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Nicole Richie Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Nicole Richie workout routine and diet plan

5 ft 1 in, sparkling eyes, radiant look, Nicole Richie is an American actress, fashion designer, author, and TV personality. Having earned fame from the TV reality show, The Simple Life, the gorgeous star was lately starred on Fashion Star. Married to Joel Madden since December 2010, the stunner is the mommy of two kids.

Nicole has been through a wide fluctuation in weight in 2006. She was doubted to be the victim of eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia. However, the bombshell ruled out of being a victim of any such disease. She shared of having consulted a doctor too for the same, but the doctor confirmed that she was absolutely fine. However, the present sculpted and hot body shape of Nicole might make any woman envy her. Her healthy and slender sylphlike figure depicts that she finally has comprehended the value of diet along with workouts.

Nicole Richie Diet Plan

After considering foods as her foes for a long time, the kick-ass beauty has finally succumbed to healthy and nutritious foods. Shedding weight is possible with depriving diet programs, but you seldom can ensure optimum health by being on any creepy diet plan. She shares, her hubby inspired her to submit to nutrient-packed foods, and now she religiously eats wholesome foods such as grilled chicken, brown rice, green veggies, fruits, etc.

She also bows down to juicing diet plans at times to detoxify her body and mind. There was also a time when she followed six juice diets, allowing the dieter to have six different juices in a day. The diet program permitting the consumption of mere 1200 calories in a day is not creditworthy to be followed. Since portion control enables you to cherish your adored foods in moderation, the celebrated star feels enamored by the idea of portion control.

She points up the consumption of foods having opulent content of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, etc. And being a great cook helps Nicole in cooking nutrient-loaded and healthy meals for her and her family. Having learned healthy eating habits, instead of staying away from all kinds of foods, she particularly forbids junk and processed foods. These foods are actual sinister foods, which not only pile up shabby fats over your body but also make it host of severe diseases.

Nicole Richie Workout Routine

Nicole Richie walking with her dog Iro
Nicole Richie walking with her dog Iro

No matter what kind of diet plan she followed in the past, she was always regular in her workouts. The radiant beauty sticks to various workouts. Being a passionate dancer, she dedicatedly has been abiding by the Tracy Anderson method. Although initially, she felt she wouldn’t be able to dance persistently for one and half hours, however, the dance class enthralled her so much that now, she feels tempted to be there for unlimited hours.

She hits the dance class four times a week. Past her tough and grueling dance session, she re-hydrates her body with lemon juice. The radiant star adores running and runs for one hour on the treadmill or elliptical. In addition to that, she practices weightlifting with light weights. She has gotten the fact that more the number of muscles her body would have, faster the fat burning process will be in her body.

Healthy Recommendation For Nicole Richie Fan

Celebs indeed have the privilege of being directed by their personal trainers, who make the weight loss process flawless for them. That being said, you don’t have to get disappointed. You too can acquire the same gratifying results by being your own personal trainer. To be your own personal trainer, first of all, work out your fitness objective and decide the time frame in which you seek to attain your goal. Make sure that the objective made by you is realistic.

Once that is done, download your favorite exercises, which you think you can easily do. Now, write down your fitness regime of the week in a diary and accordingly perform your workouts. Make changes, if you don’t feel comfortable with any particular exercise. Alter your workouts every three or four weeks. And don’t worry about time, you can schedule your fitness regime while spending mere half an hour concentrated on your health and well-being. Should you religiously abide by the above-mentioned directions, without requiring having a personal trainer, you can afford to have a celeb like enviable figure.

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