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Olivia Culpo 2017 Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Olivia Culpo has been making her mark since years now. From being named Miss USA in 2012 to win the title of Miss Universe in the same year, she has done it all.

Now, she has transformed into a fashion icon whose style, beauty, and fitness tips are revered by millions. Here we have a close look at her current workout routine, diet plan, beauty secrets and relaxation techniques to understand her a bit better.

Workout Routine

The exercise routine of the stunner involves working out at least a few times a week. She works with a trainer whenever possible. She says that working with a trainer was a game changer for her as she has seen a real difference in her body. If she can’t work out with a trainer, she sticks to Pilates, Barre, and Spin classes.

Sometimes, she goes for a hike or just runs on the treadmill. Working out in the morning makes a big difference in her day and energy levels. Her preferred workouts are kickboxing and Pilates.

Workout Motivation

Her motivation to work out is the feeling she gets after a workout.

Travel and Workouts

Though she admits that working out consistently when you travel can be a tough thing, but she tries to get a workout in whenever there is a treadmill at her hotel.

Workout and Music

The diva likes to listen to country music while working out because it’s her favorite. She is a big fan of Thomas Rhett and Sam Hunt. If she is in a mood for pop music, then she goes for Justin Bieber songs.

Morning Routine

The beauty queen wakes up at 8 or 9 in the morning, lights a candle, enjoys the view out of her window and meditates if she can spare the time. If she can’t meditate, she doesn’t regret it because she gets a workout in.

A workout also enhances her mood, very like a meditation session does. She then has some coffee or green tea and a bit of Orange juice.

Pre-Workout Food

She enjoys half a Kind bar before a workout.

Post Workout Food

After a workout, she usually has a big breakfast from Kreation or Erewhon. If she is making it, she goes for quinoa with egg whites, sweet potato, sautéed kale, and some avocado.

Diet Plan


Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with iced coffee


A spicy and delicious vegan Mexican salad


Chocolate Almonds

Go-to Healthy Drink

Her go-to healthy drink is green juice with extra ginger or a Ginger kombucha

Diet Indulgence

Like most of us, she likes to indulge in cookie dough or chocolate chip ice cream.

Healthy Restaurant

As this choice changes often, she just named her current favorite, Chloé in New York City.

Preferred Kitchen Ingredients

She likes to have coconut oil, fresh lemons, and green tea a lot.

Signature Healthy Dish

Ginger-soy sautéed vegetables or sweet potato. She feels the healthiest when she makes the food herself.

Health Tip for Travelers

You should drink a lot of water as traveling can be very dehydrating. She tries to drink a gallon of water on a daily basis too.

Being Positive

Olivia has a very positive outlook on life. When the things are bad, she believes that good will soon happen. She thinks that obstacles in life help people to become better and believes in the saying that ‘what doesn’t break you makes you.’

Relaxation Techniques

The fitness enthusiast likes to read a book, sleep, have dinner with friends or just lie on the beach during her free time.

Beauty Secrets

The American actress thinks that sleep plays a key role in helping her look awesome because when she gets adequate sleep and drinks enough water, she can feel a difference in her skin. When she is in dry climates, she goes for coconut water. She also uses coconut oil as a hair savior product because it’s cheap and very effective.

A Chubby Little Girl

The model says that when she was a kid, she was quite chubby. At that time, she didn’t know anything about diet so she ate what she wanted to and wasn’t athletic as well. She went through a growth spurt after which she looked tall and lean.

Size Doesn’t Matter

The TV presenter says that people shouldn’t chase after a specific size with regard to their body shape. She is not a propagator of calorie counting.

If you have an event where you need to look good, then you should exercise more and modify your diet (like she does). You should prefer to focus on eating healthier, not less.

Featured Image by mtlsrt04 / Flickr / Public Domain

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