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Olivia Palermo Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Flawless beauty, Olivia Palermo doesn’t fail to look stunning on red carpet. Naturally slender actress is credited with incredibly curvy and captivating bikini figure. Olivia attributes organic diet and Bikram yoga for her svelte figure. Here are some sneak peek secrets of her workout and diet routine.

Olivia Palermo in her workout gear
Olivia Palermo in her workout gear

Organic and Whole Foods

Immaculate skin and gorgeous body of the stunner testifies her adherence to organic and whole foods in routine. She shares, her upbringing being done by a health conscious mother has her know what foods she shall consume to ensure optimum well being. She incorporates ample foods such as sushi, fish, sea foods, fruits, veggies etc. in her diet. However, she doesn’t forget to maintaining moderation in her eating habits. She certainly allows her relish her beloved carb containing foods at times.

Olivia Palermo sipping a drink
Olivia Palermo sipping a drink

That being said, she maintains fair distance from junk and wholesome foods which not only pack up surplus calories in your body but also make you look dull. She mostly steers clear from sugary food items and makes sure that their consumption is minimal in her diet.

Yoga – Her Most Trusted Workout

Due to very busy lifestyle, Olivia often finds herself unable to give sufficient time to workouts. However, she certainly practices bikram yoga when she has spare time available to her. Profuse sweating in bikram yoga helps her cleanse her body and get rid of harmful toxins. Apart from yoga, the ravishing celeb believes in maintaining very active lifestyle. She keeps her engaged in agile sports such as tennis which inevitably upholds her in great shape.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Most of us are keen to do anything to attain bikini-hugging figure. Here are some healthy tips which shall aid you in dropping weight swiftly and acquire slim figure.

Bulk up Muscles

You might feel amazed to know the fact that your body sheds sixty percent calories with the help of resting metabolic rate (RMR). And since RMR is directly proportional to the number of muscles, you can enhance your RMR by amplifying the number of muscles. With escalated level of RMR, despite spending the entire day idle, you can melt away numerous pounds.

All you need to do to multiply the number of lean muscles is incorporate complex muscle-joint exercises such as squats, push-ups, bench presses, rowing etc. Make ten to fifteen reps of the exercises and make sure that the repetitions made towards the end have higher level of difficulty.

Aim at “Afterburn Effect”

Since “Afterburn effect” helps you scorch calories even after you are done with workouts, you shall aim to achieve the objective of “Afterburn effect.” Post exercises, your breathing rate being in elevated state burns unsolicited calories to bring your body to normal state which is also known as excess post oxygen consumption (EPOC). While your body is engaged in the activity namely EPOC, your metabolism and energy level boosts, and your body becomes more responsive towards detoxification. You can trigger fat burning process in your body by executing high intensity workouts such as interval training, circuit training etc.

Bank on Protein Rich Diet

If you wish to magnify the number of lean muscles in your body, bank on rich sources of proteins. Due to high thermal effect of protein, it makes your body torch surplus calories to digest it. Moreover, since protein keeps you contented for longer, it shall also cut back your chances to consume unwholesome or high calorie foods. You shall make it a rule to include small portion size of proteins in each of your meals.

Consume Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements are excellent to be consumed because they foster the formation of lean mass and dissuade fat mass. Besides assisting your body in dropping pounds, they also save you from harmful diseases such as cancer, cardiac diseases, joint inflammation etc. Although the ideal consumption of fish oil shall be in sync with your body fat but since it’s difficult to abide by this rule, you can make it a habit to consume minimum four grams of fish oil in a day.

Opt for Pre-Workout Snacks

Opt for pre-workout protein rich snacks. Prior to executing resistance training, seldom forget consuming pre-workout snacks such as whey protein. Intake of pre-workout snack is just like consuming calories to foster calorie burning process. Pre-workout snacks fire up your metabolism and thus help you get closer to your weight loss objective.

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