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O. J. Simpson Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

O. J. Simpson Quick Info
Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 95 kg
Date of Birth July 9, 1947
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Eye Color Dark Brown

O. J. Simpson is an American former football running back, actor, and broadcaster who is best known for his career in the National Football League (NFL) with teams like Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers. As an actor, he appeared in films and TV shows like Ironside, Here’s Lucy, Medical Center, Goldie and the Boxer, Capricorn One, Adventures in Wonderland, Student Exchange, No Place to Hide, and many more. During the course of his career, he had been the recipient of numerous honors such as NFL‘s “Most Valuable Player”, “Bert Bell Award”, and “AP Athlete of the Year”. However, his professional career came to a halt due to the trial for the murders of his former wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend Ron Goldman.

Born Name

Orenthal James Simpson

Nick Name

O. J., The Juice

O.J. Simpson as seen in an old file picture
O.J. Simpson as seen in an old file picture

Sun Sign


Born Place

San Francisco, California, United States


O. J. Simpson is locked up in the Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada.




O. J. Simpson went to the Galileo High School (presently known as Galileo Academy of Science and Technology). After graduating from high school, he got admission in the City College of San Francisco in 1965.

His impressive performances for City College made him a much sought after amateur football player for leading colleges with the University of Southern California and the University of Utah being front-runners. He decided to follow the former as he had admired them while growing up.


Retired Professional NFL Player, broadcaster, actor, and advertising spokesman


  • Father – Jimmy Lee Simpson (Bank Custodian and Chef)
  • Mother – Eunice Simpson (Hospital Administrator)
  • Siblings – Melvin Leon “Truman” Simpson (Brother), Shirley Simpson-Baker (Sister), Carmelita Simpson-Durio (Sister) (Died in 2009)


Running back

Shirt Number





6 ft 1 in or 185 cm


95 kg or 210 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

O. J. Simpson has dated

  1. Marguerite Whitley – Simpson met his first wife Marguerite Whitley when he was studying in high school. She was his friend Cowlings’ girlfriend. Cowlings was the man driving white Bronco when Simpson was being pursued by police in 1994. After Cowlings and Whitley had a fight, Cowlings asked Simpson to resolve their issue. However, Simpson’s talk to Whitley led to a start of their relationship. Whitley was 16 years old at that time. When she turned 18 in 1967, they got married. At that time, Simpson was a freshman at the University of Southern California (USC). During the course of their marriage, she gave birth to three children, Arnelle in 1968, Jason in 1970, and Aaren in 1979. Aaren died shortly after his second birthday due to drowning in the pool. As his fame began to soar, they started having problems. His ego had grown unbound and his infidelity had also become a problem. There also were reports of domestic abuse. They eventually got divorced in 1979.
  2. Maud Adams (1975) – Simpson was reported to have had an affair with Swedish actress, Maud Adams in 1975. They had grown close while shooting for the thriller movie, Killer Force.
  3. Kris Jenner (1976) – It is a widely reported rumor that Simpson had sexual relations with Kris Jenner when she was in a relationship with Robert Kardashian. It is also rumored that Simpson is the biological father of Kris’s daughter Khloe Kardashian.
  4. Nicole Brown Simpson (1977-1992) – OJ first met Nicole in 1977 at the Jack Hanson’s Beverly Hills nightclub The Daisy, where she used to work as a waitress. At that time, his marriage with Marguerite was already on shaky ground. He and Nicole started dating soon after and almost two years into their relationship, he officially divorced his first wife. Simpson often physically abused her. He often used to beat her while she used to try to crawl to escape him. After one such violent fight, she had to call 911 in 1989 in Hawaii. The responding officer found her hiding in the bushes with her face all swollen up and she even had an imprint on one side of her face and forehead. He pleaded no contest to the charges of spousal abuse. In the recent documentary OJ: Made in America, it was even claimed that he used to punch her while having s@x with her. It was also suggested that he once saw her having s*x with restaurateur Keith Zlomsowitch through the windows of Keith’s house. During the course of their marriage, she gave birth to 2 children, a daughter Sydney and son Justin.
  5. Tawny Kitaen – Simpson had an affair with actress Kitaen while Nicole was pregnant. It was reported that he was turned off by Nicole who had grown fat because of pregnancy.
  6. Skylar Satenstein – Simpson reportedly had an affair with cosmetic surgeon Skylar Satenstein in 1993. Their affair was much discussed in the tabloids due to her apparent resemblance to his former wife Nicole.
  7. Heidi Mark – Simpson is rumored to have had an affair with American model and actress, Heidi Mark in the past.
  8. Paula Barbieri – Simpson had met former Victoria’s Secret model Paula Barbieri in Los Angeles through a mutual friend. They had met in 1992 (as per some reports), whereas others had maintained that they met in the same year he was held for murder of his ex-wife Nicole. They started dating just after the meeting and Simpson was reportedly smitten by her resemblance to Hollywood star Julia Roberts. She broke up with him on the morning of the day, murders were committed and left him a 30 minutes message, revealing that she was flying to Las Vegas to spend time with Michael BoltonHowever, after he was charged, she returned to be by his side and didn’t leave him till the verdict was read. In 1997, she released her book, The Other Woman: My Years with O.J. Simpson, in which she talked about her relationship with former NFL star and talked about his obsession with Nicole.
  9. Christie Prody (1997-2008) – According to reports, Simpson started going out with Christie Prody in 1997. When they started dating, he was 46 years old, while she was just 21. In her 2013 interview, Christie revealed that Simpson was obsessed with his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson, long after her death. She even suggested in the interview that Simpson made her dye her naturally brunette locks blonde so that she would resemble Nicole. Christie was his last girlfriend before he was handed a long prison sentence for leading an armed robbery in Las Vegas.

