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Paul Walker Exercise Routine Diet Plan

Paul Walker is one of the guys in Hollywood, who has maintained his body ever since he built one, some time ago. What many people do not know is that the cop turned racer from the Fast and Furious franchise was skinny before he built his body for Into The Blue. Needless to say, he has maintained a consistently lean body throughout. So check out Paul’s workout and diet plan and see if you can get to look like him as well.


  • FROM SKINNY TO MUSCULAR – Being skinny is not easy and to become muscular from there, Paul had to put in a lot of work. He lifted weights and also took creatine (nitrogenous organic acid), with which he went up to 205 lbs. He suggests that it is better to do a progressive overload body workout and then do a split workout for chest, triceps, shoulders, back, biceps and legs.
  • MIX UP DIFFERENT SPORTS – Paul says he never needed a nutritionist or personal trainer because he believed in getting out from there and playing sports. He plays basketball, goes out for surfing, volleyball, skating, etc., and according to him, it is the finest way to live. The actor also does scuba diving and mountain biking.

Paul Walker Workout

  • MARTIAL  ARTS – Paul is famous for making extensive use of martial arts to train for his movies. It increases his flexibility and endurance to higher limits and helps him stay alerted. It also strips unnecessary fat while giving him speed, balance, and co-ordination. Karate, Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu and Kung Fu are some of the martial arts he usually performs.
  • JAILHOUSE WORKOUT – Walker starts his workout with fifteen minutes cardio. Then he does circuits, generally moves-press-ups, lunges, squats, etc. He believes that there is nothing better than compound and natural exercises.


  • PALEO DIET – Paul follows a paleolithic diet (also known as caveman diet), which means he eats mostly veggies, nuts and meats – a very primitive but healthy diet and yet natural. Paul says that this kind of a diet allows him to eat lots of food. It gives him the energy that he needs for workouts and also permits to burn calories as well.
  • LOOKING UP TO MOTHER – It was Paul’s mother who set the benchmark in his house as far as healthy eating was concerned right from his childhood. More often, it is the eating habits as a child that helps you or goes against you in building your body. He says that his mom was all the time cautious regarding his diet and he too learned to eat healthy foods from his mother and basically, he eats lean.
  • AVOID THE VICES – Paul avoided certain food items, which he believed, were enough to make him gain some weight. He used to stay away from beans, grains, potatoes and other foods which contained processed sugar or salt. These food items are inedible due to the presence of some toxins. Keeping this in mind can go a long way in keeping you healthy and helping you build a body that is lean and flexible.
  • SUPPLEMENTS – Very few actors can stay away from supplements when it comes to building a body within a short period of time and that too from the scratch. We already mentioned that he used to take creatine when he wanted to go from skinny to muscular and buffed body, but that was then and he did not continue it once he had that body. He takes protein powder, some fish oil, and some multivitamins. He also believes that it is important to stay away from heavy duty food supplements and stay as natural as possible.

So now you know what Paul Walker’s workout and diet plan look like. As always, consult your physician before you go ahead with the supplements but other than that Paul’s workout and food plan are very simple and natural and would do you no harm.

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