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Olivia Buckland Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Olivia Buckland, the star of the TV Show, Love Island (2015-Present) has a near perfect body and she shows it off at every occasion. Here, we have a look at her workout routine and diet plan in order to know what keeps her looking amazing at all times. We also get to know a secret we love the best, she indulges in pizza and cookies occasionally and yet maintains that hot body. Read on to know all her fitness secrets.

Olivia Buckland battle rope workout
Olivia Buckland battle rope workout

Workout Routine

The sexy woman likes to visit indoor trampolining parks and jump on a trampoline. She is not the only fan of this unique exercise method, Madonna and Victoria Beckham love it as well.

Working out with her Boyfriend

The girlfriend of Alex Bowen admits that they work out together in the mornings. She likes working out with him because it’s nice when someone pushes her to perform better. Whenever they are working out together, he asks her to do different exercises and she can’t say no to him.

Olivia Buckland kettlebell outdoor workout
Olivia Buckland’s kettlebell outdoor workout

Diet Secrets

Olivia has been sticking to a healthy diet since she was weight training properly and hitting the gym for four to five times a week. At that time, her diet included having loads of vegetables, proteins and staying away from carbs.

She followed this diet before going on a holiday to look good but, she hadn’t tried a crash diet yet because she doesn’t believe in them.

Olivia Buckland ab outdoor workout using a roller
Olivia Buckland ab outdoor workout using a roller

Diet Plan


Something healthy like porridge or a protein shake and rice cakes with peanut butter.


Tuna sandwich on brown bread or tuna salad.


Anything like chicken and sweet potato but, she likes Domino’s pizza the best (which she has occasionally)


Healthy options like edamame beans or nuts.

Diet Indulgences

Domino’s pizza, cookies, chocolate ice cream and melted chocolate.

Drink Preference

She is a big fan of prosecco and likes to have it while out at dinner or just chilling.

Diet Philosophy

Her diet philosophy is to have healthy meals throughout the week and indulge in Domino’s pizza or McDonald’s burgers on the weekends.

Olivia Buckland in a bikini
Olivia Buckland in a bikini

No Calorie Counting

The reality TV star doesn’t believe in counting calories because she thinks that it’s not useful. She knows that calorie counting is sometimes essential like when you have a specific fitness goal or when you are into bodybuilding. Her focus is rarely on calorie counting.

Instead, she focuses on ensuring that her diet includes protein, fiber, and saturated fats. She suggests you count the nutrients and include all of them into your diet rather than counting the calories.

Health Issues

The stunner had to deal with lower back issues for some time now. It is usually due to horse riding. She also has to deal with weak knees as well just because she is a horse rider.

Weird Health Experiment

Buckland had tried Glowstick class for fitness and she thinks it was quite unusual.

Body Confidence

The English TV personality is happy with how she looks.

Loving the Way She Looks

Though she likes the way she looks now but the celebrity wasn’t always like this. There were times when she was too skinny and was worried about her shape. But now, she has learned to love the way she looks.

Olivia Buckland at London Fashion Week in February 2017
Olivia Buckland at London Fashion Week in February 2017

Great Metabolism

One thing she has that we all would love to have is a great metabolism. It can be a bit of a problem when she does cardio as she loses weight quickly so she sticks to weight training a lot.

Alex’s Favorite Body Part

The lovely lady said that Alex just loves her bum. She calls herself lucky to have a flat stomach and a bum.

Need More Motivation?

Have a look at this motivational post she added on Twitter some time back.


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