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Parisian Diet Plan – Attain Hourglass Figure without Eliminating Your Beloved Foods

Parisian Diet Plan

Drafted by Dr. Jean Michael Cohen, France’s nutrition expert, Parisian Diet Plan is not just a diet plan; it rather is a healthy way to live life. The diet plan reveals all the secrets of slim and attractive figures of French women.

Obesity rate in US is three times more than is there in France. The diet plan elucidates, why despite having great love for high calorie foods, French women are slimmer and healthier than American women. Having benefited more than three million people, holistic approach of plan will provide you benefits at all levels such as physical as well as mental.

Dr. Cohen contends, the chief reason why most of the diet plans fail is, they being over restrictive eliminate several foods from your diet plan. Parisian diet plan will maintain your lost weight forever by nurturing healthy eating habits in you.

Three Phases of Parisian Diet Plan

The diet plan has three phases. You are free to inculcate these three phases at any point of time. Let’s have a look at these phases.

First Phase – Café Phase

Having total duration of eight to ten days, this phase insists consumption of plenty of fluids such as smoothies, tea, water, soups, black coffee etc.

Second Phase – Bistro Phase

Dr. Cohen recommends consuming numerous fibrous fruits and vegetables in this phase. At the same time, your diet should be rich in proteins and healthy fats. Total duration of this phase is two to three weeks.

Third Phase – Gourmet Phase

This phase is meant to keep you motivated and in high spirit so you can successfully move along-with the diet plan. Since the main purpose of the phase is to keep you inspired to shed weight, you are free to relish your beloved foods. Myriad variety of food items and 365 simple and easy mouthwatering recipes in the diet plan will simply fall in love with them.

How to Set Weight Loss Goal?

Dr. Cohen has provided accurate parameters which will not just guide you but will also assist you in deciding the real weight loss goal for you. For setting precise weight loss goal, you need to have following information.

1. Your normal weight at the age of 18, when you were not practicing any dieting.

2. Except for pregnancy in women, your heaviest weight till now.

3. After 18, your lightest weight without succumbing to any crash diet program.

4. Your current weight.

Accurate Weight = {[(1+2)/2)] + [(3+4)/2]}/2

With the use of this formula, you can simply calculate your accurate weight and set the weight loss objective for you.

How to Follow Parisian Diet Plan?

Dr. Cohen recommends adhering to accurate weight for at least six months and after abiding by the plan for six months, calculate your accurate weight once again in the same way as you did earlier. Likewise, keep repeating the process until you reach your desired weight loss.

You can gradually inculcate eliminated meals in your diet. Since the diet plan believes in weight loss maintenance, you are advised to stick to at least five low calorie meals in your diet in a week for maintaining your lost weight.

Prominent Eating Habits of French People

Parisian diet plan asserts, should you introduce French eating habits in your lifestyle, you can melt several pounds and can get sculpted and trimmed body. Let’s have a quick look at some of the most prominent eating habits of French people.

Relish Food

French People cherish the foods they eat. Should you also start savoring your food, you won’t get hunger pangs and will stay full for long.

Devote Time to Meals

Don’t be in a rush while having your meals. Sit in a relaxed position and give minimum twenty minutes to one meal. French people consume three meals in a day and devote justified time on them.

Small Portion Size

Portion size plays a significant role in deciding the amount of foods you consume at one time. Should you prune portion size of your meal, you will naturally consume less and will stay satisfied and full. On an average, portion size of Americans is larger than that of French.

Don’t Watch TV While Having Your Meals

Concentrate on food while having your meals. You tend to consume less when you have your meal at dinner table, where you don’t have TV to divert your attention. Since watching TV takes your mind off from food, you are likely to consume foods more than you require.

Physical Activity

Parisian diet plan comprehends the importance of physical activities and suggests users to involve themselves in some kind of physical activity for minimum thirty minutes in a day. Since sedentary lifestyle is also responsible for numerous weight and health problems, physical activities will make sure that your body gets required movement in a day.

Eat Fresh Fruits

Parisian diet plan insists the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Relish fruits in the form of salad, or in poached and stewed form. Prefer fresh and organic foods over processed foods because processed foods being packaged foods are neither fresh nor healthy.

Plenty of Water

French people are in the habit of consuming plenty of water in a day. They don’t drink soda and fruit juices on daily basis, which comes under one of their healthy eating habits and keep their blood sugar level in control.

Compensate for Indulgences

French people do savor their favorite meals at times, but they indeed compensate the loss by consuming healthy, nutritious, and low calorie foods on next day. They also know how to introduce nutrition in their favorite snacks. For an instance, they don’t hesitate in eating sandwiches having nutella or vegetables spread over them.

Homemade Meals

Americans generally consume processed and fast foods at restaurants which are unhealthy and make them overweight. Contrary to that, French people prefer consuming homemade foods. Should you also develop habit of consuming homemade meals, you can successfully avoid weight gain and other health problems.

Sample Diet Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample menu plans of Parisian Diet Plan.

Breakfast – Yogurt, eggs, skim milk

Lunch – Carrot and celery salad, fresh fruits, Veal and Mozzarella melt

Dinner – Cod fillet with vegetables, Portobello mushrooms




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