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Naomi Watts Workout, Exercise, Diet Tips

Naomi Watts, a British born Australian celebrity started her career with commercials and television series such as “Brides of Christ”, “Hey Dad” and “Home and Away”. Besides all these, this actress appeared in the movie for the very first time in the year 1986. After few years, Naomi Watts performed as the supporting actress in “Coming of Age” and as well as acted in a horror movie “Children of the Corn-IV” in the year 1996. From the very beginning until now, this actress has been known as well as appreciated for her fit body and dynamic looks. The best thing about Watts is that she does not lay much emphasis on her workout and diet plans. This gorgeous Australian celebrity also played the character of Princess Diana in her 2013 movie “Diana”.

Naomi Watts Fitness Secrets

Diet plan of Naomi Watts is a famous precinct that intends to balance hormones by consuming meals prepared at home. In general, this actress tries to maintain her meals in distinct ratio including 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats, and 30% proteins. Barry Sears (best known as the creator of Zone diet), a popular dietitian prepared this diet plan to ensure that foods that she consumes can control the production of insulin in the body. Each meal and snack taken by Naomi includes mono-unsaturated fats, protein as well as carbs. For the entire day, this celebrity consumes 500 calories from meals and 100 calories from her snacks. Her diet plan comprises fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and sufficient protein with eight glasses of water every day. In addition to this, Naomi Watts does not believe in eating processed meals and foods containing excessive salt.

Naomi Watts fitness
Naomi Watts great fitness

Naomi Watts Workout Plan

For her exercise routine, Naomi Watts solely depends on Daniel Loigerot, a personal trainer as well as a certified Pilates instructor. Pilates is actually a workout system that focuses on postural muscles, abdominal muscles and nearest spine of a person. By exploiting this exercise, you can control core through the integration of pelvis, shoulder girdle and trunk. In addition to this, Pilates is specially designed to proffer education on proper breathing, strengthening of torso muscles as well as the alignment of the spine.

Ageing Gracefully

With a year passing on, this actress is still in a decisive part of her youth-obsessed industry. According to Naomi Watts, getting older avails you with great things and makes you feel relaxed. This is because you have prevailed over hard times and endeavored to give your best.

Emerging as an Icon

No role can be more iconic for Naomi Watts other than her upcoming role of Princess Diana. Naomi Watts loves to take a risk and perform distinct characters to prove her worth. Naomi Watts is greatly involved in generous activities and is also an ambassador for Beautiful Lengths shampoo by Pantene.

Post-Pregnancy Workout

Naomi Watts was tagged along Pilates during her pregnancy and continued to follow the exercise to trim down her weight. To reduce her pregnancy weight, this actress also hired a personal trainer and worked hard to reach to success. This 45-year-old Australian actress has almost maintained her pre-pregnancy figure after delivering her second baby. Naomi Watts believes that breastfeeding burns a significant amount of calories and can be the leading approach to reduce the weight.

Gym Routine

Watts started her gym training by visiting the gym at least four times in a week. Personal trainer of Naomi also works with this actress to strengthen her muscles by making improvements in reps during weights training. To lose weight after her delivery, Naomi Watts hired Daniel and since then she has been continuously working under his supervision. To get her waist thinner, actress as per the recommendation of a trainer, accentuated her shoulders to create V-shape. This further helped her trim down thighs and shave off extra fat from her butt and knees. To bring more prolific outcome, this Hollywood star eats leafy-green vegetable and lean proteins. As such, she does not have any specific details of diet and does not believe in following any diet plan.

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