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My Pyramid Diet – Way to Optimum Health

Released by USDA, My Pyramid Diet is all about healthy way of eating foods. Balanced and healthy diet has been emphasized by the diet program. Should you abide by balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, you can ensure optimum health for you.

What My Pyramid Diet is?

My Pyramid Diet by USDA

My Pyramid diet is combination of all kinds of healthy food items. It contends you cannot cure your health issues by eliminating food items from your diet regime. Your body rather seeks variety and requires diverse nutrients for getting adequate nourishment. Eradication of foods just makes health issues worse for you.

My pyramid diet program will not only guide you about food items, but will also educate you about right way of eating them. You will get svelte and healthy body while moving along with the diet program.

Who Can Follow My pyramid Diet?

My pyramid diet has set right benchmark of healthy living for people. Men, women, children and elderly people all can ensure healthier and happier life for them by abiding by the diet program.

Workouts in My Pyramid Diet

Being practical and scientific in approach, diet program points up inclusion of workouts in daily routine. You can practice cardio workouts such as hiking, cycling, jogging etc. Hiking and stair climbing enhances your heart rate and burn several calories from your body.

You should practice workouts for thirty to forty five minutes in a day, and five days in as week. That being said, doing physical activities for limited period of time, after spending an idle day, won’t assist you in attaining optimum health.

You need to bring small yet significant changes in your lifestyle. Instead of sitting continuously for hours in front of computer; prefer taking five minutes break and do some physical activity such as walking or stretching.

Components of Balanced Diet

My pyramid diet program has allocated balanced diet in group of six. All of them should be part of your daily diet. Let’s have a look at them.

Whole Grains – Whole grains are fiber rich foods and they are loaded with myriad vital nutrients. They are also rich in riboflavin, niacin, and thiamin. All these help in speeding up your metabolism, and save you from growing obese. Consumption of whole grains keeps check on cardiac diseases, and digestion related problems such as constipation.

Foods such as brown rice, wild rice, popcorn, whole rye, whole grain corn, buckwheat, quinoa, cracked wheat, whole oats, millet, whole grain barley etc. are some of virtuous sources of whole grains. You can make them part of your breakfast or snacks.

Vegetables – Green and leafy veggies are low calorie, high fiber and nutrient dense foods. Some veggies are also great antioxidants and therefore help in making your skin hale and beautiful by removing toxins from your body. Vegetables strengthen your body and cut your chances of getting cancer, heart stroke, kidney stones, and type 2 diabetes etc.

You can make veggies such as spinach, broccoli, green beans, tomato, peas, garlic, cauliflower, rainbow colored veggies an indispensable part of your diet regime. You can have them in your snacks in the form of mixed salad, or can have them in boiled or steamed form in your dinner.

Fruits – Fruits are also nutrient dense organic foods having bountiful health benefits. Having incredibly fantastic results on skin and hair, fruits provide all the benefits as are provided by vegetables. Prefer consuming fruits in comparison to fruit juice because fruit juices cause spike in your blood sugar level.

You can have fruits such as grapefruit, apple, pear, peaches, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, papaya etc. in your snacks. Sweetness being the exclusive feature of fruits can be utilized in dynamic way, by making fruits part of your desserts.

Oils – Oils are vital for total well-being of your body. That being said, all oils are not good for your body. Your body requires omega 3 fatty acids for maintaining proper health of your brain, heart, and skin.

Fishes such as salmon, tuna, olive oil, walnuts, flaxseeds, hamp seeds, oatmeal etc. are some of rich sources of oils. You need to make sure that you consume them in small quantity on daily basis.

Milk – Having rich content of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, proteins etc., milk and milk made products strengthen your bones and teeth. Milk also saves you from several diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart pressure, obesity, cardiac diseases, cancer etc.

Though milk is crucial for your health, but make sure that milk and milk made products you consume should be low in fat.

Meat – It’s an undeniable fact that animal foods are rich source of protein. Protein inevitably controls lots of functions in your body. For instance, it assists in formation of tissues and antibodies. Meat also enhances your vision, makes your teeth and bones stronger.

Lean meat is the best form of meat as it keeps you immune from harmful fat content of meat. You can have grilled, or poached chicken breast, turkey, beef etc. in your lunch and dinner.

Benefits of My Pyramid Diet

My pyramid diet program is endorsed by US government, therefore you can totally rely on the diet program. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of diet program.

  • Balanced diet of diet program will free your body from terrible diseases and will provide you lean body for life.
  • You will feel revitalized and full of vitality while moving along with the diet program because nutritious foods of diet solution will nourish both your body and mind.
  • Unhealthy foods are just like slow poison which slowly debilitates your body and mind. You will get rid of your cravings to consume unhealthy foods while moving along with the diet program.

Sample Meal Plan

My pyramid diet solution doesn’t believe in restricting the number of calories and points up consumption of six small meals in a day. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of the diet program.


You can have oatmeal, whole wheat toast, one cup of yogurt etc. in your breakfast.

Morning Snack

You can have one pear, peaches, raspberries etc. in your morning snack.


You can have grilled chicken, turkey, bacon, wheat pasta etc. in your lunch.

Afternoon Snack 

You can have popcorns, avocados, mixed vegetable salad in your afternoon snack.


You can have broiled swordfish, steamed lettuce, spinach, broccoli with sunflower seeds in your dinner.

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