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P90X Nutrition Plan – Build Strong Muscles and Lose Weight

P90X Nutrition Plan

Created by registered dietitian, P90X Nutrition Plan is a revolutionary weight loss program which will shed pounds from your body by amplifying the number of muscles in your body.

Three Phases of P90X Nutrition Plan

Ninety days weight loss program will work on your body in three phases. Your diet in the diet program will vary with the intensity of your workouts. Let’s have a look at three different phases.

Phase One – Fat Shredder

Phase one which is also known as fat shredder phase aims to strengthen your muscles. For reaching this objective, high protein diet has been introduced by the diet program. Protein rich diet will repair your torn muscles and will enhance your muscle mass. More the number of lean muscles you will have, more weight your body will shed.

This phase is extremely low calorie phase and all kinds of carbs are banished in this phase. Having total duration of four weeks, this phase will trigger fat burning process in your body and you will zap away calories at a very fast pace. This phase is ideal for those who are trying hard to get rid of excess body fat.

Dieters going through this phase need to make sure that their bodies have sufficient energy for performing workouts. If you don’t have much body fat, you can prune the duration of phase by one week or so.

Phase Two – Energy Booster

Phase two which is also known as energy booster phase will boost up your energy with the help of nutrient dense foods. You will eat balanced diet comprised of complex carbs, protein rich foods and healthy fats. Complex carbs have been reinserted in this phase to provide energy to your body because your body requires strength and energy for practicing strenuous workouts. You can be in this phase as long as you want.

Phase Three – Endurance Maximizer

Phase three which is also known as endurance maximizer phase is the last phase of diet program. This phase will build your stamina and will make your body more resilient and powerful. Quantity of complex carbs will increase in this phase.

Mostly dieters might reach their comfort zone in phase two itself and might feel resistant to move on to phase three, considering that they might gain weight with consumption of more carbs. But their fear is baseless because phase three won’t retrieve your weight.

In fact, heavy carbs will open your areas of exploration in workouts. When you will have more energy, you will feel tempted to practice harder workouts which will maintain you in toned body shape for your lifetime.

Three Approaches for Each Phase

Three approaches have been kept by the diet program for each phase. You are free to abide by any of these approaches. You can also opt to stick to selected approach throughout the total duration of diet solution.

The Portion Approach If you are one of the dieters who despise cooking and don’t feel like wasting your valuable time in cooking meals, you can abide by portion approach. In this approach, you will be able to get all benefits of diet plan without requiring spending much time in kitchen.

The Meal Plan Approach – The meal plan approach is apt for dieters who are simply in love with cooking meals. There are myriad delicious recipes and meal plans in this approach. These meal plans are blend of healthy, yummy and low fat recipes. These recipes are targeted to energize you for meeting intense workouts.

The Quick Option Approach – Dieters who are not able to spend much time on any weight loss plan can stick to this approach. There are some pre-packaged quick foods provided by the diet program. You simply can relish them and lose weight.

Three Levels of Nutrition

After selecting suitable approach for you, you need to know how many calories you need to feed to your body. There are three levels of nutrition, which are as follows.

Level One – Make an estimation of your daily calorie requirement. Your daily calorie requirement will vary depending upon your age, gender, weight, metabolism etc.

Level Two – You all have different kinds of lifestyles and work schedules. Your calorie consumption has to be in alignment with your physical activities. For instance, if your profession seeks you to remain physically active all the while, your calorie consumption will naturally be more. Contrary to that, if your job is to sit on chair and do work in front of computer, you won’t require many calories.

Level Three – As workouts are the main part of diet program, the diet solution has permitted to add extra 600 calories in a day for energizing your body.

Prohibited Foods of P90X Nutrition Plan

P90X nutrition program has prohibited consumption of some foods. Junk foods, processed foods and high sugar foods such as pastry, cakes, potato chips, canned soups, high-sodium frozen foods, and processed meats have entirely been eradicated from the diet regime.

Dieters are not permitted to consume any of them for minimum ninety days. These foods have high content of trans fats, sugar and sodium and they do unrecoverable harm to your body. Even if you are not a part of any diet program, you should endeavor to refrain from them.

Sample Meal Plan

If you are seeking to build strong muscles, P90X nutrition plan is the best diet program for you. Small meals have been accentuated by the diet solution because small meals keep check on spike in your blood sugar level and your tendency of binge eating. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of diet program.


You can have fresh strawberries, protein shake, cottage cheese, mushroom omelet etc. in your breakfast.

Morning Snacks

You can have scrambled eggs, recovery bar etc. in your morning snacks.


You can have green salad, chicken breast, shrimp stir fry, vegetable soup etc. in your lunch.

Afternoon Snacks

You can have string cheese, soy nuts, protein bar, one apple etc. in your afternoon snacks.


You can have beef and broccoli stir fry, miso soup, salmon, grilled fish, turkey, halibut etc. in your dinner.

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