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Balding hairline
  • Strong jawline

Shoe Size

12 (US)

Brand Endorsements

In 1970, he was cast in TV commercial for Chevrolet Nova.

He has also done endorsement work for the following brands

  • Hertz Rental Car Agency
  • TreeSweet orange juice
  • RC Cola
  • HoneyBaked Ham
  • pX Corporation
  • Calistoga Water Company’s line of Napa Naturals soft drinks

He has also worked as a spokesperson for Pioneer Chicken.

Plus, he has done social cause-oriented TV commercials for American Seat Belt Council. The advert was titled Buckle Up for Safety.

Best Known For

  • Being a very successful and popular NFL player during his playing career. He was even the winner of the highly coveted NFL MVP award.
  • His highly publicized legal troubles including the famous trial related to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

First Film

In 1969, he made his theatrical film debut in the supporting role in the horror mystery movie, The Dream of Hamish Mose.

First TV Show

In 1967, O. J. Simpson made his first TV show appearance as himself in the comedy music show, The Ed Sullivan Show.

O. J. Simpson Facts

  1. He was once under consideration to be cast in the lead role in The Terminator. However, the producers of the movie felt he was ‘too nice’ to be cast in the role of a killer.
  2. In September 1977, he achieved the distinction of being the first professional football player to be featured on the cover of the prestigious Rolling Stones magazine.
  3. In 1973, he created history by becoming the first NFL player to have rushed more than 2,000 yards in a season. Also, he is the only player to have done so in the 14-game regular season NFL format.
  4. In recognition of his achievements on the football field, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1983 and in 1985, he was made a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  5. In his early childhood, he suffered from rickets and had to wear leg braces till the age of 5. It also gave him his signature bow-legged stance.
  6. In his early teenage years, he got involved in crimes and was a member of the criminal group, Persian Warriors. He also had to serve brief time at the San Francisco Youth Guidance Center.
  7. While studying in college, he also excelled in track athletics along with football. At USC, he was a member of the relay quartet and created a world record in the 4 x 110-yard relay at the NCAA track championships in July 1967.
  8. When he was signed by AFL team Buffalo Bills in the 1969 AFL-NFL draft, he had a contract standoff with his new team. He was demanding a five-year contract worth $650,000, which was the highest salary at that time. The franchise eventually relented and made him the best-paid player.
  9. In November 1976, he became the first player to have rushed 273 yards over 29 attempts in a single game. He also scored two touchdowns in that match.
  10. When he retired in December 1979, he was the second player on the all-time rushing list with 11,236 rushing yards.
  11. In 1973, he created the history by becoming the first professional NFL player to have averaged over 143 rushing yards per game in the single season.
  12. He was the owner of the two Pioneer Chicken franchises. One of those franchises was destroyed in 1992 during the Los Angeles riots.
  13. To cover the broadcast of his car chase by police authorities in relation to the murder of his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, the TV stations even cut broadcast of the 1994 NBA Final.
  14. The trial into the murder of Nicole and Goldman was dubbed as ‘trial of the century’ and after 11 months, Simpson was found “not guilty” of two murders by the jury.
  15. The announcement of his verdict was watched or listened by around 100 million people all across the country.
  16. The verdict divided country down the racial lines with the majority of the Black population believed that justice has been done, whereas White and Latinos felt he got away with murder.
  17. In February 1997, the civil jury found Simpson liable for the wrongful death and battery against Goldman, and battery against Brown. The court also asked him to pay damages amounting to $33,500,000.
  18. In February 2001, he was arrested in Miami-Dade County on the charges of battery and burglary in relation to a dispute with another motorist, which resulted in Simpson yanking off motorist’s glasses. He was acquitted of both charges.
  19. In December 2001, his house was raided by FBI on suspicion of money laundering and ecstasy possession. After searching his house thoroughly for two hours, they didn’t find any illegal drugs.
  20. In 2007, he was arrested for conducting an armed robbery in Las Vegas. He was charged with kidnapping and was eventually handed 33 years jail sentence.
  21. In February 2024, it was reported that O. J. had been undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.
  22. He is not on social media.

Featured Image by Charles LeBlanc / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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