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Pete Evans Diet and Fitness Secrets

Pete Evans in a selfie in July 2018
Pete Evans in a selfie in July 2018 (Pete Evans / Instagram)

From the moment we start understanding the need of having food, our parents and/or guardians teach us the importance of having three meals in a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But, celebrity chef Pete Evans has changed the principles by propagating that having one meal a day is enough if you do it right.


He also opines that caring for a pet means giving them the nutrition they deserve and creating meals according to their needs. Read all the related details and more right here.

Pete Evans 2018 Diet Secrets

The Previous Diet

There was a time when Pete used to train at the gym and was stuck with a standard Australian diet that involved having muesli for breakfast, sushi or wrap for lunch, and pasta or stir-fry for dinner. But now, he has thrown all those plans out of the window.

Eating When Hungry

His new diet philosophy is to eat only when you are hungry. Sometimes, that includes eating two or three times a day, and sometimes, it includes having one meal a day. There are days when he doesn’t eat at all.

Increased Lifespan

The chef opted for a paleo lifestyle about 7 years back and thinks it was a wise decision. He believes that eliminating dairy, sugar, and carbohydrates from his daily food intake has allowed him to be healthier than ever and has even added 10 to 15 years to his total lifespan. He also believes that the years he had added on will be pain-free.

In his opinion, he has created a great role model for his kids and the future generations by proving that eating only when you are hungry is okay.

Pete Evans on an adventure with the family in July 2018
Pete Evans on an adventure with the family in July 2018 (Pete Evans / Instagram)

Benefits of a No Carb Diet

Evans stated that he no longer feels hungry primarily because he has eliminated carbohydrates from his diet. He says that when people adopt a paleo diet, they stop eating more than 2 to 3 meals a day because they don’t feel hungry. They get the nourishment their body needs and become fat adapted which frees them from unnecessary hunger pangs. In contrast, when you have a high carb diet, you feel hungry as your blood sugars go down.

Influencing Lives

The skilled chef says that he has met people who are in their later years and who praise him for his lifestyle and also for adding years to their lives as well. Some of them even told him that they were doing better than their teenage years. Listing the other benefits of eating fewer meals, he says that you save the time spent in the kitchen and save money on grocery bills. You also end up feeling fantastic while enjoying a lot of mental clarity.

Gymming is Not Necessary

Stating that fitness doesn’t equate to health, the Aussie says that he is not physically active than he was before. He also tells people to eat like him because when they do, they will not feel the need to hit the gym or do any exercise.

Pete Evans enjoying a vacation in June 2018
Pete Evans enjoying a vacation in June 2018 (Pete Evans / Instagram)

Healthy Diet Advice for Pets

Giving pointers on a healthy diet for pets, Pete stated that people need to give their pets a species-specific diet. You should read the labels of the foods you are buying for the pets to ensure that your pet is getting the ingredients he or she deserves. If you don’t do that, your pet will show signs of it that includes, but is not limited to, skin issues, joint problems, digestive problems, poo problems or being lethargic or overweight.

You should also refrain from feeding grains, legume, dairy products or white potatoes to the pets. While sharing leftovers, make sure that you don’t share anything that’s cooked too often as the preferred pet food must be something raw or slightly cooked. You can give the pet some roast organic chicken or sardines now and then.

Featured Image by Pete Evans / Instagram

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