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Ornish Diet Plan – Reverse the Effects of Heart Diseases

Ornish Diet Plan

Crafted by Dr Ornish, Ornish Diet Plan is not just a diet plan, but in-fact it’s a life time low-fat diet regime. Without eliminating your loved food items, the diet plan will shed unsolicited pounds from your body. 

Owning to150 nutritious and delicious recipes which the diet solution offers, the diet plan seems quite amicable to dieters. Dieters can easily abide by the diet program because the ingredients used in the recipes are prominently available and very inexpensive to buy. Besides that, the recipes recommended by the diet plan are easy to follow and don’t consume much time.

Since there are around 45 seasonal menus in the diet plan, you can relish variety of food items. Moreover, unlike foods recommended by other diet plans, food items recommended in the plan are not at all tasteless, in-fact you will feel tempted to go along with the recipes over and over again.

Dr. Ornish
Dr. Ornish

The diet plan will also educate you about how you can effectively use the leftover food items. The low fat food items provide you the best alternatives of seasonal recipes. There are numerous yummy recipes of preparing meals having legumes and beans as the main ingredients.

What is Ornish Diet Plan?

Ornish diet plan is not about following rigid and controlled food items all of a sudden. You rather have privilege to move ahead towards the plan step by step. Instead of bringing an instant change in your food habits, the diet plan aims to bring little changes in your eating traits.

The diet program will guide you how to embrace healthy eating habits. For example, Instead of abrupty switching you to brown rice, the plan will have you eat half bowel of brown rice and half bowel of white rice. And you are supposed to continue eating like that until your body starts liking fiber dense brown rice.

Ornish advocates that small changes in your food items can bring dramatic change in your life and can help you in melting weight drastically. You are expected to shed around 25 pounds in a year while following the diet plan.

Comparison between Fish Oil and Olive Oil

Fish oil provides your body omega-3 fatty acids which saves you from myriad disease such as inflammation, arthritis, and severe heart diseases. It also keeps you immune from breast and prostate cancer. Halibut, mackerel, salmon, and other fishes are rich sources of fish oil. Since olive oil doesn’t contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids or other vital nutrients, Ornish diet plan doesn’t consider it any good for the health of your heart.

By swapping butter, palm oil, and lard with olive oil, you can bring down the level of cholesterol to an extent, but it’s not very beneficial for heart. You can rather call it less harmful. If you are suffering from heart problems, purge olive oil because it contains100% fat and 14% saturated fat.

Pros and Cons of Ornish Diet Plan

Ornish diet plan has numerous pros and some cons, which are as follows.


  • The exquisite diet plan brings down the cholesterol level, blood sugar level, and mops up all the obstructions blocking arteries.
  • Low sodium diet plan is highly beneficial especially for adults.
  • It’s easy and simple to follow, and you can customize the diet plan based on your preferences.
  • The diet plan being accompanied with yoga enhances your blood circulation and keeps check on shabby signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.
  • The diet plan will relieve you from arthritis, and will make your movements stress-free and comfortable.


  • Food items containing saturated fat are strictly forbidden in the diet solution. The diet plan might make your body devoid of essential fatty acids becuase the diet plan has put nutrient loaded nuts and seeds too under restricted food items.
  • The diet program being too rigid is not very popular among masses. Besides that, due to being restrictive, diet plan might make your body devoid of vital nutrients.

Meals of Ornish Diet Plan

Ornish diet plan strictly insists on consuming three meals in a day.


Breakfast, which is vital for a healthy body should be large because there is large gap between your dinner and breakfast. Should you make the beginning of your day with empty stomach i.e. without consuming breakfast, your body will lose muscles not fats. As a result of which, you will lose strength and will feel exhausted the entire day.

Moreover, you will be tempted to consume more foods in your lunch to gratify your hunger, which is not at all a healthy way of having lunch. You can have oatmeal along-with skimmed milk in your breakfast. Oatmeal is low in fat and is a rich source of complex carbohydrates. To add more flavor to your diet, you can eat fresh fruits in your breakfast. Without making you feel hungry at any point, Ornish diet plan fuels your body with complex carbohydrates.


Lunch should be consumed in portions, and should be comparatively smaller than breakfast. Your lunch should include only that much of food, which can keep you full till dinner. You can have veggie burgers, tortillas, hummus, whole grain crackers with low fat cheese, and bean dips in your lunch.


Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day and there should be a gap of minimum three hours between your dinner and sleep. Since your body is idle at the time of sleeping, it doesn’t burn many calories while sleeping. Besides that, light dinner also ensures the proper functioning of your metabolism.

For dinner, you can prepare barley vegetable soup by using chopped carrots, diced tomatoes, chopped onions, vegetable bouillon cubes, and mushrooms etc. as ingredients of the soup.

Extremely Restrictive Diet Plan

The diet plan requires you to consume whole grains rather than packaged food items.

  • Vegan and low-fat food items have been emphasized in Ornish diet plan.
  • Non-vegan food items such as pork, meat, bacon etc. should be purged.
  • Lean chicken and fish in moderation can be taken.
  • High-carb food items such as white rice, white potatoes, and white pasta should be put under limited use.
  • Less sugary fruits and vegetables, and nuts and seeds containing healthy fats should be a part of your diet plan.

Yoga and Meditation in Ornish Diet Plan

Ornish diet plan doesn’t forget to emphasize the value of yoga and meditation. You need to spare 20-30 minutes from your busy schedule for yoga and meditation. Yoga enhances the flexibility of your body and makes it less susceptible to injuries. Meditation calms your mind and removes stress from your body and mind. Stress being the root cause of numerous hazardous diseases also causes premature aging.

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