And you are not permitted to eat anything after your dinner, even desserts such as ice creams, alcohol, dairy products etc. are not permitted after dinner.

Workouts in Morning Banana Diet Plan

Though Morning Banana Diet Plan doesn’t put emphasis on workouts but should you want to continue your workouts along-with diet plan, you certainly can do that. You just have to be wary that you don’t practice strenuous workout putting undue strain on your body.

Timing of Meal and Relaxation

The diet plan deems timing of the meals very important because your intestine shall be able to get adequate rest to function properly. Should you comprehend your body science and follow your diet according to the recommendations given by diet plan, you will be able to speed up your metabolism and shed weight rapidly.

Stress eating is one of the main reasons responsible for weight gain. When you feel stressed, you tend to consume anything and everything which comes in front of you, most of which is usually unhealthy. If you want to control your weight, you have to beat your stress.

The diet plan contends, whenever you feel depressed; engage you in the activities, which are capable to diert your attention. Since every person’s tastes and interests are different, try to figure out what works best for you. You can cheer your mood by watching TV, listening to music, dancing, cooking, or anything else.

Why Early Rising is so Important?

Morning banana diet plan has put great emphasis on early rising. Reason being, when you get up early in the morning, you don’t have to struggle finding time for your routine activities. And if you are looking forward to losing weight then going early to bed itself is effective in shedding weight.

Going early to bed and rising up early in the morning will not only save myriad hours of your day, but will also make you feel refreshing and energized. It’s a scientifically proven fact that rising up early keeps you healthy and agile.

Why Bananas Have Been Chosen in the Diet Plan?

Since banana has been considered the main fruit of the diet plan, the whole plan seems to revolve around bananas, which is also evident from its name. Bananas inevitably are opulent in potassium and many other essential nutrients.

Their fiber and water content being very high render them amazing capability to keep you contented for longer duration. High fiber property of banana enables them to absorb numerous calories before passing to the digestive tract.

Besides that, special enzymes in bananas strip off several pounds from your body and bring you in perfect shape. Bananas also have resistant starch, which not only keeps you contented for longer but also assists your body in burning fats.

Beverages in Morning Banana Diet Plan

Morning Banana diet plan insists on drinking plenty of fresh and natural water. Wonderful properties of water shall keep you hydrated and remove harmful toxins from your body. Since the diet plan is not restrictive, no pressure has been maintained by the diet program to drink particular amount of water. Drink water whenever your lips go dry.

Since excess of everything is bad, the diet program has considered excess of water intake also bad for your body and health. Apart from water, you can also have one cup of tea and coffee once in a day. Though alcohols and wines are strictly prohibited in the diet plan but you still can have them in occasional social gatherings.

Drawbacks of Morning Banana Diet Plan

Morning banana diet plan is not very much approved by nutritionists and dietitian. They contend, banana being eaten alone is not capable of shedding weight. The diet plan has many drawbacks, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • There are no proper guidelines and directions given by the plan. The diet solution asks you to consume bananas in the morning, after that, you can have anything you want in your lunch and dinner. There are fair chances of you feeling direction less and thus consuming unwholesome foods while going along with the plan.
  • Since bananas are stickier than other fruits, sugar in them tends to stick to your teeth. You shall take great care of your teeth by brushing them properly; otherwise you are very likely to get cavities in your teeth while following the diet plan.
  • You might shed weight temporarily but as soon as you will revert to your old eating habits, you are very likely to regain your lost weight. Moreover, the diet plan doesn’t provide you healthy choice of food items.
  • Since the plan has kept workouts out of it, your chances of attaining healthy body without workouts are rare.
  • There is nothing extraordinary in the diet plan. Bananas being low in calories are healthy if you include them in your breakfast. However, you will start feeling hungry after very short period of time.

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