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Nicole Nyte Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Nicole Nyte Quick Info
Height 6 ft 3 in
Weight 89 kg
Date of Birth November 17, 1989
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Eye Color Hazel

Nicole Nyte is an American social media star, streamer, and musician who is best known for the gaming, vlog, and collaboration videos that she uploads to her YouTube channel titled Nicole Nyte (formerly Nickatnyte). She also has a secondary channel titled nickatnyte2 to which she also uploads video game stream content. Her primary YouTube channel includes gaming videos of popular multiplayer strategy games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes, and Battle Royale. Her videos showcase insights on gaming characters, tournaments, building strategies, as well as handy tips and tricks for newbie and veteran gamers. Whereas, her secondary channel includes gaming stream videos on RPG and FPS games like Fortnite, Brawl Stars, Destiny 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, and the Call of Duty series. Besides gaming, she is also a founding member of the band Borderline Disaster. Nicole Nyte has also amassed a huge fan base with more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube, more than 100k followers on Twitch, more than 300k followers on Twitter, 80k plus followers on Facebook, and more than 110k followers on Instagram.

Born Name

Nicholas Neri

Nick Name

Nyte, Nickatnyte, Nicole, Nic, Nicki

Nicole Nyte
Nicole Nyte in a still from a YouTube video uploaded in August 2022 (Nicole Nyte / YouTube)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Illinois, United States


Illinois, United States




Nicole studied at a public grade school and then changed to a private high school. Later, she transferred from 4 schools across America to attain a certification in audio engineering.


Social Media Star


  • Mother – Deborah Neri
  • Siblings – Amanda Neri (Younger Sister), Alexandra Neri (Younger Sister), Chris Neri (Younger Brother)


Nicole self-manages her career.


Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock


Audio Device






6 ft 3 in or 190.5 cm


89 kg or 196 lbs

Girlfriend / Boyfriend / Spouse

Nicole Nyte has dated –

  1. KellyP – Social media star KellyP and Nickatnyte met one another through mutual friends at a bar in Arizona, California, where she worked as a bartender. Kelly thought long and hard about giving Nic (or Nicole) a chance to take her on a date. However, in the end, KellyP did give Nic (or Nicole) a shot and it all worked out fine. Kelly is two years younger than Nic and she also attended the same high school that Nic had studied at. Though the couple had shared no definite timeline or information on when they met, the pictures that Nic (or Nicole) has uploaded to her Instagram account with her date all the way back to September 2014. However what they did make official was that in June 2017, the duo finally tied the knot and in January 2018, during a Q&A, Nicole Nyte also mentioned that she and Kelly were looking forward to making the big decision of having kids. Later in 2022, it was revealed by Nicole that they had separated and divorced. The separation was amicable.
Nickatnyte as seen in a picture with his beau KellyP in February 2015 on Valentines Day
Nicole Nyte as seen in a picture with his former beau KellyP in February 2015 on Valentines Day (Nickatnyte / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


She has Italian ancestry.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


She is transgender (born male converted to female).

Distinctive Features

  • Short hairstyle
  • Grins when she smiles
  • Thick eyebrows

Brand Endorsements

Nicole Nyte has done endorsement work for several brands such as –

  • G Fuel
  • Astra
  • Vain Glory
  • Soylent
  • ZICO Coconut Water
  • Finalmouse
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Logitech G
  • Beyerdynamic
  • Mvmt
  • Supercell Games
Nickatnyte as seen in a picture taken in August 2015
Nicole Nyte as seen in a picture taken in August 2015 (Nickatnyte / Instagram)


Nicole was raised Catholic but she considers herself more of an agnostic person.

Best Known For

  • Uploading gaming videos of popular multiplayer strategy games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes, and Battle Royale to her primary YouTube channel titled Nickatnyte
  • Collaborating with several other popular gamers like Molt and Chief Pat
  • Uploading several gaming stream videos of RPG and FPS games like Fortnite, Brawl Stars, Destiny 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, and the Call of Duty series to her secondary channel titled nickatnyte2

First Album

Nicole Nyte contributed her skills to the release of Borderline Disaster‘s first album titled Accidentally Honest on April 7, 2011. It consisted of a total of 10 tracks like Carbon BerellumYou & You, We RiseParty Up!, Never Let Go, Thief & the Knight, Tearing the Roof, Blind, including a title track.

Personal Trainer

She does go to the gym where she focuses on weight and strength training. As of 2018, she was also concentrating on doing yoga and pilates.

Nicole Nyte Favorite Things

  • Food – Sushi, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican
  • Color – Green
  • Clash Royale Deck – Three Musketeers

SourceYouTube, YouTube

Nickatnyte as seen in a picture with his wife KellyP taken in Michigan in July 2015
Nicole Nyte (Left) as seen in a picture with her ex-wife KellyP taken in Michigan in July 2015 (Nickatnyte / Instagram)

Nicole Nyte Facts

  1. Nicole was previously called Nickatnyte before coming out as bisexual.
  2. She is the oldest of 4 siblings.
  3. Nicole spent her younger days between Chicago, Nothern California and Phoenix, Arizona.
  4. Nicole is very fond of her dogs – Goose and Zero. She also often uploaded pictures of them to Instagram.
  5. She had suffered from pneumonia twice when she was younger.
  6. Her hobbies are hockey and skating.
  7. Nicole partially considers a hotdog to be a sandwich.
  8. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and taking her dog for a walk.
  9. She did an internship at R. Kelly‘s studio in Chicago. At the same time, she was working late night shifts at an Apple Store.
  10. Nicole describes herself as an emotionally introverted kind of person.
  11. In the past, she attended culinary school. She also enjoys cooking and eating Italian, Indian, Chinese, and Thai dishes.
  12. In May 2014, Nicole started her second channel titled nickatnyte2.
  13. As of January 2018, her top 3 picks of games were Craft Away, Clash Royale, and Arena of Valor.
  14. The first game that she enjoyed playing was Clash of Clans.
  15. Boom Beach was one of the games that helped her launch her YouTube channel.
  16. Her biggest fears growing up were of heights and deep or open water.
  17. The first gaming device she had was Nintendo‘s Game Boy Pocket. Later, she got herself the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, then a Dreamcast. Then, she switched to Game Boy Color and bought herself a Play Station 2. However, after she completed college, Nicole finally settled with the Xbox 360.
  18. Prior to starting her hit YouTube channel in December 2013, Nicole had picked up several odd jobs along the way, working as a salesman, bartending, and she even worked as a Chinese food delivery agent.
  19. She loves eating spicy food as she enjoys the tingling sensation it has to it.
  20. Nicole has collaborated with several popular YouTubers like Molt and Chief Pat.
  21. She and her friend Russell are both founding members of the gaming music collab band, Borderline Disaster. Together, they have released several albums and EPs like The Barracks (2015), Like a Mouse Caught Between the Crosshairs, Till Death Do Us Part (2012), When Will This End – Zombies (2011), and We Followed the Giant (2010).
  22. In April 2022, Nicole started her transition from male to female. She had announced about her ‘coming out’ on her social media channels like YouTube and Instagram.
  23. She prefers she/they pronouns.
  24. Nicole prefers to be called Nic or Nicki or Nicole or even Nyte.
  25. Since 18 or 19, she knew that she was bisexual. But, she revealed it later in 2022 at the age of 32.

Featured Image By Nickatnyte / Instagram

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