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Nigella Lawson Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Nigella Lawson is not just another celebrity chef. She is a fantastic person with a knack to create amazing recipes in a jiffy. She believes that cooking should soothe rather than distress a person, so her focus is on creating meals that are easy and yet healthy.


Here you can know how cooking helps her stay fit, her workout routine, diet secrets and the foods she likes to indulge in. Keep scrolling and enjoy!

Nigella Lawson 2017 Workout and Diet Plan

Workout Routine

The TV chef recently shared that she does yoga for at least three times every week. Her favorite form is known as Iyengar. It’s a slower form that yields excellent results. She says she picked yoga as a preferred exercise option because she wanted to do something she enjoys. If she could have picked something she doesn’t like, chances are she might not have done it at all. She is a big fan of stretching and thinks it’s essential for her because she is getting older day by day. Even when she can’t squeeze in a yoga session, she does lots of stretching.

Diet Secrets

The food writer says that there is an elusive balance between delicious food and eating healthy. In her opinion, these two don’t need to be mutually exclusive. She doesn’t have time for any low fat or low-calorie foods. She says that you should try to eat in a balanced manner and avoid demonizing some foods and venerate others.

Her biggest diet secret is to follow a French saying ‘moderation in all things including moderation.’ She prefers eating less of the foods she likes rather than eating foods she doesn’t like at all.

Diet Indulgence

The TV personality is a big fan of traditional foods. She likes indulging in foods like Roast chicken, pie and a bit of chocolate.

No Deprivation

In her opinion, people who deny themselves any food, especially the foods they love, they develop obsessive cravings. She has a few girlfriends who prefer to be on permanent diets, but when they enter her kitchen, they help themselves to ice cream and cookies. This is the proof of the fact that deprivation can lead to binging.

Cooking to De-Stress

The broadcaster admits that cooking helps to de-stress her and she finds joy when she is preparing a meal. She also prefers home cooking because it’s not about technique, but it’s about flavor.

Cooking for Coping

Nigella also confesses to using food to make her feel good. In 2013, she was pictured getting choked at the hands of her partner at a restaurant. After that incident, she went through a tough phase and used food to cope up. She says that food can connect her to the world and make her feel grounded.

She also believes that manual labor tasks such as stirring, chopping or watching a stove have helped her to keep her mind calm and preoccupied. Many people like cooking foods as much as they like eating the food and she admits to being one of them.

Simplicity Matters

The London-born says that simplicity has been essential to her. She doesn’t like fancy food or formality, and that’s the reason most of her recipes are casual. She also said that she doesn’t have many skills, but she trusts her palette. Her personal preference is the food which delivers a complex flavor, but she wants the process to be quite simple.

Hitting back at critics who think her recipes are too simple, she says that no one ever said that

‘Wow that’s delicious, I hope it was more complicated to make.’

In her opinion, every food should be prepared in such a manner that people like the flavor and taste. She also wants people to be able to cook without stress.

Cookbook Writing Inspiration

The successful author says that a friend’s dinner party compelled her to write her first cookbook as the hostess was found crying in the kitchen as preparing the meals was overwhelming her. If you also think that cooking awesome food for scores of people is essential, then it’s not the case. Your house parties shouldn’t be just about food, they should also be about coming together and having a good time. Cooking delicious food is not worth it if it makes you unhappy.

Lawson also adds that some people feel terrible when a dish goes wrong. At that time, you should remember that it happens to the best of chefs and if you fail once in a while, that’s okay. She also thinks that if you don’t like cooking, that’s okay too and you must not feel guilty about it.

If you can’t cook or the process stresses you out rather than relaxing, you should avoid cooking. Remember that being a good person is not dependent on how awesome your cooking skills are.

New Book

Talking about the new cookbook, ‘At My Table: A Celebration of Home Cooking’, the beauty said that she wrote it to celebrate home cooking. She also added that in her country people are open to trying different cuisines and tastes to find fresh ways to eat. She believes that’s something which needs to be celebrated.

Nigella Lawson 2018 Workout and Diet Plan

Nigella Lawson during the snowy weather in March 2018
Nigella Lawson during the snowy weather in March 2018 (Nigella Lawson / Instagram)

Strong Opinion on Diet Fads

The TV chef believes that people are using diet fads for hiding eating disorders these days. In her opinion, meat and butter are not bad for a person. She also thinks that people are persecuting themselves to what they eat and what they don’t. She says that she doesn’t overindulge in goods like chocolate because she allows herself to eat it when she wants. When you restrict food from your diet, you want it more.

Eat Everything

Removing food groups from your diet is a bad idea according to her. She also says that though being vegan has its benefits, you must be cautious about iron deficiencies. You should also realize that human beings were gifted with teeth and intestines to eat meat, so there’s no harm in it.

Chemicals in Food

Expressing concerns about the levels of chemicals in food, Nigella said that people are not being told about what chemicals are being put in the earth and this lack of information about effects of the food is making people feeling unreasonably anxious regarding food.

Essential Meal Additions

The key meal additions that make her recipes look and taste amazing are listed right here.

A Cumin Fan

Lawson says that the citrusy and peppery earthiness of cumin enhances every food it is added to. She stir-fries cabbage with it, uses it with other spices to create curry pastes, adds it to stews and even uses it to add flavor to a pound cake.

Nigella Lawson on Christmas 2016 occasion
Nigella Lawson on Christmas 2016 occasion (Nigella Lawson / Instagram)

Using Aleppo Pepper

The stunner also makes use of Aleppo pepper that is also known as Turkish red pepper flakes and pul biber. Their mellow heat and different lemony flavor can enhance any fish, meat, pasta or even Turkish eggs.

Condensed Milk for Easy Desserts

Condensed milk allows her to create ice creams easily. She does it by mixing heavy cream with it and whisking it. If you want to make desserts at home, it can be your best bet.

White Miso for Every Meal

Having it in the fridge helps as you can add it to any meal you prepare. It makes a dish caramelly, salty and leads to instant umami.

Ginger Root

The fresh and fiery flavor can add the oomph factor to any meal, be it anything sweet or savory. It’s as vital as garlic.

Tools of the Trade

Some kitchen utensils and equipment that allow the popular chef to create amazing foods and recipes are mentioned right here.

Finnish Saucepans

They are sturdy, beautiful, heat perfectly and are easy to wash up.

Mud Bowls

They are beautiful, colorful and oven & dishwasher friendly.

A Shaker

A copper cocktail shaker can whip up a martini instantly and insulate perfectly which allows multiple drinks to be as cool as the first one.

Haute Pot

They help you get maximum flavor out of food, heat flawlessly and can be cleaned easily.

Füri Knife

It’s comfortable, easy to use, lightweight, secure and beautiful too.

Potato Mashing Machine

It can be used to mash and aerate at the same time. You will also have the best-mashed potatoes ever.

Featured Image by Cecile van Straten / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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