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Pritikin Principle Diet Plan – Control Your Blood Sugar Level

Pritkin Principle Diet Plan

Developed by Nathan PritikinPritikin Principle Diet Plan is the most healthy diet plan prevalent in today’s time. Though the diet plan is not completely vegan, but most of the food items in diet plan are plant based such as fruits, vegetables, grains and others.

Low fat diet plan insists inclusion of just 10% of fats in the diet. The plan was devised mainly to lower down blood cholesterol and blood sugar level of sufferers. Weight loss in the diet plan can be seen as one of its side effects. The diet schedule being comprised of five meals in a day includes three regular meals and two snacks.

What is Pritikin Principle Diet Plan?

The diet plan being based on holistic approach focuses on exercises and stress management techniques. Instead of relying on counting the number of calories, the plan accentuates keeping watch on the calorie density of food items.

For instance, should you consume one kilo of broccoli, you will get 450 calories, while consumption of one pound of chocolate will get you 5100 calories. So, if you are seeking to losing weight, you have to be vigilant about the calorie density of food items and accordingly design your diet.

You are free to consume high fiber and low calorie foods as much as you want. You can consume them till you feel full and contented. Contrary to that, high density calories cause weight gain because you shall consume them in high quantity to feel contented which bulk up calories inside your body making you grow overweight.

Recommended Foods of Prtikin Principle Diet Plan

Pritikin Principle Diet Plan contends, if you consume foods having high water and high fiber content, you shall feel full for longer duration. Mostly naturally obtained foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes etc. possess the same property. Let’s find out what are the recommended foods of Pritikin Principle Diet Plan.


For carbs, the diet plan recommends foods having complex carbohydrates. You can have whole grains such as barley, rye, brown rice, millet, oats, wheat etc., and in vegetables, you can have yams, potatoes, winter squashes etc. Try to refrain from processed foods such as white bread, pasta, white rice etc. Don’t have more than two servings of them in a day.


You are recommended to have three servings of fruits in a day. One serving of fruits contains sixty calories. You also have an option of swapping one of your fruit servings with half glass of sugarless fruit juice.


You shall have four to five servings of vegetables in a day; each serving being comprised of 25 calories. You can have veggies both in raw or cooked form, the way you like to have them. Should you want to have vegetable juice, you can have half cup of that without adding salt in that.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds provide healthy fat and several other essential nutrients to your body. You can have one ounce of peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc. in a day. Prune the consumption of coconut to one serving in a month, for they are high in fat.

Dairy Products

You require two servings of dairy products in a day. Dairy products being rich in calcium assist your body in making your bones strong. You can have ¾ cup of fat-less yogurt, one cup of skimmed milk or fat-less soy milk, and half cup of ricotta.


Consumption of animal foods not being commended in the diet plan shall be restrained. While limiting the consumption of animal protein, you should not have more than one serving of lean meat in a week.

The diet plan recommends preferring shellfish or cold fish over lean poultry. And if you have to make a choice between lean red meat and lean poultry, prefer picking lean poultry. Vegans can consume peas, beans, soy products, tofu, lentils etc. to gain protein.


The diet plan recommends herbal tea, green vegetable smoothies, plenty of mineral water in a day. Apart from being allowed to swap coffee with mixture of powdered roasted grains, dieters are also permitted alcoholic beverages. While women can have four alcoholic beverages, men can consume seven alcoholic beverages in a week.

Prohibited Food Items of Pritikins Principle Diet Plan

The diet schedule not being very restrictive is inclined to bestow you optimum health while forbidding the consumption of foods having adverse effects on your body. The plan has banished some foods, which are as follows.


You shall refrain from organ meats, fatty meats, and processed meats such as bologna, hot dog, and bacon.

Saturated Fats

You shall sweep various food items such as animal fats, refined oil such as kernel oil, coconut oil, butter, palm oil, chicken oil, cocoa butter, hydrogenated fat etc. from your diet. These foods being having high content of saturated fat are not healthy for your body.

High Fat Dairy Products

High fat dairy products such as cream, cheese, ice cream milk, high fat yogurt, sour cream etc. are forbidden food items because they might increase your blood cholesterol level.

Processed Foods

Processed and packaged foods being high in calories and salt might hinder your weight loss program.

Refined Sugar

Purge refined sugars such as fructose and sucrose; they might raise your blood sugar level. Prefer using products having natural sugar such as honey, sweet fruits etc. That being said, you shall bring moderation in their usage. Don’t consume more than two teaspoons of them in day.

Workouts in Pritikin Principle Diet Plan

Since the diet plan is healthy and realistic, Mr. Nathan has not undermined the importance of workouts. For having a perfectly hale body, there should be sync between your diet and workouts. The plan advocates practicing workouts for 30-90 minutes in a day.

You can practice cardio workouts, according to your comfort and ease. You shall do cardio workouts for six days in a week. However, if you are victim of type 2 diabetes, you are recommended not to let any day go without workouts. For full body workouts, resistance or strength training is recommended by the diet plan. Resistance training being done two to three times in a week is sufficient enough to tone all of your body parts.

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