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NeNe Leakes Diet Plan: How She’s Dealing With a Cleanse Diet

Nene Leakes at NBC, Universal's 72nd Annual Golden Globes After Party
NeNe Leakes at NBC, Universal’s 72nd Annual Golden Globes After Party

There are only a few celebrities who are honest about the challenges they face in order to stay fit. TV star, NeNe Leakes recently added herself to that list when she spilled beans on how she is trying very hard to remain fit by cleansing her body internally. What’s more? The actress revealed that the road is not as easy as it seems because she has to face many challenges on her path of fitness. Read on to know all about her latest fitness journey.

Not a Workout Freak

As reported by EOnline, the producer is using the method of body cleanse as a fitness technique as she is not too fond of spending hours at the gym and also intense workouts.

NeNe Leakes showing her workout move
NeNe Leakes showing her workout move

It’s Working

The TV personality has acknowledged that the cleanse diet is really working for her. She said that she has already lost a few pounds.

Nerves are a Part of the Package

The celebrity has also admitted that the cleansing process is making her a bit nervous as she has to give up alcohol for a 30 day period and is not even allowed to have a sip of any alcoholic drink.

Compensating by Tricks

NeNe is compensating the lack of alcohol by eating her favorite dishes at restaurants. She also uses tricks like drinking clear water or even a Red Bull in a wine glass to have an illusion that she is drinking wine.

Nene Leakes with a drink
NeNe Leakes with a drink

Diet Restrictions

Though Leakes is indulging in her favorite dishes to fill up the hole left by craving and not having alcohol, she is not reckless with her diet. The fashion designer is staying away from all types of breads to stay healthy.

Diet Routine

The talented TV actress is also taking caution in eating healthy meals. By her own admission, she is relying heavily on meats and vegetables as they help her to stay fit and active.

Feeling Good

Leakes has also confessed that she is feeling pretty good with her diet plan.

Nene Leakes has walked the runway for Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief
NeNe Leakes has walked the runway for Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief

Measuring the Progress

The author has a unique way of measuring her progress. She measures her lost weight by her clothes. If her clothes are getting loose, it’s a great sign of progress for her. See some interesting ways to measure your weight loss at FitDay.com.

Not Fond of Breakfast

The Atlanta native has stated that she is not fond of having a real breakfast. She also realizes that it’s not a healthy way but that’s the way, she has built.

Forgetting To Eat

When asked about whether she likes to have a light meal every few hours, NeNe said that she doesn’t follow that either. She usually forgets to eat while she is working and only gets interested in having a meal in the late afternoons. She has a proper meal at 3 or 4 pm almost every day.

Small Portion Eater

Even when Leakes gets to the eating part, she does not like to stuff her mouth. She takes portions of most dishes and contents herself with that. And, the fact is that the TV diva, not at all, feels dissatisfied by portion based diet. Rather, she is quite happy with it because it allows her to keep away from feeling too full, which is not a good feeling for her.

NeNe Leakes during Universal, NBC, Focus Features and E! Entertainment's 2015 Golden Globe Awards After Party
NeNe Leakes during Universal, NBC, Focus Features and E! Entertainment’s 2015 Golden Globe Awards After Party

Her Opinion on her Body Shape

NeNe likes her body shape and understands the fact that people often consider her to be “Big.” She has revealed that sometimes she has to make people understand that she is curvy but not as big as many people have had disillusions about her body shape and considered her “Big.”

Now, if you are curious about the cleansing diet and its results then you can check out Health.com as they have pretty solid cleanse program that may help you shed off some weight like NeNe. Good Luck.

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