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Phillip Schofield Weight loss on 5:2 Diet

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British television presenter, Phillip Schofield shed 9 pounds in mere four weeks and brought his body in slender shape. Overwhelmed with his lean body, Phillip worked on the principle of 5:2 Diet.

Many other celebs such as Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Ben Affleck, Christy Turlington, and Liv Tyler have also given 5:2 Diet one go. Having tried it once, all these celebrities have mixed reactions. While some of them are extremely flattered with the outcome, others found it nothing more than a crap.

What is 5:2 Diet?

5:2 Diet is a revolutionary diet plan, invented by Dr Michael Mosley, British physician, and the diet regime came into spotlight from the program shown on BBC Horizon “Eat, Fast and Live Longer”.

Dr Michael Mosley, along with Mimi Spencer, the writer has also published one book named “The Fast Diet.” The book exploded in the market with amazing results. Having reprinted 13 times, more than 340,000 copies of book have already been sold.

5:2 Diet works on simple principle of repair and recovery mechanism. While abiding by the diet plan, you will be on feast for five days and fast for two days in a week. During feast days, you can consume anything you desire. Feast days allow women to consume up to 2000 calories and men up to 2500 calories in a day. However, during the fast days, women are permitted to consume only 500 calories and men 600 calories.

Phillip intermittently worked on this diet regime for four weeks and the results are apparent. Phillip succeeded in depriving his body from food for two days and effectively got his name enlisted into the list of fit celebs.

Pros and Cons of 5:2 Diet

5:2 Diet sounds like a good idea to all those, who are looking forward to losing weight in a very short span of time. The idea behind the diet plan is to reduce your calorie consumption. By keeping your calorie consumption confined to 500 for two days, you can surely drop extra pounds off from your body.

Apart from reducing weight, the diet seemingly has its impact on thyroid, anemia, diabetes, and improves blood pressure and cholesterol. Fans of the diet solution claim that the diet sharpens the memory as well.

That being said, it’s vital for you to understand that excess of everything is bad and fasting if done in excess can turn things upside down for you. If you overdo it, it can disrupt the metabolic activities of your body and disturb your blood pressure and cholesterol level. Anxiety, mood-swings, nausea, difficulty in sleeping etc. are some of the side effects of 5:2 diet.

Tips for 5:2 Diet Plan

Are you overweight and want to melt weight in a very short span of time?

You certainly should give 5:2 diet a try. You never know, if the diet plan will work for you and help you in getting your dream figure. You can follow these easy tips to amplify the result.

  • Pick the busy days of week as your fasting days for they will purge you from the thoughts of food.
  • To kick-start the diet plan, you can start with berries, yogurt, roasted butternut squash with a little feta, and black coffee.
  • Some of the healthy foods providing lesser calories on fast days are – Plain omelet, beetroot salad with peeled apple, carrot sticks, rocket salad with beetroot, trimmed salmon, green beans, and tinned mackerel with tomato sauce.
  • Forbid solid food items for 16 hours and adhere to liquid diet. Don’t drink diet drinks in your fast days for they will increase your appetite.
  • You are free to eat anything you desire in your free days, but use your common sense and don’t eat anything just like that for five free days. Free days don’t mean that you fill trash in your stomach. Make it a goal to consume healthy and nutritious diet in the free days as well.
  • Avoid consuming white carbs such as pasta, rice, bread, and potatoes in your fast days. If you consume them, you will only end up making you hungrier.
  • Forbid black coffee, sparkling water, and herbal tea for two days. Since fasting has its impact on body, mind, and even moods, skip your workouts also for two days.
  • Don’t continue the diet plan for a prolonged period of time. Let your body not get addicted to it.

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  1. 5:2 diet is very easy way to loose weight the best tips is to keep two busiest day of week fix as fasting days. Make sure you don’t start rewarding yourself the next day and over eat.

  2. We find this 5-2 diet interesting. The evidence is convincing. Personally, I’ve been on an 16-8 variation (Lean Gains intermittent fasting) for almost 6 months.


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