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Nicole Scherzinger’s Trainer Svava Sigbertsdottir Shares Amazing Workout, Diet and Fitness Tips

Won’t it be amazing if the person who trains celebs like Nicole Scherzinger and Amanda Holden would share some fitness tips with you? It has happened, the renowned celebrity trainer and the creator of the famous Viking Method, Svava Sigbertsdottir has shared her thoughts on everything from explaining the Viking method to sharing some useful insights on workouts, diet, celebrity fitness ideas and fitness advice for beginners. All her wonderful tips and tricks are mentioned over here.

Svava Sigbertsdottir wearing sports bra
Svava Sigbertsdottir wearing sports bra

Viking Method Explained

The Viking method is quite a popular method of exercising. In simple words, it is a functional training method that makes use of specific exercises that are paired and timed in a definite way. It forces a person to utilize more oxygen and energy as well as fire up more muscle fibers. Such name of the method was decided because Svava is from Iceland and is a Viking, reports Vancouver Sun. She also adds that it was so named because of what it represents, psychologically and physically. It represents that a person trains for what he is and what he can do.

Why was the Viking Method created?

The motivation behind creating the Viking method was to help people feel good about themselves by realizing that they are a real force to be reckoned with. The online training was started so that more and more people can try this method. The aim of the Viking method is to help people get access to high-quality training, detailed nutritional plans, motivation, and knowledge without spending a lot of dollars to hire a personal trainer.

Svava Sigbertsdottir with the boxing bag
Svava Sigbertsdottir with the boxing bag

Workout Trends

The fitness expert thinks that high-intensity functional training and resistance training are the biggest workout trends. These are highly beneficial as the focus of these trends is on performance rather than looks. These trends are right for everyone as they boost your overall fitness levels, offer you mental contentment and give you a toned and lean physique.

Workout Outfit Preference

The BioSynergy Ambassador believes that wearing the right workout gear is essential. If you like the training gear, it would motivate you to hit the gym. If you like yourself in the gym wear even when you have just finished a workout session and you are all sweaty, it would help you to push yourself further. You will feel motivated to push yourself hard so that you can look even better in the workout gear. It would also motivate you to keep hitting the gym on a regular basis.

When the fitness guru shops for workout gear, she opts for a bra that can hold her in, bottoms that have a high and thick waist so they don’t get loose and shoes that are lightweight and support her from both sides.

Workout Gear on a Budget

If you have limited funds to buy a workout dress, you can use shops like Marshalls that offer great gear without being expensive. It would be smart to buy several workout dresses so that you feel like mixing them up and the charm of trying them all keeps you heading for the gym.

Svava Sigbertsdottir workout with a dumbbell
Svava Sigbertsdottir workout with a dumbbell

Sports Shoes are Vital

Sports shoes are definitely a great option because they offer support and help you perform better. Opt for shoes that are really comfortable and yet sturdy because you will wear them every day.

Outdoor Workouts Are a Must

If you are a fan of outdoor workouts, the London-based trainer suggests that you stick to it. In contrast, if you have not tried outdoor workouts yet, it would be a smart idea to try a park or garden near your home. You don’t even need a lot of equipment, just a pair of dumbbells would help you have a great outdoor workout.

When trying outdoor exercises, you can give a shot to the Odin’s Madness challenge which is a part of the Viking Method. In this method, you must do 20 planks with forward reach, 30 burpees, 50 press-ups, and 60 squats. You can record the time it takes you to do the entire challenge and try to reduce the time limit every week.

Svava Sigbertsdottir stretching her body
Svava Sigbertsdottir stretching her body

Advice for Runners

People who like to run must go outside as it will give you immense physical and mental benefits. It would also be good to use everything that’s in your way like lamp posts to do interval running. Keep a normal speed for 90 seconds and then you must sprint for two lamp posts. The next step is to walk past two lampposts and then repeat the entire thing. You must remember that it’s far better to do sprints by distance and not time.

What to do when you don’t feel like Working Out?

When you don’t feel like working out, you should try it at least once. But if you reach the gym and still don’t feel like exercising there, it’s okay to back out. You should not sweat over it. You should remember not to make it a bad habit. If you don’t feel like working out twice in a week, you need to force yourself to do it. You must also remember that being a bit cruel on yourself in the beginning may be a necessity. You can compensate for it by taking a break once in a while and enjoying pizza while watching movies, the fitness maniac shared with The Star.

Diet Advice

The proud title holder of Personal Trainer level 3 has also shared some cool diet advice. She wants you to include loads of protein, fat, vegetables, seeds and nuts in your diet. You must have carbs only after you train.

She also advises that you can have a cheat meal once every week given you hit the gym hard that day before you indulge so that you can earn it. She prefers to indulge at a stuffed pizza with a cheese crust, some garlic bread, and a beer every Friday.

How do Celebrities Stay Fit?

The great looking trainer has also spilled on how do celebrities stay fit. She says that they are good at what they eat and how they train. They are disciplined too. They watch their food and train at least four to five times every week.

Svava Sigbertsdottir punching
Svava Sigbertsdottir punching

Fitness Goal

Sigbertsdottir recently got a lot of limelight when she protested against the before and after photo trend that is famous on social media. She spoke against it and stated that every person’s fitness goal should be to impress themselves, not other people, reports Net Doctor.

Fitness Advice for Newbies

If you are a newbie, then you must not run after quick results, advises the talented trainer. You must always remember that results come only after you have worked hard, felt uncomfortable and kept going when you didn’t want to. You should also remember not to analyze your journey in one or two weeks. Give it time and remember that you are still new to this.

Keep Challenging Yourself

The Hummel Athlete believes that every person should keep challenging himself or herself, no matter what their fitness level is. Take on a new challenge or set a new goal every time you workout as it will keep making you healthier. You should also try to take up a challenge which is short and fun so that you can achieve it and feel happy in a short while. She is currently trying to do a handstand because she has never done it before. You should also take up a fitness challenge related to something, you have never done before as achieving a goal will always help you feel great and keep going for more.

If you have liked the ideas shared by the Head Viking, you must remember to follow her on Twitter.

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