Pippa Bennett-Warner Diet Secrets Revealed

Pippa Bennett-Warner in a still from play "King Lear"
Pippa Bennett-Warner in a still from play “King Lear”

We all loved her as “Cordelia” in King Lear. She is an actress who never fails to charm the audience with her acting skills as well as her beautiful and fit body. She is, none other than, Pippa Bennett Warner who recently starred in The Beaux’ Stratagem, where she demonstrated her excellent acting abilities. The pretty actress lately shared her diet secrets with Telegraph and helped her fans to know her a little more. Have a look at her daily diet and get inspired.

An Early Riser

Like most of the successful stars of the century, Warner is an early riser. She gets up before 7:50 in the morning and kicks off her day with hot water and lemon.

Nutrition Lover

There are only a few people who think of nutrition as soon as they get off the bed. The talented actress is one of them. She makes her own Nutribullet glass of deliciousness by mixing varied yet healthy ingredients. Usually the ingredients consist of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana, apple, chia seeds, almonds, avocado and coconut milk. (Interesting choice, we must say)

Pippa Bennett-Warner in a still from "The Beaux' Stratagem"
Pippa Bennett-Warner in a still from “The Beaux’ Stratagem”

Never Forgetting Water

Even, if the pretty lady is rehearsing, she never forgets to carry at least 1 litre of water with her every day. It helps her to keep her body hydrated and feel fresh during rehearsals.

Tea Enthusiast

The versatile actress favors tea as her choice of drink and takes it during rehearsal breaks held in the mornings.

Healthy Snacker

Instead of chewing on oily snacks or biscuits, the stylish actress loves to munch on dry fruits like cashews and almonds to control her hunger pangs. If you want to know why nuts make a healthy snack, then, do visit Everyday Health and add them to your menu too.

Great Lunch

Pippa believes in having a sufficient lunch meal that usually consists of caprese salad (learn how to make it at All Recipes) and adds some cold parsnips with rocket leaves. Sometimes, her lunch consists of a huge burrito that’s as tasty as it looks. Check out some cool burrito recipes at Food Network.

Pippa Bennett-Warner attends pre-BAFTA Party on February 4, 2014
Pippa Bennett-Warner attends pre-BAFTA Party on February 4, 2014

Scrumptious Snacking

The theater artist takes a break from rehearsals in the evening and drinks a lot of water to keep up her energy levels. If she is craving for sugar, Pippa eats some bourbons or custard creams to keep her taste buds happy. Hmm, so the lady has a weakness for sugar too.

Delicious Dinner

The rehearsals usually end around 6.30 pm and the lovely actress returns back home to cook her own dinner. Like her breakfast and lunch options, the dinner, which Pippa cooks is also healthy and nutritious. She cooks salmon and complements it with a Spanish dish (Check out some great Salmon recipes at Health.com). Adding boiled potatoes and vegetables with lemon juice and olive oil dressing completes her dinner menu. Though the star is not fond of too many alcoholic drinks, she does loves to have a single glass of wine with her dinner.

Final Relaxation Technique

The beautiful actress ends her day by watching television and entertaining herself.

Jonathan Bailey and Pippa Bennett-Warner attend the UK Premiere of 'Testament of Youth' at Empire Leicester Square on January 5, 2015 in London, England
Jonathan Bailey and Pippa Bennett-Warner attend the UK Premiere of ‘Testament of Youth’ at Empire Leicester Square on January 5, 2015 in London, England

Her Fitness Routine

Apart from having a sensible diet plan, the famous actress uses walks and yoga to stay fit. She walks as often as she can and does yoga, when she has ample time to spare.

Health Regret

The actress has also admitted that she can be more fit and needs to workout more in order to achieve this goal.

We wish her luck in her fitness endeavors and hope that she will keep entertaining us for the years to come. After all, we all love her acting as well as her on-stage presence do adds to her acting charm. Don’t you agree?

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