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Rashida Jones Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Rashida Jones is a TV star, actress, comic book author, comedian, singer and screenwriter. She was born to musician /philanthropist Quincy Jones and badass Mod Squad star and pop culture icon, Peggy Lipton. Rashida is a Harvard graduate, who plays excellent piano and guitar and loves to get associated with several charities. Most people recognize her as Louisa Fenn of Fox’s Boston Public (2000-2004) or Karen Filippelli from The Office (2005-2013) or Ann Perkins of NBC’s comedy Parks and Recreation (2009-2015). She has also starred in films like I Love You, Man (2009), The Social Network (2010), Our Idiot Brother (2011) and The Muppets (2011).

Rashida Jones
Radiant Beauty Rashida Jones

Rashida is gifted with an amazing figure that makes her look tempting wherever she goes. Want to know the secrets of her great body and stunning looks? Here they are:

Rashida is an Early Bird

The talented actress is an early riser. Whenever she is working, she gets up around at 5 in the morning and starts working by 7 am. It’s quite an impressive quality, as most of the Hollywood stars aren’t early risers and they certainly don’t start work so early. Hats off to her!

Rashida Jones Weight Issues

As the diva was born with a silver spoon, she wasn’t always too conscious about her weight. As a kid, she was a chubby and had weight issues. She had to deal with excess weight in her midsection and that’s a bad memory for her. She recalls those times and says that the time was uncomfortable, sad and filled with many food memories.

Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones has a Well Toned Body

Rashida’s Preferred Exercises

The hot celebrity has a special fondness for pilates exercises. It helped strengthen her core and blessed her with the lean and toned look. She urges all her fans to try it out, especially the moves known as Series of Five, as they are very effective in toning and strengthening a person’s middle body. She does pilates exercise at least three times a week. Apart from pilates, her workout routine usually includes yoga, spinning and salsa (that helped her in preparing for her role in the funny 2014 flick Cuban Fury).

Rashida’s Best Attribute

When asked about the best feature of her body, she vouches for her legs. She is proud to add that her legs are just like her father’s (muscular). She thinks that she does not need to do any workouts for her legs as they look great even if she is not hitting the gym regularly.

Healthy Stages

By her own admission, Rashida is not a fitness freak. But she does have episodes when she gets addicted to an exercise and puts in a lot of time in it. She has admitted that she has had episodes like the one when she started running 6 times a week in order to stay healthy.

Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones Makes a Stunning View

Consistency is the Key

Like most of us, the popular actress does not like to hit the gym. She often seeks excuses to avoid it but in the end she convinces herself to do it and uses the after exercise feeling as a motivation. She thinks that one should think of the feeling you get when you have done a good workout session and concentrate on that when thinking of excuses to avoid hitting the gym. It will motivate you and you will get a great body as a reward of the consistency.

A Unique Way to Get Motivated

The popular show So You Think You Can Dance is the motivational factor that inspires Rashida to work out and stay fit. In an interview given to Pop Sugar, she has confessed that watching the show puts her in the mood for exercising and she is inspired by the strength and power of the contestants.

Rashida Jones
A Beautiful Rashida Jones

Rashida’s Health Regret

The great looking actress has acknowledged that she has a health regret that can’t be corrected now. It’s her inability to aerobicize in the 80s. We think that it would have helped her to have a more elastic body.

Rashida’s Diet Secrets

You would be glad to know that the pretty lady has a fondness for cooking. Whenever she gets time, she likes to cook and prefers eating freshly prepared foods. We must say, it is a good habit that we all should follow. She usually starts her day with coffee as it helps her wake up and get started in the early mornings.

When the actress has some time to spare, she visits the nearest farmers market and prepares fresh vegetables stir fry that is both healthy and tasty. Her dinner usually consists of some self-cooked pasta, accompanied by fresh herbs.

Like all of us, Jones has a weakness too. She loves to indulge in a pizza every once in a while as it helps her to feel good and lifts her mood.

Rashida Jones
TV and Film Actress Rashida Jones

Words of Wisdom from Rashida Jones

Rashida has a few words of wisdom that can come handy for all her fans. Her first advice is that we should all listen to our heart when thinking about our bodies. She has acknowledged the fact that for her, the body confidence starts with not listening to anyone else. Her next advice is a gift from her father. She believes that one should live life out of love and not fear. She takes all her life’s decision based on this philosophy and this has worked for her to date. Just give it a shot and see where it takes you.

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