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The P.I.N.K Method Diet – Exclusive Weight Loss Plan for Women

P.I.N.K Diet

Developed by Cynthia Pasquella, clinical nutritionist The P.I.N.K Method Diet is an amazing weight loss program made specifically for women. P.I.N.K signifies power, intensity, nutrition and cardio. Women of all the age groups can follow the program anytime in their lifetime.

What is The P.I.N.K Method Diet? 

The P.I.N.K Method diet is low-calorie and low-fat diet program. Meticulously designed plan has not excluded any nutritious or healthy food from the diet schedule. You will find wide array of delicious foods in the diet regime.

Cynthia contends, since we all are credited with diverse bodies and metabolism, one single diet schedule cannot be used universally by everyone.

That’s the reason the program focuses on customizing diet and workout schedule for its dieters on daily basis. There are thirty recipes recommended in the diet regime which will make the plan more alluring and yummy for you.

How Supportive The P.I.N.K Method Diet is? 

As far as ease of abiding by the program is concerned, it’s very easy to adhere to it because you will get proper counseling in the plan. Should the dieters have any doubt in their mind about the program, they can freely consult about that with nutrition experts of the plan.

In addition to that, overweight people generally nurture a very pessimistic attitude. They think they are the only ones who are bulky, and aside from them, all other women on the planet are slim and trim.

Amicable communities in the plan will support you because you will get an active platform to meet and interact with several other women sailing in your boat. You will get great emotional as well as moral support which will energize you to move along with the program without any skepticism.

Four Phases of The P.I.N.K Method Diet

The P.I.N.K method diet involves four phases, let’s have a quick look.

Phase One – P.I.N.K Reset

Having total duration of three to fourteen days, first phase of diet schedule is inclined to detoxify your body. Detoxification phase is very crucial for your body because it sweeps away all the harmful toxins from your body and presses reset your body mechanism. Besides making you grow overweight, toxins also make your body house of innumerable diseases. Removal of toxins from your body will fire up your metabolism.

Phase one being the most restrictive and low calorie phase will melt weight at a very fast pace. In this phase, you need to be on extremely low calories i.e. 1025 calories. However, the relieving part is that this phase has very short duration.

Phase Two – P.I.N.K Primary

In this phase, the program will introduce energy boosting foods in your diet. These foods will fuel your body and will energize you to swear by intense workouts. You are allowed to consume up to 1600 calories in this phase. Since women’s bodies are likely to be deficient in calcium and vitamin D, the diet schedule will introduce these two vital nutrients in your diet and thus will strengthen your body.

Phase Three – Seven Day Shred 

Third phase of the program will shed all the remaining unsolicited pounds from your body. In this phase, you will be on shred soup and will need to swap carb rich and fat rich foods with vegetable made soups.

Exclusive soup of diet regime will also save you from weight loss plateau by catalyzing the fat-burning process in your body. Instead of practicing strenuous workouts, you shall practice fifteen minutes workouts in this phase.

Phase Four – P.I.N.K Preservation

Fourth phase of the program will maintain your lost weight forever. This phase will hone your eating habits. You can consume 1400 to 1800 calories in this phase.

Workouts in The P.I.N.K Method Diet 

You will find workouts in complete sync with diet in the program. Apart from getting three DVDs full of assorted workout styles and fitness activities, you will also get one extra DVD which will educate you about various incredible yoga postures, workouts for lower body and abs.

Cardio workouts will sculpt your body, build your stamina, and enhance your endurance power. You will be dazzled to see quick results of powerful and quick exercises. The program inevitably will uplift your confidence.

Should you don’t find particular workouts suitable for you due to your specific health issues or other problems; you can freely discuss your case with the fitness experts and personal trainers available round the clock for your help.

Foods in The P.I.N.K Method Diet

The P.I.N.K method diet has made a list of highly recommended foods. You are recommended to have protein-rich, organic and unprocessed foods. Since high fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables keep your metabolism busy, they should be an inseparable part of your lives.

You are not supposed to consume refined foods, caffeine, alcohol etc. while going along with the plan. Also refined sugar and all other kinds of sugars except stevia are banished by the program.

Benefits of The P.I.N.K Method Diet 

The P.I.N.K method diet is like a windfall to women; let’s have a look at some of the benefits of the plan.

  • The diet schedule will build up your healthy eating habits. You will love to incorporate wholesome and nutrient packed foods in your diet.
  • Motivation provided in the program will keep you in high spirit and will change your perspective towards life.
  • Women with any kind of health condition can go along with the program and take advantage of the wonderful benefits provided by it.
  • Since the plan is especially for women, it will render them great relief from myriad gender specific troubles.

Sample Meal Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans.


You can have P.I.N.K smoothies made of strawberries, whey protein powder, and fruits and veggies in your breakfast.


In your lunch, you can have grilled chicken salad, mixed vegetable salad etc.


In your dinner, you can have rice having bountiful green and leafy vegetables used in it.


You can have chocolate avocado pudding in your desserts.

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