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Paige Hathaway Diet Plan Workout Routine

Followed by millions of fans on Instagram and Facebook, Paige Hathaway is very popular among teens for her incredible figure. Her fans don’t skip a beat to know the fitness secrets of the stunner which keep her in top shape. Credited with most toned and pert booty, Paige Hathaway is a famed fitness model who has graced the cover page of plentiful magazines. Let’s have a look at the diet and workout routine of Paige Hathaway which have made her become a fitness diva.

Paige Hathaway body

Health – Paramount Objective

Paige motivates her fans by saying that if you are seeking to have sculpted and sought after figure, health shall be your paramount objective. And research also acknowledges that people who are slender and healthy are more blissful than those with overweight and ailed bodies. So, instead of falling in the gimmick to impress someone with your looks, endeavor acquiring optimum fitness for yourself. Paige herself swears by the same principle. She adores capturing selfies in vibrant colored tights. It gives her immense internal satisfaction to know that she owns a great body which is in perfect health. Moreover, when you witness yourself in your favorite glam skinny clothes, the happiness you get then is unbeatable.

Paige Hathaway

Significance of Role Models

As for her source of inspiration, Paige states that it’s very imperative to have role models. Jamie Eason and Chady Dunmore are her all time revered role models. Their transformation journey and how they maintain their paragon figure imbue her with amazing zeal and confidence. She admits that her role models keep her from settling down at mediocrity, and keep instigating her to push herself beyond her comfort zone. Everyone should have a role model because role models make it easy for you to fix your eye on your objective and above everything else; they are real, not fictional.

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Weight Training For Sculpting Muscles

Like every fitness lunatic, Paige too uses weight training to render toned shape to her assets. Her pert booty is the testimony of myriad workouts she performs to hone her legs and butt. She points up plyometrics as a superb exercise meant to tone her lower bottom. In addition to that, her streamlined arms and legs are the outcome of workouts with free weights such as barbell curls and leg press. She accentuates weight training and acknowledges it as the best workout which not only strips off calories from the body but also fires up your metabolism. In spite of getting spree of negative comments from naysayers, she suggests that every woman shall make weight training their buddy to ensure lean and toned body. In addition to that, shake off the fear to get bulging muscles because unless you are consuming strong steroids, you are unlikely to get macho muscles. Paige states that she experienced radical changes occurring in her body with the incorporation of weight training. Needless to say, all these transformations ended on a positive note. Her affection for weight is growing so much so that recently she could be noticed lifting forty-five pounds with one hand. Just have a look at her workouts.

Wary Diet Routine

Paige contends, since there is no magic spell to lean and enthralling figure, you need to engage your heart and soul towards being fit. Self-disciplined and resolved approach surely pays off. So, align your regular workout routine with wary diet. Keep an eye on what you feed to your body and mull over the impact of those foods on your body before gulping them. And if you are lifting weights, combine your workouts with protein rich diet because it fosters the formation of muscles. She doesn’t forget to feed right fuel to her body in her breakfast which mostly includes egg whites, oatmeal with peanut butter, which as a matter of fact are her favorites too. While keeping the minimum possible gap between her meals, she eats after every two to three hours.

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Cheat Meals to Purge Cravings

You cannot keep yourself totally immune from unanticipated cravings but you certainly can prevent you from becoming a victim of it. That said, no other way is as rewarding as cheat meals are to purge cravings. After staying honest to wholesome and balanced diet from a long time, Paige allows to go her cravings by indulging herself in her beloved foods. She loves splurging on her beloved foods such as pizza, burger, Mexican dishes, fro yo (ice-cream with loads of toppings) etc. The sultry babe has sweet tooth which she pacifies by consuming wholesome sweet foods once in a week, mostly on Sundays. Her healthy and nutrient dense choice of sweet foods contains foods such as cupcakes made of protein powder, brownies made of black beans etc. She contends that it’s better to swap unhealthy sweet foods with nutrient dense sweet foods than to restrain you from eating them. You can also try abiding by recipes to prepare sweet dishes having nutrient-laden ingredients added to them.

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