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Proworks Exercise Ball Review

Proworks Exercise Ball Set

Many people wonder why people buy huge exercise balls that you see in fitness shops. Exercise balls are very effective tools for maintaining good health. These exercise or aerobics balls help to strengthen the body muscles, including the big muscle groups. You can use this exercise ball in the gym and at home, or even in your office. Before you buy an exercise ball, you need to know the size and other features of the ball so that you can buy the right one for yourself.

You should first decide how you are going to use the exercise ball. You need to then consider the size of the ball depending on your weight. These balls are also used by pregnant women. If you bounce on this ball regularly, then it will improve your blood circulation, stability, and endurance. You will find different types of aerobics ball in the market. Here, we are going to review the Proworks Exercise Ball.


This exercise ball comes in 6 different colors. The color is not only for aesthetic appeal but each color has a different purpose. For example, the red ball can improve your immune resistance and endurance. You will find this ball in different sizes from 55 cm to 85 cm. You should choose the correct size depending on your height and weight. The manufacturer will provide you with a size chart so that you can easily select the right exercise ball.

The ball is lightweight and durable. It is a very handy fitness equipment that is ideal for both gym and home. It is sturdy and expansive to suit different types of exercises. It is designed in a way that both men and women can use it in different ways. Besides doing pilates, yoga and other exercises, it can be used for post-exercise warm down routines for recovering your muscles. It is often recommended by the physiotherapists for low impact rehabilitation. So, this ball is used after injury or surgery. It is also used as a birthing ball by pregnant women and help to reduce labor pain or back pain during pregnancy.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is easy to pump the ball with the hand pump available. With this pump, you will be able to inflate the ball easily in minutes, making it suitable for storage and transportation.

Build Quality

This ball is made of high-quality PVC material and so it can withstand the test of time. It has anti-burst feature and so will be able to withstand your body weight. It will not also pop or puncture due to damage, rather it will deflate slowly without causing any injury. You can use this fitness ball with other exercises like press-ups, crunches, leg-lifts, etc. You can also use it along with different exercise tools like dumbbells to build your strength and stability.

This ball is also a very important therapeutic aid for those who suffer from poor posture, lower back pain, and balance issues. By using this ball, you will be able to improve your posture and overall mobility. You can use this ball on various surfaces. You get 2 years warranty for this product. Exercising with this ball can help to relieve stress and improve your mind also.


You can get this ball in 4 different sizes: 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm, and 85 cm. It is better to do some research about the sizes to decide which one will be best for you. With this ball, you get a lot of size options and so will find one that is appropriate for yourself. One way to select the size of the ball is to sit on it with both your feet lying flat on the ground and bending your knees at 90-degree angle. If you can do this with the ball you have chosen then you have picked up the right size.


The exercise ball is made of high-quality PVC which feels soft to the skin and won’t cause any rashes or other allergic reactions. There is no chance that the ball will burst suddenly causing injury. It is very easy to inflate the ball using the hand pump provided. When going somewhere or when not in use, you can easily deflate it using the pump.


This exercise ball can be a good replacement of the weight lifting bench. You can use it with dumbbells and free weights to improve your range of motion and stability. The ball is perfect for Pilates workouts, yoga, stretching, cardio, aerobics, squats, bodybuilding, and abdominal exercises. You can use the exercise ball on any surface and an exercise mat.

You can use this exercise ball for therapeutic needs due to lower back pain, balance problems, and poor posture. By exercising with this ball you will be able to improve your mobility, muscles, and posture. As the ball is made of top quality and durable PVC, it can withstand pressure from users of any weight. Also, the ball is built in such a way that it won’t pop or burst in any case. If any damage occurs, it will deflate slowly and won’t cause any injury.

Proworks Exercise Ball


You can buy this exercise ball for $14 to $20. You can look out for special prices at Amazon. This is one of the affordable ranges of exercise ball you will find in the market today.


  • You can choose from different sizes and colors.
  • It is made of high-quality PVC that makes it durable.
  • It has an anti-burst feature which means it won’t puncture while you workout.
  • You can easily use this ball as a replacement for the weight lifting bench.
  • You can use this ball along with other exercises and fitness tools like dumbbells and free weights.
  • It can help to improve your fitness, balance and core strength.
  • It is perfect for Pilates workout, yoga, abdominal exercises, cardio, and more.
  • It is safe to use against the skin as there is no risk of allergy or other skin problems.
  • It is used as a therapy ball or pregnancy ball.
  • You can easily wipe it out and keep it clean.
  • It helps to release stress and improve posture.
  • It can help to reduce back pain.
  • You can use it as a chair for active sitting.
  • You get an easy-to-use hand pump with it for free.


  • It can be difficult to use by the beginners as it creates an unstable surface and the users have to use their muscles to maintain the correct posture and balance.
  • You should choose a smooth surface for exercising as the ball may puncture if used on a rough surface.

Final Verdict

An exercise ball is necessary for your all-round wellbeing. It is important for strength, stability, and support. It can be used at home or in the gym. It is a simple inflatable exercise tool that can be used by anyone. It is perfect for yoga, Pilates, and even abdominal exercises. You will be able to reduce your back pain and improve your posture by using this exercise ball.

It is a stylish exercise ball that comes in different colors. The high-quality PVC material makes the ball durable. You can do various types of exercises with this ball. It is also a great way to relieve stress. So, you must buy this exercise ball today and get the health benefits from it.

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You can use this exercise ball for improving your balance and posture. You can also use it for therapy after an injury or during pregnancy. Proworks Exercise Ball Review