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Nordic Weight Lifting Gloves Review

Nordic Weight Lifting Gloves

When you go to the gym to exercise, you should wear the right clothing, shoes, and accessories to have a comfortable experience. If you spend most of the time doing weightlifting or using pull-up bars or other machines, then having exercise gloves is very important for you. Otherwise, your entire effort might be ruined due to injuries to your hands. Blisters and calluses will form which will prevent you from performing at your best. If you get a good pair of gloves, then you won’t have to worry about these issues at all. They will provide a good barrier between your hands and the equipment and save you from painful calluses and blisters. Wearing gloves is a great way to maintain hygiene at the gym. The gym surfaces may be soaked with sweat or dust and so it may be unhealthy if touched with bare hands. So, you can protect your hands by wearing gloves.

When buying a pair of gloves, you should always look for one that will fit snugly on the hand. You should buy something that is made with high-quality fabric. You will find many budget-friendly and good quality exercise gloves in the market today. Here, we are going to review the Nordic Lifting Gloves in detail. 


The use of 2 types of fabric in the gloves makes them look stylish. The leather palm makes them durable and improves grip, and the fingerless design allows breathability. The mesh material on the top improves ventilation. They are handcrafted with top quality leather and reinforced stitching. 

They have extra-long built-in wrist straps that provide support for lifting heavier weights. The padding on the palms is strategically placed to improve comfort and reduce the chance of injuries. They also provide more traction when lifting. These gloves are unisex and so can be used by anyone. They are perfect for both beginners and experienced athletes for doing different exercises. You will be able to improve your gym performance by wearing these gloves. 

Build Quality

These gloves have leather palms and they have double stitching that makes them more durable. They feel soft and doesn’t feel slippery. They have the right amount of padding so that you can have the right control to retain the required responsiveness when lifting weights. They will improve your performance at the gym and lower the risk of injury. They provide great support for palms and wrists. The 12-inch wrist wrap helps to keep the wrists pain-free and safe. They are built for any type of workout. 

You won’t notice any bleed from the black dye and so you can wear the gloves with confidence without worrying about stains. The mesh lining reduces sweat and allows the hands to stay cool. This also prevents your hands from slipping during exercise. Overall, these gloves will give you the ultimate comfort and protection you need during weightlifting and other exercises. You get a year’s warranty for this product, so you will get satisfaction after buying it. 


You can get these gloves for sizes XS to XL. They will snugly fit your hands to give you a comfortable experience. The elastic wrist wrap can be used for the maximum tightness.


The palms are padded strategically that gives extra comfort and grip. The padding will prevent the formation of calluses. The wrist strap gives the gloves a snug fit. You will feel comfortable lifting weights by wearing these gloves.


They are versatile and appropriate for gym workouts, weightlifting, Cross Training, Powerlifting, and more. These gloves come with integrated wrist support that gives you stability and confidence. They provide the best grip and so you can trust them for your job. They have the best amount of padding for protecting the hands from blisters and calluses. They will also reduce the chance of injuries. 

These gloves are useful for performing different movements on knurling surfaces. You can use them for pressing and pulling too. They can be used by anyone who is working with free weights. If you want to maximize your gains in the gym, then you should use these gloves. These gloves will help to increase grip when lifting.

Nordic Weight Lifting Gloves Uses


  • They look stylish and attractive in black. 
  • They are made of high-quality leather and mesh material. 
  • They are breathable and so your hands won’t sweat.
  • They are flexible and allows for a wide range of movements. 
  • They have 12-inch wrist wraps that provide added support to your hands.
  • The padded palms provide better grip and comfort. 
  • They will prevent the formation of blisters and calluses and keep your hands protected all the time. 
  • They have an ergonomic design and have a breathable mesh that provides extra ventilation. 
  • They are versatile and so you can use them for Cross Training, gym workouts, weightlifting, and more. 
  • They are suitable for both men and women. 
  • You get a one-year warranty for the product.
  • They have a reasonable price.


  • They are available only in one color (black). So, you don’t have any color options like the other gloves in the market. 
  • They are a bit bulky.

Final Verdict

Nordic has earned a good name over the years for making quality gym accessories. By wearing these gloves, you will get a good grip to ensure your safety during weightlifting or other exercises. This will increase your confidence and you will be able to achieve your fitness goals quickly. 

The blend of faux leather and mesh makes the gloves attractive. The reinforced stitching stays intact and so you won’t have any issues even when doing intensive exercises. They have good cushioning to prevent blisters and calluses. They are light and flexible, so allows a lot of movements. They are versatile and can be used in Powerlifting, CrossFit training, and other exercises. These gloves will live up to your expectations. You must buy these gloves if you are a regular gym-goer and want to protect your hands. You won’t be disappointed with its performance.

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These gloves are unisex and are appropriate for both the beginners and the experts. These gloves will protect your hands and enhance your performance at the gym. Nordic Weight Lifting Gloves Review