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Rashida Jones Gets Inspiration From ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ To Workout

Rashida Jones is one of the few celebrities who like fitness and know what workouts their body needs and what foods suit her. She looks younger than she is by using exercise and right lifestyle habits as her ultimate secrets.

Here, you can know about her recent workout secrets and learn some amazing tips like accepting yourself for who you are (like she has done).

Workout Secrets

The beauty says that she is not a workout freak but instead, an average person who likes to experiment with different workouts. She starts doing one type of exercise, sticks to it for a while, gets bored and then moves onto the next.

Sometimes, her workout routine includes running 6 times a week and at other times, it’s something different altogether. Right now, she is a Pilates fan and does it at least three times a week. She likes this workout because it makes her feel stronger than before.

Workout Motivation

The motivation to hit the gym can come from the oddest of places. She admitted that she gets inspired to work out by seeing the TV show So You Think You Can Dance (2005-Present). When she sees dancers in the show who are very strong and amazing, she wants to move her body too.

Age is Just a Number

Though countless celebrities think that aging is something to be avoided, the diva who is 41 years old says that you should not fear age but accept it. There are a lot of people out there who make you feel afraid of growing old because they want to sell products that claim to make you younger looking. It’s you who need to realize that getting older is part of life and it isn’t something you can change. Just accept it and move on.

Real Inspiration

The daughter of Peggy Lipton says that her mother was the one who made her understand the importance of real sweat. She likes living healthy by drinking a lot of water, meditating and taking care of herself. She has inspired Rashida to work out, meditate and eat well too. Your inspiration could be anyone, a relative, a friend or an Instagram star.

The Love-Hate Relationship

The American actress has a love-hate relationship with the gym. She hates it when she is about to go for an exercise session, and she loves it when she is done because of the way workouts make her feel.

Proud of Who She Is

The singer says that she has good looking parents, but she is not a model. She is proud of her heritage and being black, Jewish and biracial is a part of who she is. Women should learn to see themselves as who they are, not who they want to be.

Ditch the Fitness Comfort Zone

If you keep doing the same exercise over and over again, you will get into a monotonous routine, and the exercise won’t even seem challenging anymore. To get away from this bad habit, you should try different exercises after a short span of time and stick to the one, you like for a short while before moving onto the next one.

Learn to Be You

The producer says that when she was 12-15 years of age, she was chubby, awkward, and emotional. She felt terrible during puberty and left the phase quickly. But she thinks that children nowadays need to represent themselves to the public at an early age which might not be a good idea.

She says her parents were really good and helped her mingle with kids like her along with showing her the value of hard work. She adds that her parents are beautiful inside out as they made sure she had a good childhood.

Thoughts on Hollywood Beauty

Talking about Hollywood beauty, the writer said that she doesn’t like the idea that women who are in Hollywood must look a certain way. There are times when she thinks that she can’t handle that pressure. For her, beauty is quite emotional, and she often eats her feelings.

Featured Image by MiamiFilmFestival / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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