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Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review

Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review

Exercising is not an optional thing anymore, it is mandatory. If you don’t exercise regularly, you will lose your stamina to work and will start suffering from chronic diseases like heart problems and diabetes. Our life has become fast-paced. We have to work, manage our family, and deal with different problems simultaneously. Our body is like a machine. If you don’t maintain it properly, it won’t work anymore. So, exercising is like refueling your body to keep going. Exercise not only keeps your body healthy but keeps your mind fresh too. You will be able to relieve stress and be happy if you exercise regularly.

Though you will now see gyms everywhere, many people can’t manage the time to go to the gym. The gym membership fees are also expensive for which many people can’t afford it. Buying a treadmill can be a smart decision. Once you buy a treadmill, you don’t have to go to a gym. You will be able to work out at home at your convenient time. The treadmill manufacturers have improved the features of the treadmill over the years to make the user experience more comfortable and fun. Among the various treadmills available in the market, the Nautilus T614 Treadmill is one of the best treadmills you can buy. Here, we are going to review this product in detail.


It is the entry-level treadmill model that is inspired by the Nautilus fitness club line for residential use. With a simplified design, it resembles many upper-grade commercial treadmills. It has DualTrack LCD multi-display console that lets you track your exercise goals. It has StrikeZone cushioning system which allows you to run smoothly. It has a 2.75 CHP motor that is more powerful than some of the similar treadmills you will find in the market. The motor is reliable and offers great performance and high responsiveness for the user. With a single touch, you will be able to change the speed and incline of the deck. You can incline the deck up to 12%.

There are 22 programs available for weight control, interval training, heart health, and custom workouts. It has SoftDrop folding system that makes it easy to fold the treadmill and store in a proper place. It also has a unique Space Saver design that lets you fold the machine vertically to make the best use of your space. It has 2.5’’ front rollers that help the belt to flow smoothly. The 4 hex cell design lowers the impact on the belt and so it increases the lifespan of the machine.

There is a backlit blue LCD screen to help you read the different information on display clearly. There is a 3-speed cooling fan which will keep you cool during intense workouts. There is an MP3 port which will help you to listen to music using the built-in speakers. Contact sensors and telemetry chest strap are available for measuring your heart rate. There is also a media shelf for keeping your tablet, in case you want to watch a movie while running.

Build Quality

It is made of solid steel construction and can support up to 300 pounds of weight. This treadmill is operated with 2.75 CHP motor which is more powerful than treadmills that have 2.5 CHP. So, it has a more responsive belt speed and steeper inclines, making it perfect for interval training. The motor is noiseless and you can enjoy your exercises while listening to music or watching a movie without disturbing others. The 2.5-inch crown rollers provide a consistent and smooth workout. The StrikeZone cushioning on the running surface can absorb maximum impact from your strides so that it doesn’t hurt your joints or muscles and you can also recover from workout fast. It has a safety key and tether cord so that you can connect an item of your clothing to the console. In case you move too fast or tend to fall, this would come off and the belt will come to a stop, thus protecting you from any injury.


This treadmill has dimensions 57.6’’ by 35.2’’ by 72.2’’. It weighs 200 lbs and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The running path has dimensions 20″ W x 55″ L. It can be folded vertically without much effort and stored in any corner of the room without taking up much space.


It has the StrikeZone cushioning system that reduces the impact of your footfall and so protects your joints. You will have a comfortable experience without hurting your muscles or joints. You will also be able to recover from the workouts fast.


In the past, when treadmills were first introduced in the market it was only possible to see the results of your exercises on the screen. But there was no way to measure your progress. Now, with technological improvement, it is now possible to sync the workout data to a USB device. With the Nautilus T614 Treadmill, you will be able to upload it to NautilusConnect. Using the historical performance data you will be able to find out how many calories you have burned or what distance you can run in 30 minutes and other important information.

You can set your goals in this treadmill and track your performance as well. Not only that, you will be able to discover actionable insights into the results. This treadmill has the Goal Track Achievement Lights feature. One of the lights will illuminate once you set a new record for the distance achieved or duration during a workout. So, you are actually getting an instant result for your performance. This is very motivating and it will encourage you to set more new workout records.

You will be able to do interval training with this treadmill in order to lose weight fast. The different pre-set programs will help to improve your endurance. You will be able to store 4 user profiles in this treadmill, which means your family members will also be able to keep track of their progress by running on this treadmill.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill


You will find this treadmill under $1,000. At this price range, this treadmill offers some amazing features that you will not find in any other treadmill.


  • You will be able to adjust the speed and incline of the treadmill with a single touch. The speed can be adjusted between 0–12 MPH and the incline between 0–12%.
  • It has a high-resolution backlit LCD monitor for displaying important information clearly.
  • It has SoftDropTM folding system so that you can easily fold and unfold the machine.
  • It has StrikeZone cushioning system with 4 hex cell design that will give you a comfortable running experience.
  • The 2.5’’ crowned rollers allow you to work out smoothly and quietly.
  • There is a 3-speed cooling fan that will prevent exhaustion and help you to run more distance. It also prevents the treadmill from getting overheated.
  • There are 22 pre-set workouts that will automatically adjust the treadmill to the desired speed and incline.
  • It has a USB port for charging and exporting data to NautilusConnec.com or myfitnesspal.com.
  • You get 10 years warranty for the frame and motor, 2 years warranty for the part and 1-year warranty for the labor.


  • You need to hold the touch sensors that are built into the handles while running in order to record your heartbeat and this can be inconvenient. You can buy a Bluetooth chest strap but it will cost you extra money.
  • The display looks somewhat crowded.
  • The fan is not very powerful.

Final Verdict

You will get most of the features of a $5,000 treadmill in this treadmill. So, if you want a high-quality machine which is economical, then you should buy this treadmill. This treadmill has lots of features to make your exercise sessions both effective and fun. You will be able to change the speed and incline settings for intensity training. You can make use of the 22 pre-set workout programs to make the most out of this treadmill. You will be able to set fitness goals and keep track of your progress as well. With the option to save 4 user profiles, your family members can also enjoy exercising on this treadmill. At this price range, this treadmill is highly recommended.

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