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Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Weight Bench Review

Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Weight Bench

It is important to keep all your muscles active for a healthy body. However, the importance of biceps cannot be stretched more. These muscles make you look good and also helps you in many ways. It is a symbol of self-esteem to some people and makes them feel more confident about themselves. Having strong biceps results in a better performance if you are an athlete or a bodybuilder. Biceps curl bench or preacher curl bench is great for home gym and will help you to get the biceps you want. Here, we are going to review the Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Weight Bench.


It is a simple and compact bench that you can use for biceps curls. It looks very stylish with the blue and silver padding on seat and backrest and gray-colored frames. It has transport wheels that make it easy to move away when not in use. It has a strong barbell cradle which makes it safe to lift heavyweights. It has adjustable features that make it ideal for people of all heights. This bench is designed to perform bicep curls with ease. You will be able to get a toned body after working out on this bench.

Build Quality

It is made of heavy-duty steel that provides stability and durability. It has a powder-coated finish that makes it durable and stable. It can support a weight of 350 lbs. The sturdy barbell cradle makes it safe to lift heavyweights. There is heavy-duty vinyl covering over the bench which protects the bench so that it is durable. You will also feel comfortable sitting on the bench. The preacher pad is easy to clean and maintain. There are transport wheels which allow the bench to be moved around easily.


It has dimensions 38.7 X 28 X 37.4 inches and is quite compact compared to the other benches available in the market. The size is suitable for all kinds of users. You can adjust the bench according to the height of the users.


It has an adjustable preacher curl cushion that is also thickly padded for providing comfort underarms. It also ensures proper lifting form for the barbell and dumbbell workouts. You can adjust the preacher curl from 32 inches to 38.5 inches, so it is appropriate for different users. The seat and back are well padded to provide the ultimate comfort you need while working out. You won’t feel tired even after exercising for long hours.

Ease of Use

The manufacturer has given detailed instructions on how to assemble the product. You won’t have any trouble putting it together. It is easy to make different adjustments. You can use it for various types of exercises. As it is stable, you will feel safe to work on it. It has built-in wheels which makes it comfortable to move from one place to another.


This bench ensures correct lifting form and isolates arm muscles to make the workouts more effective. You can adjust the preacher curl cushion and move it to a comfortable position for curls. With this bench, you can sculpt and tone your biceps and forearms. This bench can withstand weight up to 350 lbs, making it perfect for the heavy users as well. It can be used by the athletes and the bodybuilders to get the perfect biceps and body they want. If you exercise regularly on this bench, you will be able to develop the attractive physique that you had always dreamt of. Your arms will get stronger and you will be able to perform well in any game including tennis, baseball and other games in which you need to use the strength of your arms.

Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Weight Bench Workout


  • It looks beautiful in blue and silver padding.
  • It has transportable wheels for easy movement.
  • It has a sturdy frame that is made of steel tubing.
  • It is powder-coated for durability.
  • It has soft vinyl upholstery.
  • You can adjust the preacher curl from 32 inches to 38.5 inches to accommodate different people.
  • It has a pad that feels comfortable under the arms and helps to isolate the targeted muscle groups so that you get a full arm workout.
  • It has a sturdy barbell cradle that makes it safe to lift heavier weight.
  • It is compact which makes it ideal for small space.
  • It is built low and wide providing stability.
  • It is affordable.
  • The bench is highly adjustable, so you can adjust it according to your height.
  • It can withstand a maximum weight of 350 lbs.


  • If you leave the weighted bar on the bar rack when not in use, it might tip over.
  • The preacher curl board is of low quality and it might be a problem when doing curls with heavyweights.
  • You only get 90 days warranty for it.

Final Verdict

This bench is popular because of durability and comfort. You can do the most effective bicep and forearm exercises with it due to ease of movement. As it is constructed from heavy-duty steel tubing, it is strong and durable. It won’t break even with overuse. The powder coating ensures that the bench remains in good condition for a long time. As it is compact, you can use it at home by taking up less space.

You can take your lifting routines to a higher level with the help of this bench. The well-cushioned seat will help you to exercise comfortably for a long time without making you tired. It won’t cause any back pain and you will be able to work out for long hours. The all-steel frame and vinyl padding make the bench one of the strongest in the market. If you want to build up your biceps and have a toned body, then you should buy this bench. It is affordable and highly effective for a total body workout and it will be a great investment for your home gym. So, buy one today!

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