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Niki Taylor Diet Plan and Workout Regime

Hazel-eyed, elegant and charming, Niki Taylor is the supermodel, super-mother, and super-wife with incredibly toned figure. Married to former race car driver Burney Lamar, Taylor indeed is a very caring partner and a doting mother.

Style-icon actually has set an inspiring example in front of all those women who crib about gaining weight after becoming mother, or after crossing certain age group. Mother of four contends, being in motion all the while is the biggest unrevealed secret of her trim and toned figure. The stunning and hot star not only has beautiful body, but also possesses a beautiful heart.

Engaged in philanthropic activities, she is an active member of Nexcare give campaign, America’s Blood centers, and The American Red Cross. Through these associations, she inspires people to donate blood. The insight to help people in need came into Taylor, when she met with a severe accident in 2001, and her life got saved due to timely blood transfusion.

Healthy Recommendation by Niki Taylor

Taylor just hates sitting idle and recommends her fans to abide by busy lifestyle. No matter what age group you belong to, should you continue moving your body, you can purge obesity forever.

You don’t necessarily have to hit gyms for being in shape, you just have to be dynamic, develop love for life, and see every new day as a new beginning. Taylor advices her fans to figure out the things they are most passionate about, and dedicate time to those passions, because these activities have amazing prowess to fill you up with new energy.

She suggests her fans to utilize early morning hours to do workouts. Doing so will stimulate your brain cells, will keep you relaxed and full of beans for rest of the day. Despite being single mother for several years, Taylor could nurture her twin kids by following the same lifestyle.

Niki Taylor workout and diet
Niki Taylor Svelte Figure

Niki Taylor Diet Plan

Taylor takes special care of her diet. She candidly admits eating nutritious foods comprised of proteins, healthy fats, green vegetables, fruits etc. These foods strengthen her body and keep her full of vitality. The star doesn’t believe in banishing foods from her diet. That being said, she certainly points up portion control. Portion control not only conquers her cravings but also keeps check on her weight.

She also inculcates probiotic at least once in her diet on daily basis. Instead of having many small meals in a day, Taylor prefers having two full size meals in a day, which also save tremendous time of hers. Here is one of the samples of typical diet regime of Taylor.

Breakfast – Taylor likes having oatmeal with berries, protein and vitamin smoothie etc. in her breakfast.

Lunch –She prefers having chicken fried in coconut oil, wheat bread slices with lettuce, mayonnaise, baby carrots, hummus etc. in her lunch.

In addition to having balanced diet, Taylor also stays immune from vices such as alcohol, cigarette etc. These vices debilitate your body and mind, and snatch all the freshness and glow from your face and body.

Niki Taylor Workout Regime

Taylor indeed is very conscious about her workouts. While adhering to healthy and disciplined lifestyle, Taylor sleeps before ten at night and wakes up before five in the morning. She begins her day with workouts and goes for jogging early in the morning.

Variety in workouts is the supermodel’s secret formula to combat against weight loss plateau. She makes sure that her workouts do not get stagnant. She practices walking, running, weight lifting, yoga, and crossfit workouts to introduce diversity in her workouts. For strength training, she uses dumbbells which are seldom heavier than ten pounds.

Post Baby Weight Loss

Melting post baby weight is the biggest challenge a woman has to face. Mother of four was to strip offf massive 59 pounds past the birth of her third baby in 2009, to retrieve the same sexy figure. And by following balanced diet and regular exercise, she snapped back in the same slender shape.

Taylor worked really hard to shed her post baby weight. She ate her diet in alignment with her exercises. She also hired personal nutritionist and consumed six meals in a day as per the recommendations of her nutritionist. She practiced strenuous workouts for thirty minutes, and devoted extra minutes to workouts to torch extra calories, whenever she consumed high calorie foods.

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